Razer Lancehead Review – PERFORMANCE Is Now AMBIDEXTROUS

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition

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Razer Lancehead Review

Razer Lancehead Review

Hey, gamers!! Welcome!! In our Razer Lancehead Review, we will explore this EPIC performance gaming mouse inside out!! It was a piece that I've been burning with the desire of making a review about because it's DEFINITELY one of the BEST gaming mice that have ever been made with exclusive design factors and features which open up new opportunities for gamers who want an improvement in their gaming flow...


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Now, that you know where to look for, let's dive deep into our Razer Lancehead Review!!


Who Is It For??

  • Are you looking for not just a gaming mouse, but a WEAPON to slay ALL your enemies??
  • Are extended performance AND high-quality tracking important for you ??
  • Are you looking for an ambidextrous mouse design??
  • Are you a left-handed gamer and you're looking for a mouse which can suit to ALL your needs??
  • Are you competing in online or LAN deathmatches with other gamers?? Do you want to increase your rankings and frag rates??
  • Are the looks important to you just as the ergonomic form factor??
  • Do you like cool RGB lights shining from the sides of your mouse which look pretty cool and BADASS??


If your answer to most of these questions is "Yes", then you should BUY A RAZER LANCEHEAD!!

Razer Lancehead Review

Don't worry, I will show you where you can get one for yourself later in this article 🙂 Razer Lancehead is that gaming mouse which aims to solve the century-long problem and become a personal favorite of everyone. It's designed to fill the gap of suitable gaming mice for left-handed gamers. Our left-handed mutant friends are victims of the absence of gaming mice for left-handed users and this absence has created an opportunity for gaming mouse manufacturers to evaluate.  Razer Lancehead is meant for EVERYONE and it's not a crowd-specific gaming mouse, but it's customizable for the use of anyone and it's created with ANY type of gamer in mind. That's how Razer Lancehead was born!!


It's actually the equivalent of Logitech G900 with its ambidextrous and all-sides-customizable design. Both of these mice are sharing the set of TOP TIER gaming mice and they're the sharks of their genre. Both of these babies are known as killers among all the high-tech gaming mice with their extended performance. There is no doubt that they're BADASS with their ultra precision and performance-oriented design. Now we're going to explore what Razer Lancehead is offering to us in detail.


I'm leaving a video review down below for the ones who like some eye candy. Actually, this one is a double review of Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition and Razer Lancehead Wireless. The review you're reading at the moment is the Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition review and by watching the video that I've presented down below you can easily compare these two babies. I've pointed out where you can buy it at "Where To Buy It From??" Section, so you can scroll down to check out the buying section:

Tech Specs

  • True 16,000 DPI 5G optical sensor - PixArt PMW 3389
  • Up to 450 inches per second (IPS) / 50 G acceleration
  • On-The-Fly Sensitivity Adjustment
  • Razer-Omron Mechanical Mouse Switches
  • Gaming-grade tactile scroll wheel
  • Ambidextrous form factor suitable for both right and left handed gamers
  • Wavy rubber side grips with extended grip factor
  • Razer Chroma lighting system with true 16.8 million customizable colors
  • Inter-device color synchronization
  • Nine independently programmable Hyperesponse buttons
  • 1000 Hz Ultrapolling Rate
  • Razer Synapse 3 (Beta) Software
  • 2.1 m / 7 ft braided fiber cable
  • Approximate size: 117 mm / 4.6 in (Length) x 71 mm / 2.79 in (Width) x 38 mm / 1.49 in (Height)
  • Approximate weight: 104 g / 0.23 lbs(Excluding cable)
Razer Lancehead Review


Razer Lancehead is one of the gems that Razer has decided to work on with attention. It's one of the most exclusive gaming mice in their updated mouse lineup. Actually, Razer has done a GREAT JOB in updating their mouse lineup and I wasn't expecting this much of an improvement, to be honest... Razer has built EPIC gaming mice until now, which have had both left-handed versions, wireless versions, exclusive features but Razer Lancehead is the newcomer cool kid.

