Redragon M601 Review – This Mouse Bites.. M601 Centrophorus

Redragon M601 Review – This Mouse Bites.. M601 Centrophorus
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HEY THERE GAMER FOLKS!!! Here we are with Redragon M601 Review today! I don’t know if you have heard of it before, but it is a highly trending Mouse and it has all the reasons to be popular. Not only the Redragon M601, but the whole Redragon franchise seems to have taken a leap. I think the dragon has opened it’s wings and it’s ready to fly!!


In this Redragon M601 Review we’re going to discuss about the technical specifications of the Redragon M601, the pluses and minuses of it and where can you use it.


Redragon M601 Review


But first of all,, I would like to do my before-read informative directing. You know that you’re going to read an article about a gaming mouse. I assume that you have some information about gaming mice, or at least you know something or two about them. But still, I would like to deeply inform you about gaming mice that you will know what you definetely have to look at in a gaming mouse (or at other mouse).

Before going further and reading all our other articles I would like to direct you to our “Get Started” guide. It’s a guide that you can learn every main aspect of gaming mice. This way you will know what you really want out of a gaming and also you will discover many other alternatives. Click the button below to Get Started:


Redragon M601 Review



You can also check out a few of our main articles to get some good basics:


Redragon M601 Review

What’s a gaming mouse – How to choose best computer gaming mouse for yourself?



Now, let’s talk about Redragon M601


Redragon M601 Centrophorus is one of the most popular mice from the newly rising epic Redragon brand. The thing is that Redragon produces MICE FOR MASSES. It means that they’re not probably the best of the best that you can get with your Money, but they’re really quality mice with more then enough functions and they’re SO CHEAP THAT YOU CAN’T EVEN IMAGINE.

So, here’s the quick summ: Good quality, many features, low price. WET DREAM OF A COMFRTABLE GAMER.


Redragon M601 Review



– Do you want a Mouse which has probably every possible feature installed?

– You want a quality Mouse but you don’t want to spend big bucks on it??

– Do you want a Mouse which will fit your budget which isn’t that high?

– Are Ultra high DPI and extreme design not the first priorities you’re looking for??

Are you a comfortable gamer and your computer routine doesn’t include hardcore gaming most of the time or at east not a big part of it??


Then DON’T HESITATE if these phrases suit to you and JUST BUY ONE because it’s a great alternative for you that will surely satisfy you.

AND IT’S RIDICULOUSLY CHEAP!!! $13.99 CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?? You can check out other real user comments and buy it if you want by clicking the button below:

Redragon M601 Review

Redragon M601 Centrophorus



Manufacturer: Redragon

Our Ranking: 8/10

Best Place To Buy: $13.99 at Amazon

Redragon M601 Review

Technical Specifications

  • Total of 6 optimized buttons
  • 2 programmable side buttons
  • 2000 dpi sensor
  • 15g acceleration
  • Compatible with MAC
  • Durable smooth TEFLON feet pads
  • 3mm Diameter high strength fiber wire
  • 1.8M high-speed USB wire
  • Product dimensions Length: 124mm Width: 71mm Height: 39mm
  • Product weight: Approx.140g






Let’s get to know Redragon M601 Centrophorus more in detail:

If we have to define Redragon M601 Centrophoros in the shortest way, it can be “highly satisfactory quality gaming mouse with a cheap price tag”. It may be  one of the best choices if you are seeking a  budget gaming mouse which has all the necessary functions for a quality dynamic gaming session. It has prooved himself way too many times till now. And of course the best part is that it is considerably cheap when compared with other high end gaming mice on the market.

Redragon M601 Review

I must say that Redragon has done a great job on establishing their brand character. They produce really quality mice and peripherals which are fullfilling all your gaming needs and provide a quality gaming mouse performance with a really cheap price. This is like a dream became true for a budget gamer. Simple and efficient. Also they produce a very wide range of gaming mice MMO included.


Best Place of Application

Now you may wonder where would Redragon M601 best suit in the world of gaming mice. It’s actually dependent on you! If you’re looking for an MMO mouse which you will use during a massive arena battle or have a lot of spells you find it hard stocking on your screen, then you may not consider having the Redragon M601 because it doesn’t have that much programmable buttons for MMO gaming.


