Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review – The GLOWING Deadly Snake

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition


Design and Ergonomics


Sensor Performance


RGB Illumination and Exteriors




Competitive Gaming



  • AMAZING ergonomics inspired from Deathadder.
  • Exclusive RGB Side Strip Lights!!
  • Good gaming grade laser sensor.
  • Great design with improved gripping area and uniersal ergonomic design!!
  • 3-Way Scroll Wheel


  • Only right-handed.
  • A little bit pricey.

razer mamba tournament edition review

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review

Here we are with our Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review! I was getting impatient to review this beauty because it's one of the most beautiful gaming mice that I've ever had the chance to lay my hands on!!! It's the glowing highly-venomous deadly snake of the Razer gaming mice franchise and when it comes to not only increase your body count but also looking badass, Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is a champion.

It's the wired version of well known Razer Mamba Wireless and that's why Tournament Edition is more suitable for competitions and pro gaming or ESports. Don't you know why?? Then I advise you to check out our "Benefits of a Wireless Mouse" Article.  Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is a more simplistic version of the Wireless Mamba, but it carries all the primary features of it and it's WAY CHEAPER than the wireless version. Also, being wired makes it a better candidate for performance gaming.

razer mamba tournament edition review

We will explore ALL the features of it inside out and at the end of our Razer Mamba Tournament Editon Review, you will be able to decide whether it's the right choice for you or not. Also, I will show you where you can buy one for yourself 🙂

But first of all, I would like to introduce you to this website GMP and provide you a path to jumpstart your journey here!! It's a site build with the purpose to make you find out the best gaming peripheral suitable for yourself! And you can always start your journey by clicking the GET STARTED button down below!! When you're lost or want to start from the beginning, it's the address you should be going to. You can click the buttons down below to find out every information about gaming mice and other gaming peripherals!!

Now, LET'S GET STARTED with our Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review!!

Who Is It For??

  • Do you want one of the BEST gaming mice that have ever existed??
  • Are you looking for AMAZING ergonomics and strategical design??
  • Are you playing FPS / RPG / SHOOTER genre games often??
  • Do you appreciate extended precision laser sensor in a gaming mouse??
  • Do you take gaming seriously and want to take your gaming a step further with a professional weapon of choice??
  • Do you like RGB lighting and decorations on a gaming mouse??
  • Would you like a gaming mouse that will AMAZE others with its looks and lights??
  • Do you want a "Pro Gaming" or "ESports" level performance out of a gaming mouse??
  • Are you a fan of the brand Razer and its gaming mice??
  • Is a high level of customisability important for you??

If your answer is YES for most of these questions, then I advise you to get a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition right now!! Because Mamba Tournament Edition is one of the deadliest snakes in the nest and it easily strikes fear into the hearts of its competitors with high-end features that it holds. Also, I can proudly say that it's one of the best-looking gaming mice that I've ever used. The Rainbow LED feature itself alone is a reason for some gamers to choose the epic Mamba.

razer mamba tournament edition review

It's a bit pricey, but if you want to light your gaming space up while taking into your palm one of the deadliest gaming weapons in the industry, then Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is the right choice for you 🙂 Now we will be exploring Razer Mamba Tournament Edition in depth, so stay tuned...



Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is actually the Wired Version of Razer Mamba Wireless and they're pretty much identical to each other. To be honest, Razer Mamba Wireless has more features that can make a gaming mouse look cool, but it's so pricey and if you want to game in some professional events or at least amateurly compete on some level, a wireless professional mouse is always preferred. Not that there's something wrong with wireless mice, but there are specific reasons to go with a wired mouse when it comes to competition, details of which you can check out in our "Benefits of  Wireless Mouse" article.

razer mamba tournament edition review

That's why Razer has come up with a solution which will make everyone happy!! Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is cheaper, more suitable for competitive gaming and holds all the primary features that Mamba Wireless has. One of the most venomous snakes in the Razer franchise. A great weapon of choice for FPS / RPG gamers!! The design is carrying patterns adopted generally from Razer Deathadder, so you can think of Razer Mamba Tournament Edition as an updated version of the Deathadder.

razer mamba tournament edition reviewWant to learn more about Razer Deathadder Elite?? It's one of the best gaming mice that has ever met with gamers. CLICK HERE To Check Out Our Razer Deathadder Elite Review!!