Razer Lancehead Review

This is the first AMBIDEXTROUS modern Razer mouse (as far as I remember) and it's special for filling a major gap for many people. Razer Lancehead couples an ambidextrous ergonomic form factor with an ade high-level technical performance and all the pretty lights! I don't even have to mention the epic exterior looks of it which remind me of a sports car more than a gaming mouse.


Want to see what Razer has to offer to you in their arsenal?? CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT Our Razer Gaming Mice Page


Razer Lancehead can be perceived as a hybrid mouse within the Razer mouse lineup, and it actually is! I can comfortably tell you that it's a mixture of Razer Deathadder and Razer Mamba. Think of an ambidextrous Razer Deathadder mixed up with the exteriors of Razer Mamba - WOILLA!!! You have a RAZER LANCEHEAD!!

Razer Lancehead Review

There are some specific differences of course. First of all, the front grill of Razer Lancehead is a little bit different and it's one of the most beautiful mouse grills that I've ever seen. It was an eye-catching detail for me! And in general, the exteriors of Razer Lancehead has amazed me! Curves of the ambidextrous form, leaking RGB lights from the sides of it wavy side grips and everything in general!! It's a pretty eye-catching piece of art and no one can doubt it. Don't even have to mention that it looks great on your gaming desk!

Razer Lancehead Review

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition is a wired version of the Razer Lancehead Wireless gaming mouse, which is also a great alternative to Razer Mamba Wireless, so t comes with a mouse cable. The mouse cable of the latest Razer gaming mouse lineup is one of my favorite due to its high-quality flexible and durable materials. The cable is great, but some people dislike mouse cables in general. It's because that the mouse cable usually gets in the way during our fast-paced action-packed gaming sessions. Also, people don't want to give up on the benefits of a wired mouse... That's why there exists something called a MOUSE BUNGEE!

A mouse bungee is the ultimate gaming peripheral support gear which eliminates the mouse cable that floats around your gaming desk giving you a hard time during your gaming sessions. If you want to meet with the comfort of a wireless mouse but still don't want to give up on the benefits of a wired mouse, then you should check out our "Mouse Bungee" Page!


Razer Lancehead ReviewAre you tired of the mouse cable getting in your way?? CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT Our "What Is The Best Mouse Bungee?" Article!!


Razer Lancehead weighs 104 g (excluding the cable) and this is probably one of the most optimum weights that you can come across. I personally like my micee heavy with a weight value around 110-115 grams but Razer Lancehead has a great weight balance that made me like it even more. It feels like your own limb when you take the Lancehead into your palm and the slight heaviness makes you feel that you're actually controlling the mouse and this feeling of handling is EXACTLY what I'm looking for in a gaming mouse.


Ambidextrous Form Factor

Razer has worked with seasoned ESports professionals in order to create the BEST ambidextrous experience that a gamer can have! The curvy and custom tailored ambidextrous ergonomic form factor is one of its kind and Razer has obviously put some great time and effort in order to create this exclusive design...

Razer Lancehead Review

Razer is also known for its specific ergonomic structures of ALL their gaming mice and they have been working on for many many years to develop the BEST ergonomic shapes that can boost the performance of gamers SKY HIGH! Probably the BEST example is the epic Razer Deathadder Elite, which is a MULTIPLE AWARD WINNER gaming mouse with its LEGENDARY ergonomics and top-notch performance.


Razer Lancehead ReviewWant to learn about the AWARD WINNING Razer Deathadder?? CLICK HERE To Check Out Our Razer DeathAdder Elite Review!!



Razer has been constantly developing their mice to get better and better with every update and now it seems like they're receiving the results of their efforts. Lancehead is one f the TOP COMPETITORS for people who are looking for a high-quality ambidextrous gaming mouse and it's an ESports grade performance mouse which is one of the best choices for the competition.

