Razer Phone 2 Is Expected to Arrive By The End Of 2018

Razer Phone 2 Is Expected to Arrive By The End Of 2018
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Do you remember the time when Razer has launched the Razer Phone and brought the gaming into the realms of mobile? Well, I remember that time and it hasn’t been so long since that time when a gaming peripherals manufacturer entered into the mobile gaming scene. It was a pretty brave step forward from Razer because despite being a gaming peripherals manufacturer, and a manufacturer which has proven itself over the long years, mobile phones are a totally different concept from gaming mice or keyboards.

But Razer has succeeded and this success gave courage to much other gaming peripheral and PC parts/electronics manufacturers such as ASUS and Xiaomi. You can easily spot the change in the mobile gaming market and the demand curve going up. It’s a rising new industry which comes up with new innovations every day and it seems like mobile gaming will find itself a seated market with much more “created” demand, adding in the increased hardware capacity to the equation.

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And Razer doesn’t seem to have any request to stop what they’re doing in their mobile gaming branch. You may know that they’re already producing a wide range of gaming laptops and they’ve started the project of first “3-display foldable laptop” a while ago.  The mobile innovation continues now with a sequel of Razer phone: Razer Phone 2.

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The news was announced by Chen Xiaoping, the Vice President of ChinaJoy, an annual gaming trade show which takes place in China. But he used the words “may launch” which means that there isn’t an official proven launch date for the product.  But there is no doubt a successor in the works.

Razer phone was the first phone to meet users with the 120 Hz refresh rate and it was equipped with two stereo speakers at the front and a miniature amplifier. There are no technical specs announced, but you can expect a high-end gaming handset build with at least 8 GBs of RAM and a 120 Hz QHD screen. The stereo speakers have resulted with thick bezels at the top and the bottom of the phone, but this wasn’t a big issue for the users.

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The first Razer Phone used a Snapdragon 835 chipset, which was one of the most powerful chipsets for Android devices at the time, and I can expect the second phone to use a Snapdragon 845 and host the same aluminum industrial design patterns. There will, of course, be some changes in the design, probably the bezels will be reduced in size,  but there won’t be a major change in the exteriors. But that’s my opinion.


The concrete release date is not known now, and there is a chance of delay, but there is a great chance that it may be launched at the end of 2018. There are rumors that it may be used a trackpad for Project Linda.

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