Redragon M601 Centrophoros is best suitable for comfortable FPS/RPG gaming and MOBA. Thanks to its 6 additional optimized buttons and on-the-fly dpi adjustment it can be used for dynamic FPS action anytime anywhere. It also can be used for your day-to-day tasks which you have to accomplish on your computer. Gaming mice are great for daily use either.





Button Optimization


I have been gaming with different mice till now and i can comfortably say that  for me 6 buttons are more than enough for a decent FPS gaming session. Some of you may prefer more buttons, 7-buttoned or 9-buttoned mice, but 6 optimized buttons for such a low price is probably the best buy for you.

Redragon M601 Review
Redragon M601 has a total of 6 buttons which are right-left mouse buttons,  2 programmable side buttons, scroll wheel button and the dpi adjustment buton right behind the scroll wheel.

2 side buttons are programmable. Else of your gaming time, the two side buttons can be used as back and forward while browsing the internet. One of them has a ribbed texture to guide you.


Redragon M601 Review

On-the-fly Adjustable DPI

Some of you who are following this website may know the benefits of adjustible dpi feature. But to understand  what is DPI i would recommend you to read our article:

Redragon M601 Review



In gaming you have many different concepts during which sometimes you have to be more accurate in your movements and sometimes you must act quickly and will need dynamic movements.

That’s where DPI adjustment comes in. When you’re getting into some sniper scoping action you may prefer lower dpi for pin point accuracy but when the situation is a mid-quarter assault combat then you would like to play with higher dpi rates to be able to quickly frag out your opponents.

Redragon M601 Review

Here comes the beauty – Redragon M601 has an on-the-fly DPI adjustment buton which can switch your DPI to 1000 / 1600 / 2000 DPI with just a single click!! This is a feature which can be found in professional-grade gaming mice and it really is making me happy to see this feature on Redragon M601 Centrophoros. Good game Redragon!



Golden Question – Is 2000 DPI Enough??

Is 2000 DPI enough for gaming? This may be the most important question of this article for M601. Actually, DPI is an over exaggerated value in gaming peripherals industry. I’m not saying it’s unimportant, but it’s mostly exaggerated for marketing purposes. You better check out our article about it:


Redragon M601 Review


Actually 2000 DPI would be pretty enough to achieve a comfortable gaming. I have used many mice and 2000 dpi was mostly the optimum point for me. And not only me, many gamer friends of mine weren’t also deeply in need of ultra-high DPI rates because if you have too high DPI  your cursor will fly away even in a tiny single movement of your mouse.


Well, it might not be the most suitable mouse to use with a gigantic in an e-sports tournament but it will definetely provide you a decent gaming performance., You can be sure that 2000 DPI will be enough for casual gaming. The best part is it’s adjustable! And 2000 DPI is actually a great buy for a gaming mouse which costs only $14.


Adjustable Weight


Redragon M601 ReviewHave you seen weights on a mouse before?? You may be unfamiliar to this gaming mouse body building thing, but this kind of system actually exist and it’s quite popular now with high-end gaming mice.


There are 8 pieces of weights in the whole weight tuning set each of which are 2,4 grams (8 x 2,4 g). It means you can increase and decrease your mouse weight max 19,2g.   This provides you many alternatives on weight adjustment.


Total weight of the mouse is 140 g. You can add or subtract weights to find your sweet spot and achieve the best mouse balance. My sweet spot is around 140 g and my personal preference is a little bit heavier mice because i like to feel that i’m in actual control of my cursor.



Looks And Feels

In my opinion Redragon M601 has a beautiful design. It really has the look of a Red Dragon. Actually it is more like a shark.

Feel of the mouse is quite soft actually, thanks to the soft-touch coating on it. It has a claw-grip type shape which is pretty suitable for hybrid and casual gaming.

Redragon M601 Review

The red backlighting is pretty cool and it can easily match with the color of your other peripherals like keyboard if they have the same backlight or contour line colours. It’s a little bright but it won’t matter while using it because your hand will be blocking the light illuminating from the logo at the back of your mouse.

Also the side lightings are great. They give this really aesthetic look to Redragon M601.


