PUBG Mobile Players Facing With Hard Times Because of Mouse and Keyboard Users

PUBG Mobile Players Facing With Hard Times Because of Mouse and Keyboard Users
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I think you are already informed about the mobile revolution of PC games after several big titles came to mobile nowadays. We’ve discussed a little bit about the “Mobile Revolution” in our Fortnite Battle Royale Mobile news article. But if you’re a gamer who games enough or at least aware of the latest news in the gaming industry then you must be aware of the latest mobile trends such as PUBG going mobile and etc… All this mobile revolution is great and it’s probably the baby steps of a mobile gaming world which is getting bigger and bigger, but all this massive online gaming comes with several downsides too.

Lately, PUBG Mobile, which has hit the iOS and Android in early March, is being ruined by mouse and keyboard users, and it’s pretty visible to everyone. Seems like the popularity comes with its concerns over cheating. This is possible by using an Android emulator on PC, by using which you’ll be able to play PUBG Mobile with a mouse and keyboard. Some other players recorded that their attempts were successful by using a Chromebook and pairing Bluetooth input devices.

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There are even some Redditters who quote about the situation, stating that they have played PUBG Mobile with external keyboard and mouse input. There is a number of people using Chromebooks or emulators to gain an advantage over mobile players.

This is, in my opinion, is absolute cheating. If one of the competing sides are benefitting from other input devices, which is not ethical thinking that the concept is designed for mobile players, then it’s definitely leaving the fully-mobile side with a major handicapped. And even the mouse/keyboard users themselves admit that it’s pure injustice.

“I had a blast playing PUBG Mobile with a mouse, but it’s absolutely cheating. After my first game, I started to see other players as walking loot boxes. I wasn’t afraid of any of them and every encounter played out in one of a few ways.” states Motherboard’s Matthew Gault…

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This is not actually the first time that PUBG Mobile made a scene. There were also reports that the game was populated by a large number of bots – who apparently are there to pump up the player numbers and fill the game with several easy-to-kill targets.

I understand that technology and the work of big companies sometimes interfere by advantage takers, but this kind of issues will be taken care of with time, at least that’s my hope. Or else, PUBG Mobile and other mobile platform games with a large crowd will be losing a giant piece of players. That’s my thought.

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2 Responses to PUBG Mobile Players Facing With Hard Times Because of Mouse and Keyboard Users

  1. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr. says:

    I have never played battlegrounds on any other system but I do enjoy being able to experience console style games or games that were original on home console or pc on my cell phone.

    Didn’t even know there was an android emulator, but why would you want to play android games on your pc when android gaming is pretty cheap and meant to be played on the go. It is the whole experience…

    I download this game after reading the post and I rather enjoyed the little game pay. I will continue to play and see how I feel after a few hours of gameplay but pretty good mobile game!

    • Tyler says:

      Yes, I also appreciate when major titles get rearranged for mobile platforms. Not that I lkie playing mobilee games much, but it just seems as good alternatives.

      I agree with you, why would anyone like to play a mobile game with PC settings and spend extra sweat to just be able to dial himself/herself up to the mobile system through emulators and etc.. I think these kind of people just don’t have anything better to do…

      I haven’t played it myself but everyone seems to be satisfied with it for now. But it’s a factt that they should solve these issues of patform isolation.

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