Razer Atheris Review – MOBILE Meets PERFORMANCE

Razer Atheris


Design and Ergonomics




Customization Oppurtunities





  • A GREAT Mobile gaming mouse
  • TOP-NOTCH optical sensor, tracks pretty much on any rigid and non-transparent surface.
  • You can use it on 2 computer at the same time.
  • MONTHS of battery life with a full charge.
  • Pretty compact and ergonomic, has a great pouche if desired.


  • No RGB lights.
  • Not the first choice for competitive performance gaming with the short amount of buttons.

Razer Atheris Review

Razer Atheris Review

Hey, gamers!! Here in our Razer Atheris Review, I will introduce you to an unconventional gizmo which is a pretty interesting peace and can be the gap filler for many people. It's a big surprise to see this kind of a mobile gaming mouse produced by Razer, but obviously, Razer is putting out a great job with its latest gaming mouse lineup.

We'll explore all the nooks and crannies of Razer Atheris in our Razer Atheris Review and eventually, you'll be able to decide whether it's the right choice for you or not. I'll also navigate you to the buying page at the "Where To Buy It From??" Section if you feel like buying one for yourself.

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Who Is It For??

  • Are you looking for a mobile mouse which you can easily carry around but you also want to play games comfortably??
  • Do you like fingertip grip on a gaming mouse??
  • Are you using a laptop frequently and travel around often with it?
  • Are you a gamer who also works mobile or carries his / her laptop to office??
  • Would you like a gaming grade quality tracking of an optical mouse sensor in a mobile mouse??
  • Are you tired of that annoying mouse cable getting in your way??
  • Do you want a mobile mouse with a strategical design suitable for gaming ??

If your answer to most of these questions is "YES", then you should GO AND GET A RAZER ATHERIS!!

Razer Atheris Review

It's the gaming mouse designed for mobile gamers, laptop users and fingertip grippers. It's probably the less eye candy and the most minimalistic mouse in the Razer mouse franchise. But I think it's a strategical leap from Razer which can fill a gap for gamers and office workers. Are you a gamer in your heart but you also have to use a mobile mouse because of the tasks that you have to accomplish?? It's a great choice for you!! And especially for students!!

I remember my college days... I used a laptop back in those days which I carried around to school and also used at home I was using a Logitech Anywhere MX mobile wireless mouse and it was GREAT!! It had the special Darkfields optical sensor technology integrated and worked out great as a mobile mouse!!

But at that time Razer Atheris wasn't existing and I would definitely have got a Razer Atheris because I was also gaming on that laptop and I needed a decent gaming mouse. I didn't want to carry around big mice with Palm/Claw Grip ergonomics, so it would be a GREAT alternative for student gamers too!!

Now, let's get to know this little monster closer... But first, let me introduce the Razer Atheris Wireless Mobile Gaming Mouse to you with a little-introductory video:


Razer Atheris Review

Razer Atheris is not a mouse for teenagers who go crazy on RGB lights and extreme visual features. It's meant for people who look for a mouse to increase their performance, improve their workflow and achieve the same tracking performance of high-end Razer gaming mice. It's meant to be used as a mobile gaming mouse and to become the midpoint for gamers and office workers/students. If you're carrying your laptop around and looking for a gaming mouse to aid both your gaming and personal technical needs, then Razer Atheris for you!!

Design of Atheris is pretty simple and minimalistic. It's one of the most compact and smooth mobile gaming mice that you can ever get. While not being able to provide all the high-end features that other Razer Mice, it still is pretty decent when it comes to providing a great gaming performance. It's also great for use in your other personal tasks such as design software and etc.. The optical sensor of Razer Atheris provides enhanced precision and you will be pretty comfortable when you're working with pixel manipulation software such as Photoshop and etc..

Razer Atheris Review

But for the ultimate workflow efficiency, there's another mouse which can be defined as the BEST multitasking and studio/office mouse and it's a MASTERPIECE!! It's the epic Logitech MX Master 2S and I DEFINITELY advise EVERYONE to check it out if you want to SKYHIGH your work efficiency!!


Logitech Master MX 2S yaz




Razer Atheris no doubt has Fingertip Grip ergonomics and it's one of the few, and probably the only for people with big hands, mice that demonstrates fingertip ergonomics in the Razer mouse franchise. It's a great option for the ones who have tiny hands. Fingertip Grip is the grip type that you probably feel in full control the most. This grip style has its own crowd of fans and can be advantageous for many tasks. I also prefer using fingertip grip for my daily pc and design software tasks.

