Razer Goliathus Control Review – The Mouse Pad For PRECISION

Razer GoliathusControl

Razer Goliathus Control

Razer Goliathus Control Mouse Pad was a product that I've wanted to make a review about for a long time. Seems like the day is today 🙂 It's one of the signature mouse pads of Razer and it's one of the "satisfaction guarantee" mouse pads that you can get. I don't know anyone who's disappointed with this baby.

In our Razer Goliathus Control Review, we'll explore this monster inside out and I eventually I will tell you where you can get on for yourself if you decide that this mouse pad is the one for you 🙂 So, LET'S GET STARTED!!!

Razer Goliathus Control - Who Is It For??

  • Are you playing games where precision matters?
  • Are you looking for a gaming mouse pad which is durable and will last for a long time??
  • Would you like to have an "Evergreen" gaming mouse pad which comes with a satisfaction guarantee??
  • Do you want a gaming mouse pad on which your wrist and hand will rest comfortably and feel cool when you touch the weave surface??
  • Are you gaming on a gaming desk and would like to be able to choose from different sizes of mouse pads??

If your answer to most of these questions is "YES" then you should GET A RAZER GOLIATHUS CONTROL GAMING MOUSE PAD!!!

razer goliathus control

It's a mouse pad for crowds and you can certainly buy it without hesitation. Razer Goliathus Control carries the brand trust of RAZER, to whom I assume most of you gamers are familiar with. If you buy a Razer product, it's quite obvious that you will be buying a product of higher-than-average quality.

It's a no-brainer and anyone can find a sweet spot on it. So, you won't be disappointed with it 🙂 But if you want a cheaper variant, I advise you to check out our Reflex Lab Extended Gaming Mouse Pad Review.

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Technical Specifications

  • Micro-textured surface delivers the right amount of friction to gamers who seek precision and increased-handing from a gaming mouse pad
  • The weave provides a comfortable feel under your wrist and hand
  • Optimized for every type of sensor technology to deliver the best performance, no matter whether you have a low sense, high sense, laser or optical sensor. Total tracking responsiveness and increased accuracy with every type of sensor
  • Comes in 4 different sizes to choose from: Small / Medium / Large / Extended
  • You can use the Razer Synapse software to calibrate your mouse to the surface of Razer Goliathus Control
razer goliathus control curved side on white background


Razer Goliathus Control has a significant difference on its weave surface when compared with the Razer Goliathus Speed Edition. Razer Goliathus Control, as the name talks for itself, is designed for gamers who seek increased precision from a mouse pad.

razer goliathus control fissure on black background and razer mouse sits on the mouse pad

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The Razer Goliathus Series gaming mouse pads have two types of products which address two different gaming types: The "Speed" Gamers and "Control" Gamers. Speed gamers require to comfortably execute fast movements in the game and shoot multiple targets on the run with rapid maneuvers. Control gamers are more precision oriented and single shots are important for them. Razer Goliathus Control is designed for the second type of gamers.

razer goliathus control fissure on black background and razer mouse sits on the mouse pad

Razer Goliathus Control has a micro-textured surface which provides a "steppy" feeling to your gaming mouse. This effect is not that tangible during a fast-paced gaming session, but it definitely makes a change. This handling-oriented surface design comes in handy especially during sniping in FPS gaming. The surface is almost silky smooth! And it feels fetishistically awesome when you slide your hand across the surface.

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The micro-texture bumps are not that tangible and they don't definitely feel like sanding paper (duh!) but the surface of Razer Goliathus Speed is silkier. Both of these babies feel AWESOME and the design of the weave makes your hand and wrist feel pretty comfortable while resting on it. In long term, it minimizes the fatigue and improves your in-game comfort.

razer explanatory image

The weave surface of Razer Goliathus Control provides a just right amount of friction to your gaming mouse movements and this feature provides you extended precision, I mean pixel-precise precision, which results in increased in-game accuracy.

Optimized For All Sensors

Razer Goliathus Control is optimized for all types of sensors. Whether low sense, high sense, a laser sensor or optical sensor, all types of sensors are welcomed to Razer Goliathus Control. That's good to know because not all surfaces are welcoming different types of sensors. It's important to target all gamers with all types of hardware to establish your brand quality. You can be assured that with Razer Goliathus Control you won't be left in the lurch.

razer goliathus control optimized for all sensors

Also, there is one more detail that indicates the established quality of Razer. You can surface calibrate your Razer Gaming Mouse to the Razer Goliathus Control mouse pad through the Razer Synapse software. All the Razer mouse pads and their surface data are pre-set in the Synapse software. By choosing the Razer Goliathus Control from the surface section you can adjust your Razer gaming mouse to the Goliathus Control Mouse Pad. Pretty cool, huh???

