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Hey, gamers!! Welcome to our Razer Basilisk Review!! This baby is one hell of a gear that I've been looking forward to making a review of... The day is today!! This multiple AWARD WINNING gaming weapon is one of the BEST alternatives that you can get if you want to become a CHAMPION and I'm so confident about this argument of mine. We'll get to know ALL the details about it and what it has to offer to gamers who want to take their gaming to the next level.

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This was a quick jumpstart guide for you... And now, here comes the best part. Let's dive deep into our Razer Basilisk Review!! The one that every other gaming mouse user is afraid of...


Who Is It For??

  • Are you taking gaming seriously, playing even on a hardcore level sometimes and want to BOOST UP your performance with a specially tailored exclusively designed professional gaming mouse??
  • Are you playing FPS / RPG / SHOOTER genres frequently??
  • Do you want a TOP NOTCH optical gaming sensor in your gaming mouse to provide extended tracking precision and put you in a headshot spree??
  • Are you looking for a gaming mouse which will provide you with extended comfort during long hours of fast-paced gaming sessions thanks to its well-tailored ergonomics??
  • Is personal customization important for you?? Would you like to personally fine-tune your gaming mouse in order to provide you the exact feeling that you're after??
  • Are you seeking the gaming mouse which will SKY HIGH your gaming performance and increase your ranks in the lists??
  • Alongside the high-performance rate, do you value epic looking exteriors and well-customized ergonomics in a gaming mouse??
  • Do you want a gaming mouse which is not only GREAT in performance, but also SUITS YOUR BUDGET with its reasonable price tag????
  • Do you want to make a long-term investment in a special and durable gaming mouse??

If your answer to most of these questions is "YES" then don't waste a second and GO BUY  A RAZER BASILISK!!

Razer Basilisk Review

Razer Basilisk is a MULTIPLE AWARD WINNER performance gaming mouse which can proudly be defined as the member of Razer's "All Time Masterpiece" gaming peripherals. Along with Razer Deathadder Elite and a couple other Razer mice from the latest lineup, Razer Basilisk can be related as one of the ALL TIME BEST performance gaming mice that have ever existed.

I don't even need to explain to you why it's so great, but it's a review after all and that's what I should do 🙂 But you easily come to this conclusion just by looking at Amazon ratings of Razer Basilisk, it's one of the HIGHEST rated gaming peripherals ever and we will get to this in the "What Do Others Think??" Section down below in our review, so, be patient 🙂

Razer Basilisk Review

Before exploring deeper this baby, I will present you a video review just to give you a quick introduction to Razer Basilisk! Some people appreciate video content more than written and visual content, that's why I'm trying to make things easier for you 🙂

Tech Specs

  • Razer PixArt PMW 3389 - 5G optical sensor with true 16,000 DPI
  • Up to 450 inches per second (IPS) / 50 G acceleration
  • Razer™ - Omron Collaboration Mechanical Mouse Switches
  • Eight independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • Tactical scroll wheel with customizable wheel resistance
  • Ergonomic right-handed design with enhanced rubber side grips
  • Razer Chroma™ lighting system - 16.8 million customizable color options
  • 1000 Hz Ultrapolling
  • Razer Synapse 3 (Beta) Software
  • Approximate size: 124 mm / 4.88 in (L) X 75 mm / 2.94 in (W) X 43 mm / 1.69 in (H)
  • Approximate weight: 107 g / 0.24 lbs (Excluding cable)
Razer Basilisk Review


Razer Basilisk is a wired, ergonomic, performance gaming mouse which is designed to BOOST UP your gaming performance, especially with FPS / RPG / SHOOTER games. If you're looking forward to taking your gaming to next level, increase your performance, become more feared by other players and use your gaming mouse as a weapon which will become connected to you as a limb with time, then you're making a great choice.

