Nintendo’s New President Has Plans of Building a Billion-Dollar Mobile Gaming Business!!

Nintendo’s New President Has Plans of Building a Billion-Dollar Mobile Gaming Business!!
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You may already be aware of the mobile-gaming trends that have brought some noise to the gaming industry such as Fortnite Mobile and PUBG Mobile. Mobile gaming is breaking its boundaries and we’re witnessing the rise of a new mobile era. High-spec PC games coming into mobile is a great sign of it and it will only keep getting better!

The same success follows with mobile consoles and the best example to point out is probably Nintendo Switch, which has been a blast and become one of the most successful consoles of all time. Also, with the new leadership, there are signals of a fresh approach to the market!! Shuntaro Furukawa is the new president of the company and he has expressed his thoughts to Nikei that he’s planning to pursue the mobile gaming market with much more interest and build it into a billion-dollar business!!

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If you’re tracing the news on Nintendo, you would know about the tragic death of Satoru Iwata, the former president after the death of whom the helm was delivered to Tatsumi Kimishima. Now Shuntaro is taking over, who’s only 46 and a member of the younger generation and he can bring a new perspective to the gaming concept of Nintendo!! He’s so ambitious about the future of Mobile Gaming and he has stated that he’s planning to build it into a billion-dollar business!!

Shuntaro has a completely different outlook on mobile and it’s the genre that Nintendo has avoided getting involved until now. This brave new president can transform the gaming giant into new heights, I don’t have any doubts about it… Here are the words of the new President to Nikei:

“The idea that something will emerge that transforms into something big, in the same manner as game consoles, is the defining motif of the Nintendo business. From what I can see, smartphone games are the ones I want to expand the most.”

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His envisions of success in terms of finance for the smartphone side of Nintendo are 100 billion yens – which is less than a billion in the present exchange rate, but you can always round up the numbers. The overall sales of the company amounts a TRILLION yens last year, so the zeros won’t go away for a long time 🙂

The successes of Nintendo in the field of mobile gaming are waving out mixed emotions. Pokemon GO was a global success and a phenomenal game, but it definitely had some gameplay issues. Mario Run was a hell of a fun but it frustrated many mobile players with its high up-front price. Fire Emblem: Heroes has some decent financial indicators to light up its success, but it relied on “loot box” strategies and in-game microtransaction that have put a little frown on the face of its players.

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Nintendo is obviously finding itself in an unfamiliar land for now, but at least the long practice of them with the DS would come in handy in terms of relevancy to the mobile market. We shouldn’t expect anything like a smartphone equivalency of the MESMERIZING games like Breath of Wild, but Nintendo has fun in its blood and origins, so, I think there’s no reason for them not to nail it after gaining some experience and surpassing the Rookie stage on mobile gaming market! I have full trust in Nintendo!!

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2 Responses to Nintendo’s New President Has Plans of Building a Billion-Dollar Mobile Gaming Business!!

  1. Eden says:

    I think I had seen about Nintendo trying to hit the mobile gaming market and it definitely is a big market, that they could do well in. It is nice to read more about what they are trying to do.

    The article I found was engaging to read and well written. Everything is split up well with the images. Nothing more could be said about the topic, so it has been covered well. It will be interesting to see how Nintendo get on in the future in the mobile gaming market and to see your views in the posts.

    • Tyler says:

      You’re right Eden! Nintendo is one of the companies that can enter the mobile market and make an ACTUAL hit with all the experience under ther belt. I have no doubt that they’ll make some badass improvements in the years to come…

      Thanks for the nice words!! I’m glad that you liked it!!

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