4 Different Dimensions

The best part of Razer Goliathus Control is that you can choose from 4 different sizes to suit your exact dimensional preferences. These are the dimension models you can choose from:

  • Small
  • Middle
  • Large
  • Extended

4 different dimensions wrapped up in an order

Here is a detailed list of dimensions of all Razer Goliathus Control gaming mouse pads:

  • Small – 215 mm x 270 mm / 8.46 in x 10.73 in
  • Medium – 254 mm x 355 mm / 10 in x 13.98 in
  • Large – 355 mm x 444 mm / 13.98 in x 17.48 in
  • Extended – 294 mm x 920 mm / 11.57 in x 36.22 in

The thickness of all Goliathus mouse mats is 3-4 mm / 0.12in. It's pretty thick, or better said thick enough to satisfy a gamer who seeks comfort from a gaming mouse pad. But my personal favorite thick gaming mouse pads are the Reflex Lab Extended Gaming Mouse Pad and the epic SteelSeries QCK Gaming Mouse Pad. They're pretty thick models and will make your hand and wrist rest pretty comfortably.

razer goliathus control in package

I advise getting the "Extended" Model due to its size and surface covering success. I like my mouse pad spread all over the place and this extended size also comes in handy as a separator between your gaming desk and the keyboard/mouse or other peripherals bundle. It can be considered as a good mouse desk hygiene supporter too.

Stitched Edges / Anti-Slip Bottom /Increased Durability

One of the features that I like the most about Razer Goliathus Control is the anti-fraying stitched frame. Almost every pro-grade decent gaming mouse pad now comes with stitched edges. This DRASTICALLY increases the lifespan of your gaming mouse pad, increases the durability while protecting the weave surface and gives cooler looks too.

razer goliathus control stitched edges

Also, the bottom of the mouse pad is made from anti-slip rubber material. You can be ensured that your mouse pad will stick hard to the area that you put it on and you won't suffer from any slipping mouse pad issues. State of the art equipment.

Where To Buy It From??

The easiest place to buy a Razer Goliathus Control is Amazon. Due to the great prices, great retail service, and amazing customer care Amazon is my number one choice when it comes to buying gaming peripherals. The "Extended" size model, the model which is Amazon's choice, can be yours just for $34.99 and ALL THE GOLIATHUS SIZE OPTIONS are presented to you in the link I presented to you below.

The price for such a quality gaming mouse pad is ridiculously cheap. Also, you get to choose from two designs which are Fissure and Gravity models. If you are not so good with mouse pads and don't know which one to pick, then this mouse pad is the one for you. It's above the average in quality and RAZER has its strong brand reliability in the gaming peripherals scene which gives you another decent reason to buy one for yourself.

If you don't have any other gaming mouse pad in mind already then you won't be disappointed with a Razer Goliathus Control!!


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What Do Others Think About It??

Other real user reviews indicate that Razer Goliathus Control is an AMAZING gaming mouse pad! I've already stated that it's Amazon's choice in its own category, and it has received 4.6 STARS OUT OF 5 in real user ratings. THIS IS HUGE! And 78% of the voters have voted 5 STARS!!! Razer Goliathus Control Amazon Rating This means that every 4 people (at last) who has used the Razer Goliathus Control Mouse Pad is EXTREMELY satisfied with the mouse pad. I always check out other real user reviews from Amazon before buying a gaming peripheral. You can click the BUY BUTTON to check out ALL other real user comments through the source. Here are some of them to give you deeper insights into the mouse pad: razer goliathus control amazon real user review 1

razer goliathus control amazon real user review 2

razer goliathus control amazon real user review 3



Razer Goliathus Control - Conclusion

We've come to the end of our Razer Goliathus Control review. I hope you've found all the information that you were after. It's a mouse pad for everybody and especially if you're playing games where precision matters then you can buy it without hesitation.

If you have any questions or any thought to state, then comment on the comments section down below!! Also, don't forget to SHARE the post to spread the word. And of course, FOLLOW our Facebook and Twitter pages by clicking the buttons down below:

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Don't forget to check out our other content to eventually find the best gaming peripheral suitable to your needs 🙂 See you around!!!

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