Razer Basilisk Review

When compared with some other Razer gaming mice, which come with blings and decorations such as Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, Basilisk is a more minimalistic gaming mouse in terms of visuality. I'm not saying that Basilisk isn't looking good, it actually looks EPIC and DEADLY, but it's designed as a more visually minimalistic but performance oriented gaming mouse. I'm supporting this idea behind Razer Basilisk and Razer has put out a great job with it.

The best term that can define the design of Razer Basilisk is probably "SAFE DESIGN". By safe design, I mean the universality and satisfaction assurance. It's one of the few gaming mice that I can without any doubt advise getting. Do you want a performance gaming mouse which will make you satisfied even if you don't know a bit about it?? GET A RAZER BASILISK!! It's Amazon's Choice in its own category and it's really hard to find anyone who isn't impressed with it.

Razer Basilisk Review

First of all, let's talk a bit about the overall design of Razer Basilisk. It's one of the most phenomenal masterpieces that Razer has manufactured till now and with the latest Razer gaming mice line up, which you can explore by CLICKING HERE and getting navigated to Razer gaming mice page. When you look at the overall design patterns, materials, and the overall user experience of Razer Basilisk, you easily understand that Razer has developed a time-proven design standard with their mice and as time passes they're approaching their personal perfection level. Razer Basilisk is the sole proof of this design learning curve which only keeps improving...


Razer Basilisk is a SAFE CHOICE when it comes to ergonomics and comfort. Some gaming mice are designed for specific types of grip types, game genres and had sizes. About the gaming genre, it's true that Razer Basilisk is designed mainly for FPS /RPG / SHOOTER, which doesn't mean that it can't be used for MMO / MOBA genre. And if I have to open up the "Safe Design" terminology, it means that Razer Basilisk can be used by ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE!! Doesn't matter whether if you're a Claw Grip user or Palm Grip gamer, Razer Basilisk is designed to provide you with the optimum sweet spot of ergonomics.

Razer Basilisk Review


Razer Naga Review yaz.



Razer has been implementing "Universal Design" principles in their gaming mice for a long time and still keeps developing their design patterns with time. These principles are based on creating ergonomic designs suitable for every user no matter what their differences in hand types are. It won't be wrong to declare that Razer Basilisk is not the best alternative for fingertip grip, but it's a GREAT choice for gamers who suit more to the set where Palm Grip and Claw Grip fit. The ergonomic design of Razer Basilisk is a SAFE DESIGN and it fits GREAT to all Palm Grip-Claw Grip gamers. In my situation, considering that I have relatively large hands and long fingers, it fits AMAZING and I've always been satisfied with it.

Razer Basilisk Review

It can even be a good fit for fingertip grip if you have extremely large hands. Also, Razer Basilisk has come up with a new great feature, which I will explain in detail in buttons subtitle, which allows gamers with any hand types to benefit from it. It's the exclusive swappable sniper button. We'll talk about this later.

Overall, Razer Basilik offers you the EXACTLY CORRECT ergonomics for performance gaming, and even some people prefer it over the EPIC Logitech G502 which I'm a huge fan of. It's competing EVEN with the epic G502 and if you're a seasoned PC gamer you should know that Logitech G502 is a gaming mouse that you can't go wrong with. It has changed the gaming mice world upside down and Razer Basilisk is the equivalent of it!! So you can think of it as the G502 of Razer gaming lineup.

Razer Basilisk Review

Another thing that I liked about the design of Razer Basilisk is that it doesn't have any over exaggerated details. It's EXACTLY how a performance oriented gaming mouse should be designed. No extra distractions, performance-oriented design, and improved efficiency!! That's one more plus point on the scoreboard for Razer Basilisk...

Now, let's talk about one of the most powerful features that Razer Basilisk comes with. The button setup and the exclusive sniping button!!

