Now you can GAME ON MAC thanks to the New Nvidia app – An it’s FREE

Now you can GAME ON MAC thanks to the New Nvidia app – An it’s FREE
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Have you been a Mac user till now but have always envied the PC Master Race?? Especially when you witnessed your friends playing some cool titles like PUBG, Destiny and etc… while the only thing you could do was to stare and smoke a cigarette at the corner depressively?? I have some good news to you Mac users because this may change your whole gaming world upside down.

GeForce Now App

These days I came across a news post which talked about Nvidia getting into Cloud Computing hardcore which will benefit everyone who doesn’t own a PC gaming rig or want to game from their laptops but don’t have enough firepower. Especially Mac users get a special benefit.

Here’s the video that I came across which explains the main things:

Playing some high-end and only Microsoft supported PC games were a privilage to PC gamers but with the developing and expending technology now we’re entering the “Cloud Computing” era and this branching of technology is slowly changing the whole game. Nvidia of course didn’t get late to lay their hands on this specific branch of technology, they’re a company that puts out works from self-driving cars to new age ultra high garphing processing powered modeling GPUs, so it’s something to be expected and there’s the solution that they came up with to MAKE GAMING GREAT AGAIN!!!! (for Mac users)

GeForce Now App

Building up a badass gaming PC is of course a great solution to experience the fringes of gaming and get that orgasmic euphoria of high-res but that is something pricey and most of all it’s not a mobile solution for gaming. And as you can imagine our friends with MacBooks and average laptops are always in search of mobility meanwhile not breaking the chains of comfort that mobility provides. AND HERE COMES NVIDIA GEFORCE NOW APP.

GeForce Now App

Nvidia founds the solution by allowing people to stream to a “Cloud Computer” which can be basically described as “using another computer from internet”. Don’t know if you’re acquainted with cloud computing but it’s a rising trend and probably in the future it will become an inseperable part of our lives and it starts to find a crowd these days. The thing Mac users will accomplish with Nvidia GeForce Now is to generate the high graphics processing power through Nvidia’s cloud. You will get all that GPU power from GeForce Cloud and stream the game on your MacBook. This way everyone will be happy 🙂


This also means that we will be able to obtain any kind of processing power we want remotely from anywhere anytime as long as we have a decent internet connection and we will be able to live this life changing experience by paying very acceptably cheap prices. I’m not even mentioning that Nvidia GeForce Now App is completely FREE.

Nvidia is in beta testing right now and they don’t charge money for now but I have a strong urge that they will start charging monthly subscriptions in the future. It’s available in North America and Europe for nw but they have a wait list and you can be notified by Nvidia whether GeForce Now App becoes available in your country.

You can Click Here To Download and Try Out GeForce Now  for Mac By Clicking Here

I found a guy trying out Fallout 4 through Nvidia GeForce Now App and here’s how the overall process of GeForce Noww App looks like:

This is the screen youll be facing with after you launch the app:

Nvidia GeForce Now App

After launching you will be navigated to create a Nvidia account and then you will be good to go!

This is a view from the Nvidia GeForce App Store:

GeForce Now App

Then you can launch to a virtual Steam Store interface and play your existing Steam games by logging into your own steam account or purchase new Steam games and play it through the virtual computer of Nvidia. Playing your dream games is now a reality!!

Nvidia GeForce Now App

Best thing is you can adjust the game for your own preferences, be it Ultra-High Resolution or EPIC QUALITY you are definetely in control of your own gaming session.

Also new generation MacBooks usually have Retina Display and this is definetely a plus to your gaming session. And here are some examples what Nvidia Geforce Now can do with a 4 year old MacBook. Images are from scenes of Destiny:

GeForce Now App

Look at those scenes with many particles and light VFX going on. They’re one of the toughest scenes to render and it’s just crystal clear and Destiny is running at 60 FPS.

GeForce Now App

Here we see another scene from Destiny and it’s so smooth. It wouldn’t be possible to run Destiny like Usain Bolt runs on tracks with a 4 year old Mac laptop.


Well, you’ve seen it.. What do you think about it?? Would you use Nvidia GeForce Now App?? Please state your thoughts at the comments section down below!!

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GeForce Now App


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See you around!!

Tyler, Founder of GMP

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2 Responses to Now you can GAME ON MAC thanks to the New Nvidia app – An it’s FREE

  1. fernglow says:

    I’ve loved to game, just like anybody else but sadly because of school, I have to own a Mac and thus I can’t enjoy all the games as most games are only supported by windows. This is really amazing the idea of cloud computing and I’ll definitely give this a try and share with you my experience! Awesome article and thanks for the insight!

    • Tyler says:

      I thank you for your appreciation!! Cloud computing is opening up new oppurtunities for sure and it will only keep getting better!! This was a must for Mac users and it’s exviting to be able to bring the power anywhere you go. I will be waiting for your comments!!

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