Razer Lancehead Review

This is the feature that stands out the most. Razer Lancehead has an ambidextrous form factor which means that it's suitable for both right and left-handed gamers! This feature is unique for Razer gaming mouse lineup because it's the only ambidextrous high-end gaming mouse in the lineup.

To be honest, I'm not a constant user of ambidextrous mice, but Razer Lancehead has performed a great job in assisting me during long hours of gaming sessions! I've felt pretty comfortable and everything was exactly in their right places. Especially for left-handed gamers, the experience will no doubt be way better!

Razer Lancehead Review


The button design of Razer Lancehead is unique because of its double-sided button layout. As a convention, all other Razer gaming mice have additional buttons on their thumb placement area and at the back of the scroll wheel. Razer Lancehead changes this concept by adding TWO MORE BUTTONS to the opposite side! This way Razer Lancehead has become a great candidate for left-handed use!!! Left-handed users were always complaining about not being able to find a suitable gaming mouse for themselves and that was actually quite a problem among our left-handed mutant friends.

Razer Lancehead Review

All my lefty friends were suffering from unsuitable gaming mice for left-hand rockers and now with the ambidextrous and dual-sided design, the problems have come to an end! Here is the button setup that's expecting you in Razer Lancehead:

  • Right/Left Clicks
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Two rear buttons (DPI Switch)
  • Two side buttons (thumb area)
  • Two side buttons (ring finger area)

Button placements are pretty similar to other Razer gaming mice and they're as great as always. The side buttons are pretty comfortable to reach and all buttons are quality built.  Click buttons are equipped with the brand new Razer-Omron mechanical mouse switches which are custom developed for extended performance and ultra-high durability.  They have probably the fastest response time, a great feel of mouse click and a lifespan of 50 million clicks!!! The button quality and durability of Razer Lancehead is off-topic and I can comfortably tell that especially the new Razer mouse lineup has one of the best button quality practices together with Logitech. These two brands have never let me down when it comes to button quality and durability.

Razer Lancehead Review

I don't have to talk much about the buttons, they're as good as always! And this time they're combined with an ambidextrous form factor. The feel of this combination can be a new taste for the ones who aren't acquainted with ambidextrous mice. Speaking personally, I'm not an ambidextrous mouse user by convention, but when I tried out Razer Lancehead it felt pretty good. It actually felt like that I'm driving a sports car. It felt professional!



Lancehead is not a left-handed only mouse. It can be used by ANY gamer who likes an ambidextrous form factor and two extra buttons at their service. The two extra buttons at the ring finger area are actually not so usable, at least they're not so comfortable to press just as you press the thumb buttons. And you shouldn't be expecting them to be comfortable to use because they're meant for reverse use by left-handed users. But if you're comfortable using them, no one will stand against your decision 🙂



Side RGB lights

Yes, there we are back again with the epic RGB lights that complete the "coolness" factor of Razer Lancehead! There are RGB light strips installed at the sides of Lancehead and there's no doubt that they make Lancehead look BADASS!! This side strip lights concept is actually adopted from Razer Mamba, which is the GLOWING and DEADLY venomous snake of the Razer mouse lineup. The only difference between these side strips of Razer Lancehead and Razer Mamba is that Lancehead has these LEDs installed right under the side buttons and they're slightly buried inside the mouse while Razer Mamba has them installed right at the side from bottom to the top, all the way through the side.

Razer Lancehead Review

Also, Razer Lancehead's RGB lights don't go the whole way of its side which makes me like Lancehead more when compared to Mamba. Razer Lancehead is way better than Mamba with its optical sensor and etc.. but this is not a comparison review, so you can check out our Razer Mamba Review to get a better understanding between their diversities.


Razer Lancehead ReviewWant to meet the GLOWING and DEADLY Snake Of Razer?? CLICK HERE To Check Out Our Razer Mamba Review!!