Sniping Redefined

You may already have noticed the little button that's pointing out from the side of the thumb area?? Yes, that's an exclusive feature that I haven't come across in any Razer Mice till now. That's the "Sniping Button" which opens you the vast world of opportunities in performance gaming!! You can actually decrease/increase the DPI in-game, a feature that's most beneficial for FPS /RPG /SHOOTER games.

Razer Basilisk Review

How is this going to help you?? Well, let me explain... Have you ever switched into sniping mode during an FPS action game such as Call of Duty or Borderlands or etc..?? Of course you did. Especially while playing with higher DPIs such as 2,500+, you'll notice an imbalance on the sniper scope. You'll notice that you can't control the scope in the exact way you want and it will float around unwillingly. That's what happens when you try to snipe with your in-game mid-range fast-paced combat DPI.

In order to control your sniper scope, you must LOWER your DPI and that's when the sniping button comes into the bigger picture. Just by pressing the sniping button during your zoom-in, you can shift to a lower DPI mode during your long-range headshot session without any interruptions. This comes in VERY HANDY during competitive gaming and it can make a huge difference in your game flow.

Razer Basilisk Review

This concept is adapted from the Corsair M65 Pro gaming mouse, which is well known for its signature sniping thumb button. I'm not sure whether it's the first gaming mouse to introduce this concept, but it sure is the one which is being remembered with that specific sniping button feature. And it's still a TOP-TIER player among FPS / SHOOTER gaming mice. It's one of my personal favorites too. I advise EVERYONE to CHECK IT OUT and even get one if you're getting charmed by its concept!


Corsair M65 Review yaz.


The best thing about the sensitivity shift (or sniping) button is that it comes in 3 different sizes as a clutch-button mechanism. 2 of them are actually clutch-type buttons which can be easily reached with a minor movement of your thumb while the other one is absent of clutch extension. This one is in the form of a standard button and designed for the ones who have longer thumb reaches or the ones who like to stretch out their thumbs. This is a GREAT feature and is definitely a game changer. I appreciate that Razer has taken this design decision to create one of the top players in the gaming mouse industry.

Razer Basilisk Review

You don't have to use it as a DPI shifting button if you have different plans about it. Razer Basilisk is a fully customizable gaming mouse which can be tailored to your needs in the EXACT way you want. You can assign macros of your own choice, functions or even use it as a Hypershift Mode switch!! And what is Hypershift?? Hypershift is the on-the-fly additional profile that you can instantly switch to by keeping a specific pre-determined button pressed. This actually DOUBLES your button and command options.

So, you can use the sensitivity clutch button for a TREMENDOUS amount of options and all of these opportunities are placed right under your thumb. A feature that stands out and actually transforms the whole concept of your gaming and performance to a whole new level.


Razer Basilisk comes with 8 buttons at your service which is just around the right amount of buttons for a performance mouse. You can even double the number of button commands with Razer Hypershift technology! For FPS /RPG mice my personal favorite amount of buttons is between 8 and 10, I think 9 is the optimum number. Razer Basilisk has just enough amount of buttons and they're so strategically placed.


The best thing about button design in Razer Basilisk is that they're so CLEVERLY placed and this strategical button placement design provides you a great smooth operation with it. I didn't come across any obstacles or discomfort while using the buttons. Everything in its right place!! Right where they should be. No mistakenly pressed buttons and no unnecessary stuff that messes up your hand comfort...

Here is the list of available buttons of Razer Basilisk:

  • Right / Left Clicks
  • Two thumb buttons
  • Sensitivity Clutch Button
  • Scroll Wheel Button
  • Two rear buttons

Razer Basilisk uses Razer Omron Mechanical Switches, which are developed as a result of the collaboration with famous switch manufacturer "Omron". They're so durable and fine-tuned to provide the BEST performance. Right and left clicks are clicking just about right resistance and they put out a great job!! Also the grooved design of right and left clicks makes your fingers rest of them pretty comfortably and the design makes you feel more in control of your clicks. It's one of the significant improvements of the latest Razer gaming mice lineup.


