New “PORTAL” is on the way for Nintendo SWITCH!! – New Portal Game Coming in 2018

New “PORTAL” is on the way for Nintendo SWITCH!! – New Portal Game Coming in 2018
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I think EVERYONE who’s reading this article at the moment has played or at least knows the epic platform simulation puzzle game PORTAL!! If you don’t know anything about PORTAL, not gonna be kind, shame on you! But it’s never too late to get acquinted with it, gamers help each others 🙂


PORTAL is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018 and this can make gamers of Nitendo branch only happy!! And I’m also pleased as a person who thinks of getting a Nintendo Switch these days. But this is not your old-timer PORTAL that you used to play..


PORTAL is back with a different approach of a comeback!! It’s actually holding the full name “Bridge Constructor PORTAL” and we’re tripping back to Aperture Laboratories, where everything has started.. This new “Bridge Constructor PORTAL” can be thought as a spin-off of the well known historical flash game “Bridge Builder” with a new age modernised and physically improved approach..

Nintendo Switch Portal

Click Here To Check Out The Historical Flash Game “Bridge Builder”

And this time news involve the relatively new portable console Nintendo Switch and many other platforms like PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac, iOS and Android..


It’s a new game of Portal Concept with a modernised “Bridge Builer” approach where structural engineering and technology principles are blended together with more eye-candy and improved playability. It was a project that developers were working on for quite some time in their underground labs secretly and remote from the mankind. But nothing is kept hidden forever..

Nintendo Switch Portal

It’s expected release is set to December 20 this year for Windows, MacOS, Linux and mobile devices but console releases are scheduled for 2018.



Are you ready for the new Portal?? I sure am excited!!

This has been a good week for Nintendo Switch users with some great release news like MegaMan 11, which wil be released for Nintendo Switch next year. Final Fantasy Creator Hironobu Sakaguchi’s words about Nintendo Switch also gives us clues about a possible new Final Fantasy Project on Nintendo Switch!!


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Nintendo Switch Portal

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2 Responses to New “PORTAL” is on the way for Nintendo SWITCH!! – New Portal Game Coming in 2018

  1. FemSmoker says:

    Prior to this page I had not known that Portal was coming to the Nintendo Switch! I just finished playing Mario Odyssey and was thinking about selling the console for some bill money. After seeing your site, and the thorough review that you gave, I think I’ll keep it so I can get Portal! Thank-you for your review! Keep up the great work 🙂

    • Tyler says:

      Thank you for your interest!!

      Yeah Nintendo Switch is coming up with great stuff and it will only keep getting better. Have you tried Skyrim on Nintendo Switch?? It’s a great on-the-go variant!!

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