It's a wired and braided corded mouse designed for performance/pro gaming and ESports!! That's why it isn't designed wireless as Razer Mamba Wireless. It's design patterns are almost identical to Razer Deathadder's and this is a giant plus for the ones who're experienced with Deathadder because if you've tried out the epic Razer DeathAdder, then you would know that it has one of the best ergonomic designs of the gaming mouse industry.

razer mamba tournament edition review

As I said before, it's a wired mouse and it's designed for competitive gaming. That's why I will advise you to get a Mouse Bungee with it because it DRASTICALLY increases your gaming comfort levels and saves you from all the mess that floating mouse cables create. Razer also has its own mouse bungee, but I will provide you the list of the BEST ones that you can ever get!!

razer mamba tournament edition reviewAre you tired of your floating mouse cables??? CLICK HERE To Check Out The Best Mouse Bungees!!



One of the few differences of Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, when compared to Deathadder, is the Lamborghini-like front grids which make Razer Mamba look not only like a deadly snake but also a cool sports car. I don't even have to mention the side rainbow LED lights which make Razer Mamba glow and pump out some serious SWAG...

Now, let's get to know this deadly reptile more in detail...


Razer Mamba Tournament Edition comes with good old Razer Deathadder Ergonomics, one of the best ergonomic designs that gaming mouse industry has ever seen. If you're experienced with the Epic Razer Deathadder, then you probably have already understood what I'm talking about... If you haven't taken a bite of Razer Deathadder, then CHECK OUT Our Razer Deathadder Elite Review right now!!

razer mamba tournament edition review

It's the signature Razer mouse that has transformed and took the mouse design to a new level!! Razer Mamba Tournament Edition comes with the "Universal Design" details, which is appreciable in all FPS / RPG Razer mice. Almost any user, unless you have gigantic hands, can find a comfortable spot on Razer Mamba with a Claw Grip / Palm Grip mixture.

The only minus that comes to my mind about ergonomics of Razer Mamba is that it's a right-handed only mouse. So, if you're a left-handed person, you can write your complaint letters to Razer about the issue...


There are 9 programmable buttons at your service which are:

  • Right / Left Click
  • 3 Way Scroll Wheel
  • 2 Rear Buttons right behind the scroll wheel (Usually used for DPI)
  • 2 Thumb Buttons

Side Grips

Side Grips are updated and better when compared to Razer Deathadder. The same concept of Razer Side Grips is applied to Razer Mamba too, but Razer Mamba has bigger and improved grips. Thumb grip is extended to backward of the mouse and covers the whole back of the thumb area. This is a great plus, especially for FPS / RPG players.

razer mamba tournament edition review

It may be not enriched such as Corsair Glaive RGB's swappable thumb extension with various side grips, but this piece is one of the best that I've ever experienced.   The outer part of the mouse is also covered with grip material, which is AWESOME. This gives you the chance to increase your handling and capture full control of your mouse. I give 5 stars for the grips!!

Scroll Wheel

razer mamba tournament edition reviewThe scroll wheel is 3 way clickable and this feature opens you a vast world of opportunities during your gaming sessions. This means two extra commands right under your fingers where you use them the most. You can click it by tilting it to right and left and I really appreciate this scroll wheel design, it's one of my favorites... Comes in really handy especially for web browsing and other personal tasks, but the icing on the cake is visible when you're in-game and using the scroll wheel side clicks for particular tasks.


The scroll wheel is made out of smooth silicone material and it's bedecked with dot-like rectangle protrusions. It gives a better feeling of control and makes me appreciate the scroll wheel more than usual. Also, the scroll wheel is one of the RGB lighting zones, so it's playing a part in decorating your Razer Mamba like a Christmas tree. There are 2 integrated LEDs inside the scroll wheel which you can program through the Razer Synapse software.