Rear buttons are of course harder to reach and I assign to those buttons commands that I don't use frequently. They're meant for shifting between pre-determined DPI steps, but you can assign to them any macros you want. Just be sure that they're the ones that they're not the ones you use the most.

Thumb buttons are placed so well that they instantly become your second reflexes and they're right where they should be. It's extremely easy to press them and no difficulties are allowed to get in the way. The button design has amazed me and I give 5 STARS to Razer Basilisk for this!

Scroll Wheel with Adjustable Resistance

Now, this is one more exclusive feature that adds up some spice to Razer Basilisk and differentiates it from other gaming mice. The scroll wheel resistance of Razer Basilisk is adjustable and this feature was something that I was looking for in gaming mice that I've used after demonstrating the epic Logitech MX Master 2S, which doesn't have a resistance adjustment feature but is rich with scroll wheel capabilities. Some mice have hyper-scroll capabilities, Logitech is a fan of this technology, but Razer has demonstrated a different approach to this matter by making the scroll wheel tunable.


Just by turning the little resistant adjustment wheel under Razer Basilisk you can adjust the strength of scroll wheel steps. This comes in handy especially if you're using internet browsers a lot and reading long materials. Also, it's a great alternative for gamers who have difficulties in adapting themselves to built-in scroll wheel strength which is not tunable.

The scroll wheel can be pretty sturdy or almost free-flowing depending on your choice. It has a wide strength diapozone. Also, the texture of scroll wheel material is different than other Razer mice. This one comes with smaller and fewer dots on it, which doesn't make a huge difference, but feels great too!


Weight and Cable

Let's talk a bit about the weight and cables. There's not much to say, but I prefer to state every detail. Razer Basilisk weights 107 grams and it's the excellent weight for a performance gaming mouse. It's not too heavy such as SteelSeries Rival 700 but also not too light to make you feel like you're using a cheap plastic mouse. The weight and center of gravity are designed in the optimum range of values and it couldn't be a better choice.

Razer Basilisk doesn't have a weight adjustment feature such as SteelSeries Rival 600 has, but its weight is so fine-tuned that it doesn't need an adjustment, but that's my opinion. Weight adjustment is a definite plus in most cases and I advise you all to check out our SteelSeries Rival 600 Review to find out what it can offer to you guys. You can also Take A Look At Our SteelSeries Mice Page, there you will find many interesting models which are extremely quality built and choices of several champions. It's one of the BEST gaming mice that has EVER EXISTED and I advise you all to check it out:


SteelSeries Rival 600 yaz


The cable is made from high-quality fiber that's pretty flexible and durable. It's the exact mouse cable that Razer uses in its latest updated mouse lineup and it's one of the mouse cables that I like the most. Feels pretty professional and elegant. And if you're having troubles with gaming mice cables interrupting your game flow and giving you a hard time, then I will present you a solution to this problem: A MOUSE BUNGEE!! I always naviate people to check out mouse bungees because, in my opinion, they're a SHOULD HAVE for gamers who use wired mice.

If you want to get rid of that nasty mouse cable which gets in your way all the time, then I advise you to check out our "What Is The Best Mouse Bungee??" Article.


What Is The Best Mouse Bungee Review.



Chroma Lighting System

Razer Basilisk comes with Razer Chroma Lighting System just as any other Razer Gaming Mouse. If you're already aware of what Razer Chroma Lighting System can offer than you probably won't find much new info about it, but I'll tell you what it can do.


First of all, Razer Basilisk can be identified as a more minimalistic mouse when compared with some other Razer mouse models. It doesn't have any side strip LEDs or fancy ultra super duper extra lights such as Razer Mamba, but it's a modest design with two lighting zones which are the rear logo and scroll wheel. Despite having a modest lighting zone design, you can use the Chroma Lighting System to customize the eye-candy you can create through lighting zones.

