Razer Integrates Chroma Capability To Its Latest Goliathus Mouse Mat

Razer Integrates Chroma Capability To Its Latest Goliathus Mouse Mat
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razer goliathus chroma

I think there isn’t a single gamer who doesn’t know about the epic brand RAZER… I will consider that you are all aware of Razer and you know all the awesome gizmos that they produce, gaming mice being their main field of activity but not only… Razer has also recently opened their own online game store where you can buy games just as you’re doing so in Steam or Origin and etc.., but in Razer Game Store you can earn discounts for other Razer peripherals that you can buy from Razer Store itself…

After all other cool Razer gizmos which include keyboards, audio gear, mouse pads, backpacks, laptops and even smartphones, Razer has now added a new item to their inventory. It’s actually an update to an existing item, but it’s still innovative. The good old Razer Golathus muse pad has got rainbowed up with new chroma colors!!

razer goliathus chroma

Razer Firefly can be seen as the predecessor and inspirer of this new mouse mat concept, but the main difference is that Razer Firefly is a hard-surface mouse mat while Razer Goliathus is the same good old fiber and soft mouse pad. Not everyone may appreciate hard surface mice pads and that’s why it’s a great idea to include a soft RGB mouse pad in your arsenal. The original Razer Goliathus was one of the best gaming mouse pads that have ever been made and with this little update it’s now able to not only give you an advantage in gaming, but it will also add some swag to your gaming desk.

It’s considered as one of the best gaming mouse pads that was ever made alongside with the epic Corsair MM300 and I have no doubt that you will get along really well with it 🙂 You can click the button down below to get one for yourself!!


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2 Responses to Razer Integrates Chroma Capability To Its Latest Goliathus Mouse Mat

  1. Aaron says:

    Hey Tyler, Once again a really cool review of a really cool product. The Goliathus Mouse Mat sound awesome I actually have a looed mouse pad but it is a hard surface one which is a downside for me because I like the soft version. I think the price is really reasonable and it looks like its made very well. (like every Razer product)

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Aaron!

      Thank you for the nice words! Goliathus is a great mouse pad and it’s used by a great amount of gamers. I will prepare an additional review for it. I also like the hard surface mouse pads, but my favorites are soft pads, especially the EPIC Corsair MM300 Mouse Pad!

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