New ESports Stadium Is Being Planned For Construction at Arlington, TX

New ESports Stadium Is Being Planned For Construction at Arlington, TX
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Are you a gamer who doesn’t like conventional sports much?? If you are you tired of conventional sports stadiums for events like soccer or football matches??  If that’s the case, I have some good news for you, because there is an announcement which will make gamers VERY HAPPY. Especially the ones who live in Arlington, TX.

The City of Arlington is planning to open a stadium for your favorite type of sports: ESPORTS!!!! The City of Arlington has announced the plans for a 100,000 square foot ESports arena which will be at “State Of The Art Level”. Its name will be ESports Stadium Arlington, pretty obvious, huh?? It’s assumed to be the largest ESports Arena in the country.

At the basis of the project, there is actually the idea of transforming the Arlington Convention Center to an ESports arena. The Project’s estimated cost is around $10 million and it will be coordinated with the collaboration of the architecture firm Populous.

It’s actually a great idea for attracting tourists from all over the World and transform the city to an international level. I don’t even mention that the benefits and profits US and the local businesses will make. Mayor of Arlington is also in the deep understanding of the theme. Texas is a beautiful state and now the whole World will be able to understand better that it has much more to offer than guns and cowboys.


Competitive gaming has gained a giant popularity over the years and many big businesses and large companies are investing huge money into it. Mark Cuban – Dallas Maverick’s owner is also a big fan of the concept and other investors from Dallas with a good amount of wealth are sharing the same mindset with him.

ESports is no different than any other conventional sports. It requires discipline, a programmed workout Schedule, customized hardware for max performance and even a nutrition plan!!

A lot of ESports activity has been going on in Dallas area lately and it’s no consequence that Team Envy and OpTic Gaming have set up their store in Dallas. Team Envy is also known to run the Dallas Fuel team.

Arlington ESports Stadium is going to have its own retail and shopping area, broadcast studio, team training areas and probably more to come. It’s exciting to wait for the opening of the stadium. It’s not the first time that Arlington made an impact on the gaming World though. The University of Texas at Arlington has won the Heroes of the Dorm grand prize, an inter-college tournament for Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of The Storm.


The stadium is said to be placed at a 10 minutes distance from the University of Texas at Arlington campus.

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2 Responses to New ESports Stadium Is Being Planned For Construction at Arlington, TX

  1. John says:

    I love this… Very innovative.i love the look of things, I actually get tired of soccer once in a while and look at something I could do that is new and away from what I am used to. This will gain more fans soon. My questions is hope it won’t get to the point where money is meant to be payed before anything is done. Thanks

    • Tyler says:

      I thank you for your appreciation John!!

      Yes, Esports are a developing and pretty wide spread multi-billion dollar industry now and we can expect to see more to come in terms of ESprts. It will only keep getting bigger!!

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