If you're experienced with Razer mice and Chroma lighting system, then you probably already know about all the cool stuff you can accomplish with the RGB lights of Raze Lancehead! As any other Razer gaming mouse with Chroma lighting system, you can choose from a vast variety of 16.8 million RGB colors to light your gaming space up with. You can use these colors in various animations and light effects such as Breathing, Reactive, Static, Spectrum Cycling, and Wave light animations!!!

Razer Lancehead Review

You can adjust the brightness options, duration of lighting time during spectrum cycling, color shifts and many more through the  Razer Synapse 3 software!! And the things you can do with the Chroma lighting system are not limited to these specific pre-set animations... You can create your OWN lighting profiles to customize the lighting cycle. This means that you can create your own lighting patterns by combining these lighting animations in a layer-like approach!!


Also, there is the new gizmo that Razer has come up with which allows gamers with developer skills to actually hack their gear and create outstanding stuff with the Chroma Lighting System!!!  It's the Razer Chroma SDK which allows you to actually develop new experiences with the Razer Chroma supported gaming peripherals.


Here are some examples:





So, now you know that Razer Chroma lighting system offers you a vast variety of options to help you transform your gaming space into a raving disco party!!! Chroma lighting system is one of the best RGB illumination systems that I've come across in the gaming mice industry and I'm more than satisfied with it.

The only gaming mouse which has equivalent BADASS RGB lights that I know is the SteelSeries Rival 600 which comes with one of the BEST optical sensors that I've ever known, the TrueMove 3+ custom optical sensor, and the most detailed weight tuning system that I've ever seen!!! I think you ALL should check it out...


Razer Lancehead ReviewWant to find out what one of the BEST gaming mice can offer you?? CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT Our SteelSeries Rival 600 Review!!




Technical Side Of Things

Razer Lancehead use one of the BET optical gaming mouse sensors that you can come across on the market! It's the same sensor that the epic and LEGENDARY Razer Deathadder uses - the well known PixArt PMW 3389!! It's the Razer exclusive optical sensor of PixArt, the company which produces one of the BEST line up of gaming mouse sensors. If you're experienced with the DeathAdder Elite, then you probably already have understood what I'm talking about.

Razer Lancehead Review

PixArt PMW 3389 is that badass 5G optical sensor which comes with true 16,000 DPI and true tracking at 450 inches per second(IPS) /50G acceleration. With a resolution accuracy of 99,4 % there is no doubt that you'll enter into killing blows and headshot sprees with it. When I tried out the Lancehead I felt like I'm at home because I had enough experience with the sensor of Deathadder. The high precision and pixel-to-pixel tracking have never let me down!!

In terms of the sensor, I don't have any negative expressions to state. IT'S AWESOME!! No jittering, no smoothing, and no tracking issues. It's one of the fastest optical sensors in the whole gaming mouse market and I MEAN IT!!!! In the average user DPI intervals (below 8,000 DPI) the sensor had no issues and I've been more than satisfied.

Razer Lancehead Review

The 16,000 DPI is actually a ridiculous value because you probably will never use that much DPI. My personal DPI interval is between 1,200-4,000 MAX. I don't even remember if I've used a higher DPI value in my entire life. Unless you have some ridiculous setup with multiple 4K monitors dialed with SLI, you probably won't exceed the average user DPI intervals, but it's good to have if you ever feel like using that much DPI. Razer Lancehead also has 1000Hz Ultrapolling rate, a value which has already become an industry standard.

Razer Lancehead Review

The lift-off distance and mouse surface calibration automatically come within the latest Razer gaming mouse lineup as far as I know. So, by using the Razer Synapse 3 Software, which is still running the beta version, you can fine-tune the lift-off distance, surface calibration and a vast variety of technical parameters such as DPI, polling rate and etc...

The technical side of Lancehead is pretty bright and the performance it provides to gamers is WAY above the standards!! I give 5 STARS!!