Rainbow Strip LED Lighting

Now, this is probably the most eye-catching feature that we must talk about. There's no doubt that Razer Mamba attracts all the attention in the room and there's a great chance that you'll become the "Cool Kid" of LAN parties. Razer Mamba has become signature with its Rainbow side LEDs and this gives Razer Mamba the actual looks of a highly-venomous snake, which actually is. In total there are 16 LIGHTING ZONES, a huge number for LEDs to be installed in a gaming mouse.

razer mamba tournament edition review

The most eye-catching feature of Razer Mamba is probably the side rainbow RGB stripes. I must admit that this external detail is making many gamers want to own a Razer Mamba and I can't blame them! With side rainbow lights activated Razer Mamba looks like a dragon or snake which's on fire!

There are actually little empty spots between each LED stripe, but they're not noticeable at all when you're using your Razer Mamba with RGB Animations activated. The only time you may notice the gap dots between stripes is if you like using your Razer Mamba in a static illumination mode where your pre-arranged colors don't shift and stay in a static state. And it requires some attention to spot them.

razer mamba tournament edition review

This kind of RGB intensity I've seen only in SteelSeries Rival 600, which can be evaluated as the SteelSeries version of Razer Mamba. It's also one of the best gaming mice that I've ever seen and I HIGHLY advise anybody to CHECK OUT Our SteelSeries Rival 600 Review if you want to be introduced to one of the best gaming mice that you can ever have!!

razer mamba tournament edition reviewWant the TOP TIER performance and the peak of mouse industry quality standards?? Then CLICK HERE To Check Out Our SteelSeries Rival 600 Review right now!!




You can adjust Razer Mamba Tournament Edition to illuminate with 5 different lighting settings which are:

razer mamba tournament edition review

Static: Displays a single color of your choice from the vast ocean of 16.8 million RGB colors. Great for minimalists. But in static lighting settings, the empty dot-like spots between LED strips on the sides may become visible. That's not an issue with animated light settings.

Breathing Light: Pulses gently in a color of your choice every 7 seconds and it matches perfectly with your other Razer Chroma enabled devices.

Reactive: You can set your buttons to react to a click with a lighting of your RGB areas, which lasts during a period of time of your own choice.

Wave: Now this is the real deal!! Wave animation forms a waving transformation between all colors in a rainbow-like wave. When Razer Mamba is on Wave Animation, it looks like a dragon on drugs... My personal favorite lighting choice with Razer Mamba Tournament Edition!!!

Spectrum Cycling: Slowly cycles through all the 16.8 million RGB colors and presents a pretty gentle look to all the audience.

razer mamba tournament edition review

There's another feature that can make Razer fans happy. Have you ever heard of inter-device color synchronization?? If you own a couple of Razer products and if you like rave parties, then you can synchronize their RGB settings to make them work in harmony. Might come in handy if you're a "Team Razer" gamer.


By the way, did you know that Razer has a "Developer" feature which is called SDK?? It actually allows you to write your own programs for your Razer peripherals with Chroma capability. This opens up a vast world of opportunities for things you can do with your Razer peripherals!!! SDK feature can be explored in detail by checking out the Razer Developer Portal! Also, you can CLICK HERE to find out details about the SDK features!

Here is an informational video about what you can do with the SDK tool...



Technical Side of Things

Razer Mamba comes with a 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor. Here are the general specs of the Razer Mamba laser sensor:

  • 16,000 DPI 5G laser sensor
  • 210 inches per second / 50 G acceleration
  • 1,000 Hz Ultrapolling / 1 ms response time

As far as I know, Razer Mamba Tournament Edition uses a Philips Twin-Eye laser sensor. It's not bad but it's not the best either. To be honest, I would have preferred Razer Mamba has used an optical sensor. I'm not saying that it's bad, actually, it tracks great and the quality is way higher than average gaming mice, but optical sensors are the industry standards now when it comes to competitive gaming.

razer mamba tournament edition review

Traction of Razer Mamba's laser sensor is actually great. To be honest, it's not the best. But it's not bad either. It competes well within its own category. The only thing you can notice is a slight delay due to acceleration. If you have nothing to compare it to, then you may say that Razer Mamba is pretty solid in tracking. But if you compare it with the ultimate optical sensor of Deathadder, then the winner is definitely the good old Deathadder.

