Project Valerie – The First Triple Display Laptop by Razer

Project Valerie – The First Triple Display Laptop by Razer
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Hey there gamers!!! Today I want to introduce you a groundbreaking innovation by the legendary gaming peripherals manufacturer “Razer”. I’ve seen it probably a week or two ago and I was amazed to see such a thing. Guess what?? It’s a FREAKIN TRIPLE DISPLAY LAPTOP!!!

First of all I would like to hear your toughts about it, so please leave a comment to the comments section below this page. I’m also asking you: Is it necesary to make a triple display computer?? I really want to know what you think about it.

The age we live in now is probably the era of bizerre gaming builds. I assume that you’ve seen the first curved screen laptop Acer Predator 21 X which is GIGANTIC. A desktop fitted into a laptop, but not so mobile. And now the triple screen Project Valerie. This is only getting better!!!

Razer Valerie


Some people are of course thinking that these kind of new innovations aren’t necessary because they’re too big and heavy to be laptops. Many people think they’re not mobile friendly and that spoils all the main idea behind laptops. They can be related as “Desk-Laptops”. But I’m not the one to judge this. The only thing that I think is that these are INNOVATIONS and NEW IDEAS. And ideas are good. These new concepts will open the path to more new concepts and ideas and that’s how science and technology grows.

Let’s see what Razer has to offer to us with Project Valerie:



As you can see this is a three headed monster which draws its weapons out of nowhere. Quite mesmerizing to watch. It’s the world’s first automated triple display laptop. No wonder that it will be powerful but the main question is: “Is it mobile enough?” Actually yes!!! Seems like Razer has done a relatively great job when it comes to compact design. When you compare Project Valerie with a standard 17″ gaming laptop we see that they share the same thickness. And the revolutionary thin Razer laptop Razer Blade is half size of Razer Valerie. So, it’s not that thin, but it’s not thicker than a standart gaming laptop.


Razer Valerie


As you can see it comes with 3 4K displays =12K display. Not only good for eye-candy addicts but it will alo be pretty beneficial for multitaskers and producers/designers and any other multi program users. Work hard, play hard!!!

This baby is armed with NVIDIA GForce GTX 1080 GPU and NVIDIA Surround View with a resolution of 11520 x 2160. Getting a wider view and workplace for whatever application you’re using it for. This is an unmatched experience in my view. The most interesting that I like about Project Valerie is the way that expands their additional monitors. Gives you that “Transformers” like feeling, ready to terminate.

Their automated deploy system is utilized with highly durable aluminium hinges. Engineering is an art and Project Valerie proves it. Automated deploy system ensures that side displays are quickly deployed and locked into place with perfect alignment just in a few seconds.

So these are the things that we will get from Razer Valerie. What do you think about it?? Let us know in the comments section below!!! And don’t forget to share because SHARING IS CARING!!!

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2 Responses to Project Valerie – The First Triple Display Laptop by Razer

  1. Bob says:

    wow! this is a first one. I do like multiple displays (been working only on 2 + TV) but this kinda blows mu mind. Part of me thinks – this is bul**** why do you need 3 displays on a laptop, but there is that other, bigger part of me that thinks – why not?? Not sure how the games would work, but for multitasking is awesome

    • admin says:

      Agree with you Bob. I have confused feelings too, but this doesn’t change the fact that it’s one hell of a laptop.

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