Razer Lancehead uses the latest version of Razer peripheral software - Razer Synapse 3 which is still in the Beta state but works like a charm! You can use it to customize the hell out of your Razer peripheral. Be it creating personal macros for various games or programs, changing the technical parameters of your mouse, customizing the button setup, assigning new profiles or changing the Chroma lighting effects, you can personalize the hell out of your Razer gaming peripheral with Razer Synapse 3.

Razer Lancehead Review

One of the best improvements that Razer has integrated into their latest mouse lineup is the onboard profiles!! The previous Razer mouse series have lacked this feature (at least the most of all) and in order to access your mouse profiles you had to be connected to the internet and have a Razer account. It was fine if you were gaming from home only, but it wasn't handy when you wanted to go and kick some butt at LAN parties. You had to install Razer Synapse and hold an internet connection to access your profiles.

Razer Lancehead Review

But now you have the option of carrying your favorite profiles around with you!! The on-board profiles feature you can choose specific profiles to be stored in the brain of your Lancehead. By simply clicking the profile button under your mouse you can switch between these profiles. The little light right next to the profile button can be customized through the Razer Synapse software to indicate the color of your choice!

I don't have to mention the ability of customization of your buttons. You can customize your buttons in the exact way you want, be it assigning chain command macros or DPI shift or etc.. The options you have with Razer Lancehead is limitless.

Razer Lancehead Review

But there is one feature that I have to point out... It's the Hypershift Buttons!! It's the button system which actually doubles your number of buttons!! Hypershift buttons profile is that set of button commands that you can activate by pressing a pre-determined hypershift button. By keeping your hypershift button pressed you will activate the hypershift button profile which is a completely new side profile that hosts a new set of commands that you can assign your own macros.

The hypershift profile enables you to actually DOUBLE the amount of your buttons and improve your game flow by parallelly keeping an additional set of button commands ready at your service! It's a GREAT feature and it's a giant plus for performance gamers!!

Where To Buy It From??

Amazon is the best place to buy a Razer Lancehead due to its great prices, quality delivery service, and the AMAZING customer care! Also, I don't have to mention that millions of people are using it. I've bought almost ALL of my gaming peripherals from Amazon.com and I've always been satisfied with its service. Else of the great price options, you may occasionally come across pretty charming discounts, especially during special events and holidays!

Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition can be yours for a pretty reasonable price tag of $59.99 just by clicking the button down below and navigating to the Amazon page! So, if you think that Razer Lancehead is a great choice for you, DON'T HESITATE TO BUY A RAZER LANCEHEAD!!


Razer Lancehead Review

What Do Others Think??

Razer Lancehead is Amazon's Choice in its own category and it's rated  4.3 STARS OUT OF 5!!! It's a pretty DECENT rating and by judging that %80 of the voters have voted 4+ STARS, we can easily understand that %80 of users of Lancehead are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with their weapon of choice...

Razer Lancehead Review


To get a better understand'ng about what other users think about Razer LAncehead, I present you the real user comments! If you want to check out all of them you can click the buy button at the Where To Buy?? Section above. Here are some of the real user reviews to give you an idea of what other real users think about Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition:

Razer Lancehead Review

Razer Lancehead Review

Razer Lancehead Review


Razer Lancehead Review - Conclusion

We've come to an end of our Razer Lancehead Review and now you know EVERY bit of detail about. You can easily decide on your own whether Razer Lancehead is the right choice for you or not. If you think that Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition is the right choice for you, then scroll up to our Where To Buy It From section to get one for yourself!!!

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Razer Lancehead Review

Razer Lancehead Review


Don't forget to check out our other content to find out some cool stuff and eventually find the best gaming peripheral suitable for your needs! See you around 🙂

Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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    I already have one of these and they are amazing. Its so smooth and perfect for my hand, I don’t like really small or really large mice but they aren’t meant for me anyway. Recently i bought the Logitech mouse, the one that’s wireless, its pretty good but i mainly use it for my laptop and not my monitor, on my laptop i just play league.

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