Again, the DPI war is on with Razer Mamba too. I don't know how well informed are you about the "DPI phenomena", but I've never seen anyone using higher than 8,000 DPI. The high numbers are a marketing strategy, but it's there if you ever feel like using it.

When I tested out the Razer Mamba Tournament Edition with Quake and Overwatch, I've received pretty satisfying results. It tracks great in the 0-4,000 DPI range and the mouse acceleration which comes usually as a standard with laser sensors is not quite noticeable. You can also adjust your DPI within 1 DPI increments, which gives you quite a lot of DPI customization options of your own taste.

razer mamba tournament edition review

Also, the lift-off distance is pretty low, which is a big plus for a pro gaming mouse. It's written in the official Razer technical specifications that it has a 0.1 mm lift-off distance. Of course, I couldn't pull out a ruler and measure it, but Razer Mamba has kept its word with lift-off distance. It stops tracking immediately when you lift your mouse and this is essential to prevent missed shots...

So, my overall opinion about the sensor and tracking of Razer Mamba is: It's good. It gets the job done very well. And a person who doesn't have extended experience with mouse sensors would comment that it's badass also. But I personally like the Razer Deathadder Elite's traction and optical sensor more. It's way more precise, more snappy and it's cheaper than Razer Mamba. So, I suggest you check out our Razer Deathadder Elite review if you want a better sensor quality.



Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is operating with Razer Synapse software just like any other Razer product. Razer Synapse is one of my favorite gaming peripheral softwares due to its user-friendliness, richness in customization options and well eye-appealing design. Razer Mamba and Razer Synapse is also compatible with Mac OS X Systems, so our Mac user friends will be pretty satisfied with this improvement.

Check Out: Gaming on MAC is now a reality with NVidia GeForce Now cloud computing app!!

razer mamba tournament edition review

The only major difference of Razer Synapse from other gaming peripheral softwares is that Razer Synapse operates on Razer accounts, which means that in order to achieve the full performance of your Razer peripheral you need to open up a Razer account and sign in to Razer Synapse.

It's actually both a plus and a minus. Creating a Razer account is as simple as creating a Facebook account. This way you can access your Razer peripherals ANYWHERE. If you travel often and bring your Razer peripherals with you, then accessing your profiles on ay other computer is as simple as downloading the Razer Synapse software to the computer that you're operating on!

razer mamba tournament edition review

This way you can access your pre-created profiled anywhere. This is a major plus.  Probably the only minus about Razer Synapse is you have to create an account, which I don't see as a minus at all.

Through the Razer Synapse software, you can adjust your macros and button settings, technical settings such as DPI, mouse acceleration, polling rate and etc... Also, the RGB Chroma settings are adjusted from here. So, you can do quite much anything you want with your Razer gaming peripheral, Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is included!

razer mamba tournament edition review

Where To Buy It From??

There's no doubt that the best prices are usually (my personal opinion) is found on Amazon. It's where I get all my gaming peripherals and I've never had an issue with them. Great prices, great retail service, and amazing customer care!! Also, there's a great chance that you may come across pretty decent discounts on Amazon!! Especially during special events and holidays such as Black Friday, Christmas Sales and etc...

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, an amazing performance mouse and it can be yours for a price tag around $76.99!! I must admit that it's an expensive piece of hardware, but it's one of the most prestigious gaming mice that you can ever have and it's definitely a great choice for performance gaming and ESports!! Also, it's WAY CHEAPER than its wireless version, which goes with a price tag of $121.43... So, if you don't want to spend a fortune on the wireless version, get a RAZER MAMBA TOURNAMENT EDITION!!

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition is, of course, a great alternative, and one of the greatest concepts that gaming mouse industry has ever seen. But I personally prefer other alternatives to it. As an example, SteelSeries Rival 600 is my personal best and it's so similar to Razer Mamba TE in design concept!! You can always CHECK OUT our Razer Deathadder Elite Review or  CHECK OUT our SteelSeries Rival 600 review!!

