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razer mouse bungee

Hey there folks!! Razer Mouse Bungee review was a piece that I have always want to include in GMP because when it comes to gaming peripherals Razer is the brand that we can NEVER forget to include. Razer is probably a very known name to you as the creater of many gaming mice that has found themselves places at the hall of fame among other gaming mice with their signature Razer Deathadder, Razer Naga, Razer Naga Hex V2 and many other mice.

Razer is also known with its all time favourite Razer Synapse software and there are many more peripherals that I don't want to fill the whole page with such as Orbweaver and etc.. But the peripheral of Razer that many gamers are not so acquainted about is the Razer Mouse Bungee. That's right, Razer also has a mouse bungee and it's one of the peripherals that a Razer fan boy should definetely has in their collection..

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Razer Mouse Bungee

So, we will get to know the Razer Mouse Bungee in this article and eventually I will show you where you can get one for yourself at the end of this article. So, let's go!!

Razer Mouse Bungee - Who Is It For??

  • Do you want to improve your workspace / gamespace ergonomics and get rid of that cable floating around??
  • Does the floating cable makes you miss shots or get in your way during fast paced FPS/RPGs??
  • You value cable management practices and an untidy desk moves all your concentration.
  • You are a Razer fanboy and you want your peripherals to match each other.


If the statements above sound like you then I definetely advise you to GET A RAZER MOUSE BUNGEE!! It will not only fix all your desk cable management issues but it will also match all your shiny Razer bundle!! I will show you where you can buy it at the end of this review 🙂


Razer Mouse Bungee, just like any other mouse bungee, accomplishes a very simple task: holding the mouse in place. It may seem as a simple and useless task but it's actually pretty important and you don't even have to read about the benefits of a mouse bungee if you're using a wired mouse because you probably already know the frustration of a mouse cable which floats around gives.

razer mouse bungee

The most eye catching difference of Razer Mouse Bungee when compared with other bungees is of course the design of it and the good part is it's not only about the looks. There are some other mice bungees that also look cool but sometimes they lack stability and may float with your mouse cable if they lack enough surface gripping functionalities.


razer mouse bungeeThis isn't an issue with the Razer Mouse Bungee and if you're a Razer user it would be known well to you that Razer produces not only cool looking products, but they also value the ergonomics and functionalities. Razer Mouse Bungee is designed in a way that it equally distributes the weight from bottom to top and allows your mouse bungee to stay stable. Also the high friction surface keeps it stable on spot.



There is a thing that I both like and dislike about the Razer Moue Bungee: The sticky surface. It comes with a plastic cover underneath the mouse bungee and when you peel off the cover the sticky surface awaits you. This surface actually makes the Razer mouse bungee to stick on to your desk. It's a good feature, but I'm not so welcoming when it comes to sticky surfaces.


But there's a BETTER mouse bungee which actully sticks to the surface and doesn't move at all and it's my PERSONAL FAVOURITE and I definetely recommend it to anyone who wants to buy a mouse bungee..


It's the EPIC COUGAR BUNKER Mouse Bungee


I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking it out because it's the most FAILPROOF mouse bungee and it's the highest ranking and probably the best mouse bungee that I've ever had until now!! It's just PERFECT. And it differs from others with its vacuum surface technology, not a sticky surface like Razer mouse bungee (sticky surfaces make me uncomfortable).


Click the image button below to check out the Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee and I DEFINETELY RECOMMEND you to get one if you are planning to get a mouse bungee. You just can't get wrong with it..

Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee


Now, back to our Razer Mouse Bungee review..


The motto of Razer for this mouse bungee was "Less Drag, More Frag" and it definetely fits in. It doesn't drag around at all and a fine mouse bungee definetely increases your frags and eliminates missed shots due to cord dragging, especially in tight situations. No wonder why some badass E Sports professionals use it!!


The only issue  reported about Razer Mouse Bungee is that extra large cords, the braided ones to be specific, may give a hard time fitting into the mouse bungee but people seem to not have a major problem. If you try hard enough almost all mouse cables fit into it.

razer mouse bungee

And the elastic tail of Razer mouse bungee allows you to use your mouse in any direction, it will adapt itself to the motion and provide you a comfortable gaming session.

These were the general features that you had to know about Razer Mouse Bungee. Now let's see where you can get one for yourself!!

Where To Buy One??

As always, the best place to buy one of these babies is Amazon.com. The lowest prices for Razer Mouse Bungee were at Amazon (and are still there) and you can get this masterpiece for only $9.99!! A RIDICILOUS PRICE for such a high quality Razer product. I don't even have to mention the great retail service and amazing customer care of Amazon.com.


If you want to have one of these babies, it's just as easy as clicking the buy button down below and you'll be navigated to the specific Amazon page where you will find the best deal on Razer Mouse Bungee. You may even come across a discount, so check out the latest price by clicking the button:



razer mouse bungee

What Others Think About It??

Razer Mouse Bungee is an "Amazon's Choice" product and it's so easy to guess that there are tons of positive real user comments on it. It has 4.0 STARS OUT OF 5 and that's a pretty decent number. There are 236 customer reviews about this product at the time and I will list a few to give you some ideas about what real users think of this poduct. It's the best way to evaluate!!

razer mouse bungee


Here are some real user comments:

razer mouse bungee

razer mouse bungee

razer mouse bungee


These were some of the real user reviews for you to get a general understanding about Razer Mouse Bungee. If you want to check out more of them you can click the BUY BUTTON which I provided above at "Where To Buy??" section.

Razer Mouse Bungee - Conclusion

This is what Razer Mouse Bungee was about and I recommend you checking out our other mouse bungee reviews, especially the epic Cougar Bunker and Thermaltake TT Esports mouse bungees. Don't forget to check out our Get Started page for a god start about every peripheral you imagine!!

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razer mouse bungee


Don't forget to check out our other content!! See you around,

Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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2 Responses to Razer Mouse Bungee Review – The Snake Holder

  1. Ephraim Gerstein says:

    This was very informative. I’m not a gamer, but I’m versed enough in gaming to see how issues with cords could be a thing. One piece of advice I would offer is maybe discuss the Epic Cougar Bunker mouse bungee at the end of the article and compare it’s differences and advantages with the Razor product. Where you have placed it I found it a little bit disruptive and disorienting—though I take your point about sticky surfaces.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there Ephraim!!

      Thaks for the comment.. And thank you for your advise, it may have been a little dissrupting, and I will definetely take into consideration your advice. I’m always appreciating informative comments.

      Thank you and don’t forget to check out our other content!!

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