Razer and Lenovo Collaborate For New Rigs!!

Razer and Lenovo Collaborate For New Rigs!!
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Lenovo and Razer has announced their new collaboration at Dreamhack 2015. From this epic brotherhood, the first cool thingies that we can expect are Razer Edition models of Lenovo’s Y series gaming gear. The first product is estimated to be launched at CES 2016.


While we don’t have any actual specifications about the gear yet, we can expect that it will bring some serious competition. The thing that makes it an interesting buy is the combined visuals of Razer and Lenovo. It really screams that Razer “Chroma lighting” will be involved in this next gen shit.




This trade will both be beneficial to both sides of these hardware and gaming giants. Lenovo is one of the biggest PC vendor in the world and Razer is a well known gaming peripherals manufacturer with a lot of street credit. Lenovo can expect a growth in their gaming computer sales through this partnership with Razer.


According to the word of authorities in gaming industry news, Razer is also involved in choosing peripherals to combine with the rig.

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