Teflon pads under it enables a smooth slide. USB cable is braided with strong fabric winding and has a long life span. As a person who digs good cables in mice i’m really satisfied with it’s 3mm high strenght fiber wire cord. The wire cord has reinforcement at both the mouse end and USB end which is always useful to compensate bending damages.



What Other Users Think???


One of the best way to judge the quality of a product is to look at other user reviews and rates. Amazon is one of the best sources to evaluate real user reviews. And you can feel extremely safe when you’re buying because last time I checked  it had 4.5 / 5 stars from 3691 user reviews which is enormously good!!

Redragon M601 Review

This is a huge number and it officially declares the customer happiness. If you’re considering to get a Redragon M601 there is this guaranteed chance that you will join to the happy customer parade.

Redragon M601 Review

Let’s check out some of the user reviews:


Redragon M601 Review

Redragon M601 Review

Redragon M601 Review

Redragon M601 Review



As you can see there are plenty of great user reviews about Redragon M601 Centrophorus. Actually, there are thousands of it!! That is a decent reference which can give you a big amount of trust.

Do you want to check out more user reviews?? Or warranty issues and delivery details?? You can check it out from Amazon for more of them to be sure before you buy. Click the button below to check it out:

Redragon M601 Review

Where Can I Buy It??

The best place to buy a Redragon M601 Centrophorus is Amazon. You can find really good discounts there quite often.

Actually Amazon is my first choice to buy many products because they are one of the biggest e-buy companies, they’re really good at their delivery service and you can always find a source to speak to. And millions of people are buying stuff from there every day. They’re well established and worldwide.


Redragon M601 Centrophorus is #1 Best Seller in PC Gaming Mice category. And it’s on sale just for $13.99 which is discounted from $31,99. Here is the link where you can get one of these bad boys for your new gaming sessions:

 Redragon M601 Review

Pros And Cons Overview

We have discussed every detail of Redragon  M601 Centrophorus, and now let’s make an overall comparison of their pros and cons just to summarize it.



Has many additional features that high-tech gaming mice have.

Up to 2000 DPI sensitivity which is good for a gaming mouse which costs only $13,99.

Has 3 level DPI adjustment option which comes pretty handy in dynamic FPS/RPG games.

6 Optimized buttons, 2 of them are programmable.

8 pieces of adjustable weight.

Durable wire cord.

Pretty red backlighting.

Price is extremely low! $13.99 are you kidding me??



DPI is relatively low when compared to other high end gaming mice.

There actually aren’t any cons.



Redragon M601 Review – Conclusion


This was our Redragon M601 Review. We tried to provide you deep information about everything of this mouse. We’ve discussed about the main features of Redragon M601, it’s pros and cons and user feedback. I think now you can make a solid decision if you’re going to buy Redragon M601.


If you are interested in other mice and peripherals, please check out other contents of our site. I think you may find some interest,ng stuff there! And if you have ANYTHING in your mind about our Redragon M601 review, please COMMENT! Your comments are HIGHLY appreciated. And your comments will also lead the development of this site. And don’t forget, SHARING IS CARING!! Keep In Touch!!


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51 Responses to Redragon M601 Review – This Mouse Bites.. M601 Centrophorus

  1. Cool site. I like the lok and the feel of the site. Informative and would draw me into hanging for a while to view it. Good Job!

  2. Matthew says:

    I think your review is fantastic. I was originally thinking this was a gaming mouse and you further explained the advantages and disadvantages. you have been incredibly descriptive and I am personally going to have a further look at this mouse myself.
    You have constructed this article really well, well done!

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your kind words Matthew!

      I’m trying to buildup a decent site which can hang people checking out without boredom. I’m glad that you liked the mouse and the review! I think you will find interesting stuff inside the site.

      Keep in touch!!

  3. Pakiza says:

    Gone through this very elaborate Gaming Mouse review. Very interesting to know that a mouse may have these much features. I am not very font of gaming but I a person take interest in tech. So, I read this review. You have nicely explained thing with graphics. People interested to make their gaming arena more enjoyable should consider reading this review and the product. You have left no stone upturned in telling what this 2000 DPI advance good looking gaming mouse can do. Keep it up, wish you should continue with your good work.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Pakize,

      I appreciate your interest) Gaming mice are actually really interesting. I’m trying to provide people with good quality content. It’s not only about making the area enjoyable, it’s about leveling up your quality of gaming.

