Ooblets is The Game Where ALL Your FAVOURITE Games Are Mashed Into One

Ooblets is The Game Where ALL Your FAVOURITE Games Are Mashed Into One
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Hey there gamers!! I have something new to announce to you and it’s the new cute unconventional game “OOBLETS”. Ooblets is a new eye-candy cute gamish game which combines probably every gamet that we like and mashes them into one!

You can find influences from Pokemon, a ilttle taste of Harvest Moon, small dips of Animal Crossing, an atmosphere of Farmville, maybe a little bit of Sims…. You get the point 🙂 And this is how exactly Greg Rice of Double Fine defines the game. All of these mentioned titles wrapped up in a cute package.

Ooblets are the creatures in-game and you can capture them by combat or by planting seeds in your farm and growing them. They’re all so cute that Greg Rice can’t even answer which one of them is the cutest 🙂


I admit, I’m also a fan of minor games and indie-type games and I support them because I value technology, development and I believe in smaller companies or dev groups’ efforts should be supported and valued because you don’t know what just a simple group of people will come up with next. Well, Double Fine is not a small company, but they’re not Ubisoft either. But they’re extremely talented!!!!


So, my soft spot for these companies is also a reason that I like it but that’s not the only one. I’ve lived through all these gaming industry transitions and I’ve witnessed many of the forementioned titles. That’s why a game like Ooblets gets me excited. Living all the past in a cute single game. That’s a dream come true 🙂

You can add Ooblets to your wishlist from your Steam account from here.

Seems like Ooblets won’t be arriving till 2018, but this adorable game of farming and creature collecting seems to have potential getting into wishlist of many gamers.

If you have anything to state, you can comment from the comments section down below!!

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Tyler, Founder of GMP

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2 Responses to Ooblets is The Game Where ALL Your FAVOURITE Games Are Mashed Into One

  1. JohnB says:

    Ooblets sounds like a great mash-up of a bunch of smaller popular games. I see a little bit of Pokemon and Farmville. Although I am not a big fan of Indie games and more an AAA title guy, I can appreciate it efforts from smaller companies. My only complaint is that I would like to read more details regarding this game. Besides the fact that it is a mash-up of other games, I don’t know anything else about this game.

    • Tyler says:

      That’s exactly true!! Well, I like indie gaes and I also want to become a game developer/designer that’s why I’m very attracted to indie games. Maybe I’ll make a complete review about it when it comes out :))

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