PUBG Hits 4 Milion Users, And Users Can Get The PC Version With A Huge Discount For A While

PUBG Hits 4 Milion Users, And Users Can Get The PC Version With A Huge Discount For A While
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I think there isn’t a single gamer not being aware of the online “Battle Royale” type multiplayer game PUBG… Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds started as a mod project and evolved into a million dollars gaming giant which has lately reached the 4 million users frontier!! I must congratulate the developers and creators for their massive success (even though there are some negative reviews too), and I have no doubt that they will keep improving the payer experience of PUBG to immortalize it with more massive success stories to come.

As a perk and a temporary marketing strategy, PUBG has decided to cut their prices 33.33 percent for the full version of the game. The offer includes Erangel and Miramar maps, which are classics, and there is the brand-new Sanhok map for you to enjoy, which was launched on June 22.

It’s a known fact that PUBG has moved 50 million units of its game across PC and XBox one consoles. The participation numbers of PUBG are pretty impressive. The numbers speak that there are approximately 227 million people who engage in the mass-murder competition experience of PUBG every month. Daily players hit a whopping 87 million.

With great success comes great competitors and after a little over six months of its release (over 15 months since the early access), publishers have been a little bit annoyed with some competition wandering under their feet.

It’s not a secret that another Battle Royale concept game – Fortnite – has achieved some great success and toppled PUBG from the #1 ranking slot. In April alone, Fortnite has made $296 million and its popularity is estimated only to grow. It’s not a doubtful thought, especially when the deep dive of Fortnite to the mobile gaming platform is taking into consideration.e.

The competition has got so serious that the PUBG company and their parent company Bluehole have filed a lawsuit against Epic Games over copyright infringement.

Things get spreading wider and wider with both players entering the mobile gaming platforms. I have no doubt that they will stay as two major players for a long long time.

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2 Responses to PUBG Hits 4 Milion Users, And Users Can Get The PC Version With A Huge Discount For A While

  1. Scott Hinkle says:

    Thanks fro the great post! I didn’t know about the discount and will definitely go check it out. Do they have a version for different platforms (like Mac and Windows) or is it just for one?

    I had no idea that they were tangled up in a legal battle and that they were basically copied. Sadly that seems to be the way of things these days, from cell phones to video games, if it’s working for one, everyone else wants their piece of the pie.

    Thanks again.

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