The mouse buttons could be more groovy just as other high-end Razer Mice, but obviously, it's a mobile mouse and Razer has decided to sculpt it out as a more minimalistic mouse. But I can't deny that it has a SLEEK form factor!! It stands quite elegant on the desk. And the side grips with that wavy cool grip form is just the icing on the cake 🙂

Razer Atheris Review

Razer Atheris offers long long hours of comfort in gameplay and work. It has a pretty comfortable form factor that doesn't tire my hand for a pretty long while. It's a great plus if you're using the same mouse for a variety of long hours!! If you're going to carry Atheris around (which is meant to) to work, school, home and etc.. then it means that you'll be using it for quite some time and this is the situation where ergonomic form factor actually comes handy.

Razer Atheris is also designed as an ambidextrous mobile gaming mouse which means that both right handed and left handed users can benefit from it!! The side buttons are not placed in an ambidextrous manner, but the ergonomics are crafted suitable for ergonomic use.  It's a plus in terms of universality.!!

Razer Atheris Review


There are 6 buttons at your service on Razer Atheris. The button placement is the miniature version of other Razer Mice button placement schemes, that's why you won't encounter with any difficulties when getting used to the button placement of Razer Atheris. Actually, they're placed so well that you will find it pretty easy to use. Everything is right under your fingers.

Here is the buttons list of Razer Atheris:

  • Right/ Left Click
  • Two thumb buttons
  • One rear button
  • Scroll Wheel

Razer Atheris Review

You can easily reach ALL the buttons easily and that's one of the most significant plusses that I like the most about Razer Atheris. Everything is right under your fingers and this compact design allows you to easily control ALL workflow and gaming session. Razer Atheris is ABSOLUTELY where performance meets productivity!!


The scroll wheel is clickable and comes in very handy while browsing the web. Comes in pretty handy when using the internet and searching through websites.


The battery is one of the strongest advantages of Razer Atheris. It claims to provide 350 hours of battery with 2 AA batteries installed!! It's a BADASS battery lifespan and that kind of a long battery lifespan is definitely a must with mobile mice.

Razer Atheris Review

Taken into consideration that Razer Atheris doesn't use those signature RGB raving disco LED lights, It's pretty logical for Razer Atheris to last this long. It uses all its energy to carry out the tasks that're directly related to the performance of Razer Atheris. No unnecessary details and this is the main motto of Razer Atheris. Max efficiency, max performance.


2.4 GHz with Adaptive Frequency Technology (AFT) - Gaming Grade performance, now UNCUT

Razer Atheris comes with its propriety wireless technology, providing you with industry-leading transmission stability. This is the Adaptive Frequency Technology AFT and it comes in really handy especially when you're using multiple wireless devices together!! The same goes for public places such as cafes, restaurants, coffee houses and etc..  Even though you're using your Razer Atheris in a public place where multiple wireless devices are used, thanks to the AFT Technology technology your mouse maintains a solid connection!! This is one of the major reasons to buy the Razer Atheris...


While using the 2.4 GHz AFT Wireless transmission mode your mouse will spend more energy to maintain a stable and strong connection, which will lead to lesser battery life, but DON'T WORRY!! Because Razer Atheris comes with TWO wireless connection types.

Two Wireless Options

Here is what makes Razer Atheris much more special than any other conventional wireless mouse. Razer Atheris has dual connectivity option between 2.4GHz or Bluetooth Low-Energy (LE), which means that you can choose between both connection types of your choice. This is a pretty strategical feature that will significantly improve your battery life and will allow you to arrange the lasting of your battery life.

Razer Atheris Review

By switching to the Bluetooth Low-Energy mode you can elongate your battery lifespan but it will also allow your connection to be interfered by other waves if there are multiple wireless devices used around you. That's why the best place to use Bluetooth connection is at home where your signals won't get distorted by other signals.

This is why there are two connection modes installed to Razer Atheris. You can choose between two of them depending on your current situation.

Are you out in the public and want a stable connection? Then use the 2.4 GHz AFT connection. Are you at home or a calm place with not many people around?? You can then switch to Bluetooth Low-Energy Mode. By choosing the right connection type you will end up with more battery life and eventually more time for uncut gaming!!

