Ohia University is offering Esports Scholarship for Fortnite

Ohia University is offering Esports Scholarship for Fortnite
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I think all you gamers are now aware of the global popularity of ESports that it has become a whole new sports competition genre and is measured in millions of revenue to organizations. There are  MASSIVE ESports events happening around the world and it just keeps growing!!

As the ESports industry is getting bigger and bigger, and even ESports significant schools and training centers are opening in various places, an Ohio University is now giving Esports Scholarships!!! That’s right, the Ashland University of Ohio has announced that they will be including Fortnite in their collegiate esports program. As some of you may know, Ashland University of Ohio is the home for the ESports team Eagles. The school has declared that it will be the first ESports collegiate program to include Fortnite in their scholarship bundle.

According to head coach Josh Buchanan, Fortnite is a platform suitable for both competitive and comfortable gamers. That’s why it has reached a wide scope of gamers. Fortnite allows players to be creative, innovative and show their mastery of skills.

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It’s a known fact that Ashland has launched its esports program in February with the announcement of Buchanan’s hiring. Buchanan has more than 5 years of competitive experience in esports and he is a ranker in StarCraft2’s US lists. He is also a freelance StarCraft 2 coach and caster.

You can understand how serious Ashland takes ESports competition by looking at their “Gaming Center” project which is to be located under the school library and consists of 25 gaming stations equipped with every necessary peripheral. Ashland ESports program includes League of Legends, CS: GO, and Rocket League.


The Ashland University of Ohio offers up to $4,000 of Scholarship based on the skill level and academic requirements of the player. Are you interested??You can try your chance by filling out the Prospective Student-Athlete Recruitment Form!

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2 Responses to Ohia University is offering Esports Scholarship for Fortnite

  1. Win Bill Huang says:

    Recently, Fortnite is seriously the craze going around. It has gotten so popular. I heard that you can also play it on the playstation, gamecube, and the iphone. You know what stinks? I can’t play it on an android phone.

    Anyway, sad story short. I can still watch my friends play. It seems awesome enough. It is very exciting to hear that this game will be having championships battle like how starcraft did back in the old days.

    From now on the new saying would be, “want to get rich? Play some fortnite”. What do you think?

    • Tyler says:

      Yes, Android still has problems with the new mobile gaming trend and the only phone else of those custom gamng phones which can run the games so smoothly is probably the iPhone X. Problems with Android will be solved eventually, but the only thing it needs is some time…

      I think there will always be new chances to make money on stuff. Be it Fortnite, be it another game, the only constant is the change and there will always be something to make money on.

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