New Nano-Tech research invention will BOOM us with Better Graphics

New Nano-Tech research invention will BOOM us with Better Graphics
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Hey gamers!! Are you frustrated with potato graphics?? Sometimes I also get frustrated with slug and tiring graphics, but unfortunately it seems to come to an end soon. Today’s news is science-rich. Let us all welcome new nano technology from Australian National University (ANU) that will very probably present us ultra fast rendering on gaming consoles.


This new development is brought to us by an international scientists team which is based in Australia and Germany. The team designed an antenna which is SO SO TINY – 100 times thinner than a piece of human hair. This is some intense stuff going on. Can you imagine that??

This can drastically improve the data processing speed for games – which means better graphics and less lags. And not only gaming is on the line here. I’m talking about extended new horizons in animation and computer graphics here.

I suppose we can expect more and more badass CGI and improved Disney-Pixar eye-candy.



Let the professor talk for us: “Hardcore gamers would be more than happy to experience smoother graphics. Even the best games suffer a bit from pixelation.” Professor Dragomir Neshev said, a Senior ANU researcher.

This “tiny optical nanoantenna” revolution is first accomplished in the world by the team of Professor Neshev and it can transmit information thousands of times faster than our good old metal wires.


Think of it like a National Broadband Network

Actually the whole concept is pretty much like a broadband network, but instead of giant scales the whole process is happening on a computer chip The data transmissions between different chips canbe increased and by this way we can get a better experience of gaming with high-resolution rendering.

When you think of it, gaming consoles represent probably the most powerful commputing going on during our everyday life, o it effects us in first hand. Scientists also plan on implementing the technology to increase transmission speeds on silicon chips.

We will just wait and see what more new developments will optics technology bring to us. It definetely s the future.


What do you think about all of this new improvements?? Don’t forget to state your comments down below!!


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2 Responses to New Nano-Tech research invention will BOOM us with Better Graphics

  1. Brian says:

    Oh wow, that’s awesome news to hear! While the graphics today on game consoles are good, they can always be better and this new technology that can speed up data processing will just make games that much better and I think it will really benefit open world games even more since you have huge areas of a game that needs a lot of data processing! Good stuff and it would be awesome if this tech arrived in the next generation of game systems.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Brian!!

      I think the same. Probably it will arrive sooner than we think. Gamers are hungry for this stuff 😀

      Especially the open world games will benefit from it as you said:)

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