Razer Atheris Review

Razer Atheris comes with a detachable bottom plate, by sliding out which you will find the inner parts where the 2.4GHz AFT USB dongle and battery inserts are located. The bottom plate is held by two strong magnets which you wouldn't spot unless you looked for them. This is the most basic sign that Razer Atheris is a travel mouse and it DOESN'T require you to carry ANY OTHER ITEM with it. the dongle can be placed inside the mouse itself to be carried around and likely you'll never lose your dongle if you're careful enough. That's another giant plus because lost USB dongles are a common issue with wireless mice.


Materials and Build

Razer Atheris is made out of durable and smooth plastic. The ergonomic shape can be likened to Razer Lanceheads. Actually, Atheris reminds of a more compact and downsized version of the Lancehead. They carry the same form factors and concept. The only difference is that Lancehead is meant for competitive gaming and it's a performance mouse while Atheris is a mobile mouse and meant for productivity and mobilization.

Razer Atheris Review

Razer Atheris weights 66 grams / 0.14 lbs (Excluding batteries) and this weight puts Atheris into the featherweight category of gaming mice. It's actually a strategical weight because you wouldn't want a mobile moue weight too much, not especially heavier than 100 grams. Personally, I like heavy mice for gaming but Atheris is clearly a mouse meant for mobile use and less weight is always better when it comes to compactness and mobility.

Side Grips

Razer Atheris also hosts the same wavy-patterned side grips which almost all the new Razer mouse lineup has. It provides great improvement in mouse handling and no one can deny that they look BADASS!! Not only the functionality, but the looks of this baby is also a significant plus.

Technical Side of Things


Razer Atheris comes with a true 7,200 DPI optical sensor which can track up to 220 IPS / 30 G.  The sensor is not one of the top-notch optical pro gaming sensors such as SteelSeries Rival 600 or Razer Deathadder Elite has, but it's definitely DECENT!! It doesn't show any sign of jittering or pixel smoothing and tracks EXACTLY how I want it to track.


Razer has made a pretty wise choice by putting in a decent optical sensor into their mobile mouse because some other mobile gaming mice, which are not as specially tailored as Razer Atheris, lack this tracking quality and they go no further than becoming just a simple mouse for personal tasks. That's where Razer Atheris shows its colors because Razer Atheris will become one of your FAVORITE mobile gaming mice!!


As I mentioned before, Atheris comes with its USB dongle if you want to switch to 2.4 GHz AFT mode and it's located right inside the mouse in the little slot between the batteries. Two AA batteries are inserted in the slots and they will keep your Razer Atheris going for around 350 hours of use depending on your user settings.

The bottom plate of Razer Atheris is detachable and that's where you can get access to the insides of Razer Atheris. The bottom plate is held by two strong magnets and you probably won't ever notice them unless you look with a little bit of attention. This minimalist design of Razer Atheris overall is pretty sympathetic and sleek to me.



Where To Buy It From??

The best place to buy Razer Atheris is Amazon.com thanks to usually the best prices available, great customer care and ultra decent delivery service. Also millions of people are using it daily!! Razer Atheris is no doubt a GREAT mobile gaming mouse and it can be yours for only  $49.99 !!!! The price/quality ratio of this baby is AMAZING and if you're looking for a mouse which can aid both your gaming and personal needs, then GO ON AND BUY A RAZER ATHERISS RIGHT NOW!!!!

Razer Atheris can be yours in a matter of minutes and the only thing you have to do is to click the button down below to be navigated to Amazon. From there you can easily buy one for yourself!


Razer Atheris Review


What Do Others Think??

Razer Atheris is not one of those shiny high-end gaming mice such as Razer Mamba Tournament Edition or Logitech G900, that's a fact, but it's still a decent mobile gaming mouse and everybody knows it. It has 3.3 stars out of 5 in Amazon ratings from 54 real user votings. I can say that you shouldn't be expecting to compete in an Esports tournament with it, but it'll get your job done with a great satisfaction rate and it's so handy for mobile use.



Here are some other real user comments to give you a general idea of what others think about it:


Razer Atheris Review - Conclusion

We have come to the end of our Razer Atheris Review. Now you know what Razer Atheris can offer you and you've probably alreeady determined whether you should get one for yourself or not. If you think it's a necesity for yu, you can scroll back to the "Where To Get It From??" section. Just with a simple button click, it can be yours!!

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Don't forget to check out our other content to eventually find the ultimate gaming peripheral suitable for your needs!! See you around 😉

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