One of the most significant advantages of Razer Chroma Lighting System is that you can INSTANTLY SYNCHRONIZE all your Razer peripherals to each other and make them glow or animate lights the same way simultaneously!! I ADORE this feature and it's a giant plus for Razer fanboys/fangirls who stack teir gaming space up with Razer-only products and love them bling blings (I mean the RGB lights).


Razer Chroma allows you to assign a variety of lighting animations and effects to the lighting zones of your Razer Gaming Mouse. The most fundamental effects which can be assignd to Razer Mice are Spectrum Cycling, Breathing, Static, Wave and Reactive. There are also some other lighting effects which re meant keyboard setups, but the amount of things you can do with Razer Chroma System is almost LIMITLESS if you are into development and hardware hacking. Razer actually enables you to create your own customizations through Chroma Studio and for the tech junkies and developers, Razer even has a Chroma developer portal Chroma SDK!!

You can even play the famous snake game on your Razer keyboard!!

So, Razer Basilisk lighting zones are fully customizable just as any other new-gen Razer mouse. You can also adjust the brightness of the lights, and set the lights to switch off when the display is turned off or idle for minutes.


Technical Side of Things

Top Tier Optical Sensor

Razer Basilisk uses a PixArt PMW3389 Optical Sensor - one of the BEST optical sensors that have ever been manufactured... And Razer, as I remember, has built up the habit of using this kickass optical sensor in many of their gaming mice. This is the same sensor that Razer Deathadder uses - a legend that has never grown old. If you have some experience with Razer Deathadder, you've probably already understood what I'm talking about. The optical sensor of Razer DeathAdder is one of the strongest features which puts DeathAdder to the center of wet dreams of competitive professional gamers. Now, it's also at your service in Razer Basilisk and this optical sensor even only by itself is a reason to choose Razer Basilisk as your new companion.

The sensor is no doubt SO ACCURATE that I observed pixel-to-pixel tracking with it. Does exactly what I want it to do, goes exactly where I want it to go and comes in quite handy when I enter into a headshot spree 😉 Tracking is GREAT and I don't have any negative thoughts to state about this one hell of an optical sensor. It's one of the BEST that you can come across on the market and probably almost EVERYONE will approve its greatness.

It has no jitter, no pixel smoothing, no tracking issues. Especially within the 100-4,000 DPI range, I haven't detected any tracking issues. It works just fine in the optimum gaming range. If you increase the DPI up to 16,000 maybe you may notice some jittering, but that's what happens with every gaming mouse and it's a standard phenomenon. Aso, you probably won't ever use your Razer Basilisk on such a ridiculous number such as 16,000 DPI.

Razer Basilisk's  5G optical sensor comes with true 16,000 DPI and up to 450 inches per second (IPS) / 50 G acceleration. I don't have to talk much about the fancy numbers because they're mostly pointed out for marketing purposes. But the certain thing is - IT TRACKS GREAT and performs BADASS... 16,000 DPI is a ridiculous number and you'll probably never use that much DPI unless you have some out-of-this-world setup. I usually game between the DPI range of 2,000 - 3,500 DPI MAX and even that much DPI is sometimes unnecessary for my gameplay, but it's there if you ever feel like boosting your DPI up to 16,000.

The DPI is shiftable on-the-fly and you can set your Razer Basilisk to shift between 5 DPI levels. DPI can be shifted with minimum 50 DPI increments.  You can set any button as DPI Shifter, but I recommend the rear buttons because you won't be shifting your DPI too often and the rear buttons are the best place to assign them not to confuse with others and press accidentally. But the DPI Shifter Clutch or the "Sniper Button" is another deal and it's one of the most useful buttons for in-game sniping. AS I mentioned in the design section, you can use it to momentarily shift your DPI while sniping.

You can adjust X / Y axis sensitivity separately, which I don't use personally, but it's there if you like to tune the X/Y axis sensitivity separately.

