MadCatz is Rising From Its Ashes, New Peripherals Announced Including R.A.T Series Gaming Mice

MadCatz is Rising From Its Ashes, New Peripherals Announced Including R.A.T Series Gaming Mice
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Anyone remembers the MadCatz gaming peripherals manufacturer?? The one that is famous for designing gaming peripherals with KICKASS exteriors and modularity. The brand’s products were going by the name “Cyborg” once upon a time and they had all the right to carry that name. They were going around loud once upon a time, but they’ve come to the edge of bankruptcy after a bet gone wrong with Rock Band 4.

After going through a difficult period of bankruptcy, MadCatz has decided to make a comeback!!! They have come back to life in early 2018, and after the announcements of the new gaming peripheral lineup, the iconic R.A.T. mouse series, there was a HUGE response from gamers and seems like MadCatz is going to work harder than ever.

Selena Chang,  Director of sales and operations for MadCatz, stated in a press release that since the reveal of the new R.A.T. lineup in CES 2018, there has been a huge passion and enthusiasm for the return of the iconic lineup. They’re working hard to ensure that the new lineup does justice to the legacy of the epic R.A.T. name. The new R.A.T. gaming mouse lineup will be hitting the stores later this year and the company is confident that they have a R.A.T. for every user from every budget and every level.

They also promise the users the good old MadCatz quality that everyone has missed for a long long time. Here are the models that will be available to users:

RAT 1+: This is the one for gamers who are after an introductory gaming mouse with all the basic features they need. But this one differs majorly from others with its lightweight chassis which allows you to dominate the whole game with sharp moves and turns. It comes with 4 programmable buttons and an adjustable palm rest. It runs on MadCatz FLUX software.

RAT2+: Want something more high-end than the RAT 1+?? Then this one is for you and it’s also delivering performance for a lower price than another ultra god-like MadCatz gaming mice. It comes with adjustable RGB ambient light, adjustable palm rest, four programmable buttons and a PixArt PMW 3325 optical sensor.

RAT4+: Industry leading OMRON switches are equipped in this gaming mouse and they’re rated for 20 million clicks. It also comes with multizone RGB backlighting and a PixArt PMW 3330 optical gaming sensor to which you can always trust.

madcatz rat4+

RAT 6+: This one is the model where things start to get interesting. RAT 6+ comes with not only 9 programmable buttons but also an adjustable weight system by using which you can find your own comfort zone for every game type.  Chameleon RGB lighting system allows you to choose from 16.8 million RGB colors and the OMRON high-quality gaming switches are rated for 50  million clicks.

RAT8+: The state of the art gaming mouse for the ones who are looking for the BEST experience ever!!! It comes with adjustable palm rest, thumb rest and a removable pinkie rest. Just in case if you don’t like the feel of the parts, it comes with additional replacements. You can adjust it to your perfect fit! There is everything that a gamer can find in it. And, adjustable weights. They also exist in RAT 8+. You can also store up to 3 onboard profiles while going to tournaments or remote gaming events. Chameleon RGB is a standard after this level.

RAT Pro S3: This bad boy delivers the essential setup and maximized performance that many pro gamers are after! Lightweight, ergonomic, and fully customizable. It comes with a PMW 3330 optical sensor and adjustable palm rest which tilts to sides 15 degrees providing the maximized customizability. The palm rest can extend up to 12 mm s from the mainframe.  Chameleon RGB is present as always.

RAT Pro X3: Here comes the world most customizable gaming mouse!!! Every aspect of Pro X3 is customizable. It’s built on a custom magnesium alloy chassis, coated with a hydrophobic material to keep your hands dry during the heat of the battle and an analog strafe scroll wheel system! The worlds first analog strafe system is under your palm and all the other parts are which enables the wheel to pivot from side to side. This is a game changer in terms of comfort and gameplay experience.

mad catz pro gaming mouse

You can also adjust all the parts: the palm rest, thumb rest, pinky rest and you can even change the mouse feet to adjust the surface tension!!! Everything you need in a single gaming mouse… And the mouse feet is not the only part of RAT Pro X3 you can change. You can even change the optical sensor!!! The swappable sensor technology was something made popular through SteelSeries Rival 700, but RAT Pro X3 also comes with this feature. Almost every part of this greatness is replaceable and this is a future-proof design which enables you to change the sensor if there is an update to the sensor technology.

The new lineup of RAT gaming mice will start shipping in fall 2018. I’m quite impatient about it 🙂

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