I'm leaving the magical button which will take you to the buying page of Razer Mamba Tournament Edition!! If you want to buy yourself a Razer Mamba Tournament Edition, Click the button down below!!


razer mamba tournament edition review

What Others Think About It??

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition has a good reputation among its users. I need to mention that some users complain about buttons starting not to function after some time and the sensor not tracking, but these are minor crowds. ANY gaming mouse can come with defects due to fabrication issues or unfortunate events during manufacturing processes, but this is not standard and you can easily get a new one free of charge by contacting the customer support.

Else of that, %50 of the voters have voted 5 STARS!! This means that at least HALF OF THE USERS are EXTREMELY SATISFIED with Razer Mamba Tournament Edition!! Adding in the 4 Star raters we can easily conclude that %60 of the voters are quite satisfied with it!!

razer mamba tournament edition review


You can check out all other real user reviews fromm the buying page by clicking the buy button presented in the "Where To Buy It From??" section. Here are some of the other real user reviews for you to get a more well-rounded idea about Razer Mamba Tournament Edition:

razer mamba tournament edition review

razer mamba tournament edition review

razer mamba tournament edition review

Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review - Conclusion

We've come to the end of our Razer Mamba Tournament Edition review and I hope you liked it!! It's one of the best variants that you can get for FPS and competitive gaming 😉 But DON'T FORGET to check out our other gaming peripheral reviews or the GET STARTED PAGE to jumpstart your path to the best suitable gaming peripheral for your needs 🙂

If you liked our Razer Mamba Tournament Edition review, then don't forget to SHARE IT to spread the word!! And also you have all the right to state your thoughts or ask any question you want, so, write them in the comments section down below!! And DON'T FORGET TO FOLLOW US on our Social Media pages on Facebook and Twitter by clicking the buttons down below:

razer mamba tournament edition review

razer mamba tournament edition review

Don't forget to check out or other content to find the ultimate gaming peripheral suitable for yourself 😉 See you around!!

Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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8 Responses to Razer Mamba Tournament Edition Review – The GLOWING Deadly Snake

  1. Mario says:

    Interesting mouse. It looks very powerful and easy to use and handle. I especially like ergonomics and colors of the mice shown in your review. I assume that is very enjoyable to play games with that kind of designed mice. I also think the main lack of this product is its price.

    • Tyler says:

      Yes, Mario! It’s actually mezmerising and everyone who wants to spark up their gaming space should think about getting one for themselves. But, my personal favorite in this concept is the EPIC SteelSeries Rival 600!! It also has the side strip LED lights and it has oneof the BEST optical gaming sensors that has ever been made. I advise you to CHECK OUT our SteelSeries Rival 600 Review!!

      Also, there are other Razer Mice which come with better form factors and optical sensor technologies such as Razer Deathadder!! Or an MMO / MOBA alternative such as Razer Naga Hex V2 may attract your interest more.Don’t forget to check them out!

  2. John says:

    This looks tough from the outside and strong with the reviews. I am not really conversant with the whole mouse thing, but this particular one look likes what I can explore with my children. Especially the game bounding times at home, I can even introduce some of my friends Tobit. Thank you.

  3. Scott Hinkle says:

    OK let me start off by being honest with you. I gave up on gaming mice a few years back when I had one that was to be the mouse to end all mice but it literally fell apart and was useless within two months.

    I love FPS games and am an avid World of Warcraft player. As you can imagine I have a lot of macros and what not that I’d love to assign to buttons on my mouse vs using cumbersome combinations on a keyboard. Sadly my previous mouse failed to be able to do this successfully.

    After reading this review, I may have to rethink my “The gaming mouse is dead” position. Besides, that’s one sweet looking device and I do lean towards accessories that look cool on top of being functional.

    Thanks for the post. I may just have to bit the bullet on this one.

  4. Michael Howell says:

    I can see that wired and wireless are both their own two-edged swords. Wires can get in the way, but they can give a more reliable connection to the machine.

    I never thought much about shopping for mice before. But if I’m a power user, then I may need some equipment to make my computer use much less tiring.

    I’m not a gamer, but I wonder if a gaming mouse may be an important accessory for the office.

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