Razer Mamba Elite Is Launching and It May Steal The Crown From Deathadder!!!

Razer Mamba Elite Is Launching and It May Steal The Crown From Deathadder!!!
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I think there isn’t a single gamer who doesn’t know about the EPIC Razer Mamba gaming mouse. That is a fundamental level of knowledge if you’re interested in gaming peripherals. If you don’t know what the hell it is, then let’s start from the beginning:

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Razer Mamba is one of the game changer mice designed and manufactured by the well-known peripherals brand RAZER and the thing that attracts the attention of people the most is probably the mesmerizing looks of it. With the side strip LEDs and Chrom RGB capability, Mamba is the kind of mouse which everyone wants.

But there was a downside of Mamba and that was the sensor it held. Almost all the Razer gaming mice, as far as I know, uses a high-end optical sensor which comes in handy during performance gaming and at situations where you needed extended precision. But instead, Razer put a laser sensor in Mamba mice and that’s probably not what most gamers wanted from a mesmerizing mouse like this.

razer mamba with shiny side strips

Both the Razer Mamba Wireless and the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition uses a laser gaming sensor at the moment but seems like Razer has also come to an understanding of the situation (or it may be some complaint letters) and decided to produce a brand new Mamba with an optical sensor. The “Razer Mamba Elite” was born…

This is great news because being a fan of the Razer Mamba series myself, I couldn’t understand why they’ve decided to put a laser sensor into it. Now Mamba has probably become my personal favorite Razer Gaming Mouse with the updated optical sensor.

Actually, a laser sensor isn’t a bad thing and there’s no reason to avoid from it. But all mouse sensors have their own pros and cons. Optical sensors are preferred in precision performance gaming and almost all the high-end gaming mice are now equipped with an optical sensor. Laser sensor though comes with several advantages like tracking on more surfaces due to the in-depth tracking of laser sensor technology, but they also come with some acceleration.

razer mamba elite packaging

Long story short, Optical mice are preferred more by gamers, especially the ones who are gaming on a Professional level. I’m also the fan of the EPIC Razer Deathadder Elite gaming mouse, which is considered as one of the BEST gaming mice that you can ever get for your money. The whole design of Deathadder and Mamba in terms of ergonomics and form factor is EXACTLY THE SAME and I always dreamed to get a Mamba due to its mesmerizing side strip LEDs but t didn’t have an optical sensor, so this downer always kept me away from the Mamba, but until now.

Razer Mamba Elite carries the potential of becoming the new most preferred gam’ng mouse of Razer gaming mouse lineup and it actually deserves to wear the crown. Now with the installed high-quality optical sensor, there is no reason for it not to steal the rank from Deathadder Elite.

razer mamba ergonomics from back

The variant which carries the same design patterns with Raze Mamba is the epic Razer Lancehead and it’s a GREAT ption for left handed gamers or pele who like to game wth ambidextrous gaming mice.

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So, what do you think about this latest news?? Are you a Razer user?? Have you ever gamed with a Razer Mamba?? Tell us in the comments section down below!!!
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