Mad Catz Releases Their New Line of “Revamped” and “Upgraded” Gaming Mice

Mad Catz Releases Their New Line of “Revamped” and “Upgraded” Gaming Mice
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Hey there gaming folks!! Got some news for you,  for the addicted mouse fethisists. If you are a design freak like me and a gaming mice lover, then there’s no chance of you not being aware of the legendary gaming peripherals manufacturer MAD CATZ. They’re well known for their eye-candy futuristic Sci-Fi peripheral designs and ultra-customizable features.Some people like MAD CATZ products, some don’t, and all like all the roducts out there each one of them has their own pros and cons. But I can’t deny the success of their design team when it comes to visuality and user experience.


Personally, MAD CATZ mesmerizes me with its looks, especially when it comes to gaming mice. Looking and examining MAD CATZ mice are literally sex for my eyes. And I know I’m not the only one…


Mad Catz New Line


Mad Catz now releases its new “Revamped” line of gaming mice with their new looks and updated features. This release was announced at August this year and it looks like they’ve done a great job. New line of RAT mice, which include RAT 1, RAT 4, RT 6, RAT 8, RAT PRO S+ and RAT PRO X+, comes with newly installed sensors in order to improve their overall performance. MadCatz says that we may expect faster reaction times, new button configuration design and enhanced comfort with way better feels. All these efforts are to improve our gaming engagement and create better gaming experience. Also there will be a new bold color scheme. Here’s the new line of rat mice:


Mad Catz New Line


And their most significant features will just as always be included. Adjustment of components for different grip styles and hand shapes. Multiple illumination zones with 16.8 million RGB colors and various illumination effects. They’re all there with software included to let you customize your buttons and LEDs.


Mad Catz New Line

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2 Responses to Mad Catz Releases Their New Line of “Revamped” and “Upgraded” Gaming Mice

  1. David says:

    Many players may argue and debate that as long as a gaming mouse has a beautiful look and a decent amount of responsiveness, then it will be a perfect mouse for gaming. It’s a rather subjective discussion based on individual’s point of view. I’m a big fan of Guild Wars 2 and I spend most of my free time exploring the beautiful world of Tyria. Being a gamer myself, I know exactly how it feels when the lack of responsiveness can ruin the entire game session. In my opinion, a good gaming mouse must have the following criteria:

    Beautiful design
    An aesthetically gorgeous looking mouse is my top priority when choosing a gaming mouse.

    The best responsiveness possible
    I certainly do not want myself keep failing the jumping puzzle sessions or being left behind during the massive world bosses event.

    Variety of customization
    Being able to customize the very specific needs for every different gaming scenarios is essential to maximize gaming satisfaction. I have a big expectation in this regard.

    It looks like Mad Catz has done a pretty amazing job fulfilling all my gaming needs, in fact, even beyond my expectations. Well done Mad Catz and keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      It’s a true fact that gaming mice with shiny design and pretty looks are better when it comes to monetization. But in fact it doesn’t work like that if you’re aiming to ideal. I recommnd you reading our Get Started page. you’ll find all the information you need to know about choosing a gaming mouse.

      But it’s also true that MADCATZ has combined very well the design element, visuality and technical quality in their mice. At previous generation of MADCATZ MMO mouse were some issues that peopel were unhappy with, but I think they’ve dealt with these issues in their new generation mice.

      And MADCATZ is probably the #1 brand when it comes to customisation.

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