On-board Profiles

Razer Basilisk is one of the standing out gaming mice of the latest Razer mouse lineup with its on-board profiles feature. If you've used previous Razer Mice, then you'd know that Razer used to access profiles only through Razer Synapse software which required an internet connection and a Razer account if you wanted to use your Razer product on another computer. But now, Razer is breaking its boundaries and adding the on-board profile feature to some of its mice and Razer Basilisk is one of them.

Now you can carry your profiles wherever you want. If you're traveling or attending to LAN parties, where you don't game on your own computer, then you can save your specific profile into your Razer Basilisk's brain and carry it to wherever you go!! This feature was a common one among other gaming mice brands, especially SteelSeries, and it's great to see that Razer is adapting itself to the game.




Razer Basilisk uses Razer Synapse 3 Software, which is the updated version of the famous Razer Synapse software with a new clean interface. You can customize the hell out of it and fit Razer Basilisk to the most suitable setup which fits your exact needs.

Razer Synapse 3 is still new when compared to the previous Synapse 2. That's why peoples sometimes can come across with problems from time to time. I didn't have any problems with it, but I sometimes get rumors that it outputs errors once in a while and problems usually occur within MacOS operating systems. Razer updates it's software often and that's why you'll likely won't face any problems, I know that I didn't face any problems. And even if there are any, you probably need an update.

You can do a vast amount of things with Razer Synapse 3. You can actually customize THE HELL OUT of your Razer Basilisk. You can assign macros, change technical parameters such as DPI and Polling Rate, create profiles, on-board profiles, customize hypershift profile, customize the Chroma RGB lighting options, create your own lighting profiles, customize your RGBs through Chroma Studio and many other things. You can synchronize your Razer Basilisk with other Razer peripherals to work simultaneously and turn your room into a rave disco party.

Razer Synapse 3 is one of the best Mouse Softwares that I've ever seen and I'm so satisfied with it. It's a relatively new software and it will reach its full power with updates over time.

Where To Buy It From??

The best and easiest place to buy Razer Basilisk is AMAZON thanks to the usually best prices available, great delivery service and amazing customer care. I don't have to mention that MILLIONS of people are using Amazon. The price for Razer Basilisk at the moment is $59.99 and for such a kickass mouse like this, the price is pretty absurd! I expected it to be higher, to be honest... But it's a good thing and I can only appreciate and congratulate Razer for it!!

You can easily buy one for yourself by clicking the Buy Button down below!! Also, you can check out some other real user reviews there if you want to.



Razer Basilisk Review

What Do Others Think??

Razer Basilisk actually has one of the HIGHEST RATINGS in Amazon and it's the "Amazon's Choice" in its own category. It has 4.4 STARS OUT OF 5! And %70 of voters have voted 5 STARS for it!! This is HUGE!! And considering that %14 have voted 4 stars, we can come to the conclusion that 85% of the voters are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with Razer Basilisk!!

Razer Basilisk Review


No doubt Razer Basilisk is a SATISFACTION GUARANTEE mouse and I myself personally advise you to get one no matter if you're a hardcore gamer or not a gamer at all. You will LOVE IT and it's a no-brainer... You don't even have to think before buying it and it will suit any of your tasks.

Here are some other real user reviews which can give you an idea of what the majority thinks about RAzer Basilisk. If you want to check out all of them, you can click the buy button in the section above. Here are some of the other real user reviews:

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Razer Basilisk Review

Razer Basilisk Review

Razer Basilisk Review - Conclusion

We've come to the end of our Razer Basilisk Review!! Now you know EVERY bit of this epic gaming weapon... It's one of the BEST variants that you can get out there in the gaming mouse market and probably one of the SAFEST decisions you can ever make. You just can't get wrong with it 🙂

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Razer Basilisk Review

Razer Basilisk Review

Don't forget to check out our other content to find the ultimate gaming peripheral suitable to your needs 😉 See you around.

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