      I’m gtlwsd that you liked my review, i hope to see you here more frequently)) Keep in touch!

  4. Julius says:

    Oh sh*t! Adjustable weight?! I’ve never seen something like that before!

    Seriously, I think that’s pretty awesome, you can customize it to your liking.

    That price is really small for such a high end gaming mouse. Wondering, how does it compare to the big dogs? I’m talkin’ like the Razer Deathadder, Mamba etc.

    • admin says:

      Yeah, adjustable weights are kinda the new hype these days. This feature can be seen at many mice these days. Everyone wants to stay top notch in competition.

      the big dogs are big dogs for a reason, they have better tracking capacity, wider range of optimisation possibilities and increased customisation (software, hardware adjustment etc..). But i’m going to be honest, there is also a fact that some well known brands are sometimes charging prices higher than it should be. That’s because of their branding.

      If Redragon can produce this kind of quality mouse with such a low price and they still profit from it, i think other well known brands can also do it. But the CEO must buy his second private jet, sorry.

  5. AJ says:

    This is a great article,
    A man I think your whole post review is great. I was really thinking this was like some type of gaming mouse and you explained the advantages and disadvantages. This post have been descriptive and I will start to have a look at this mouse myself and more.
    You wrote this article really well, well done!
    great job,

  6. Joon says:

    I almost forgot that mouse is still used thesedays. I’ve gotten so used to using my laptop with a built in touchpad and using IPAD if I ever play a game, that mouse is still used in the game world. And the mouse looks very advanced since the last time I used mouse for my workplace that was 5 years ago. I think what’s really cool about this is that you can adjust weights on it. Is there a purpose to it? Lighter weight means faster movement?

    • admin says:

      Yeah Joon, i see Redragon at many places i see. It is actually really easy to carry with you, kinda fullmobile.

      Weights are for finding your sweet spot in mouse handling. Some may prefer lighter mouse and some may prefer heavier. I prefer heavier because i feel like my mouse will fly away when i’m using light mice. I want to feel my mouse as a part of my body, that’s why i want it heavier.

      And mice won’t weight a kg, they will be max. 140-150 gr,so you get the point.. User experience and comfort is the keyword!!!

  7. Brok says:

    After reading your review, I was extremely surprised to see that this mouse was $13.99. I honestly just bought a few normal HP mouses a few weeks ago for my business and I think they were $25-$30 and they weren’t’ anything special.

    I don’t play many games on my PC, but might just have to order one so I have something better when I do. Are there any other cheap mice you recommend for gaming?


    • admin says:

      Glad that you liked the review) HP is not bad as a common daily purpoe use mouse, but i think they can’t sit with Redragon M601. At least the cheap models. HP produces simple office mice.

      I really advise Redragon M601 to anyone who is looking for a cheap mouse which acts like an expensive one. ıt really won’t hurt having a cheaper mouse with better qualificationss

  8. Eric says:

    This review is so in depth and informative. Thank you. I really like how the mouse has an adjustable weight. That feature alone is a game changer in the mouse industry. There’s nothing worse than a mouse that is too heavy or too light. I also like how it has 2000 DPI. You’re right, that is about the optimum number for me. An only $14?! Unheard of. I might have to get me a Redragon M601!!

    • admin says:

      Thanks Eric, I’m trying my best) Weights are kinda common these days in the mouse industry and seems like it won’t stop. It’s like every manufacturer is coming to a standard.

      I think getting an M601 would be the right choice for you, and many other people as well))

  9. Claudia says:


    I had no clue as what a gaming mouse was let alone a redragon till I read your article, I want one! How absolutely fabulous! I was actually quite surprised to see how affordable it is! If my kids read this, they will be nagging me to no end for one lol.
    Thank you for sharing.



    • admin says:

      I’m happy that you’ve obtained some quality information from the site) You may consider getting one for your kids actually)

      I thank you for your interest,


  10. JammySammy says:

    It seems like this mouse is pretty nifty, and comes at a great price. I don’t game that much, but wonder if it would be worth purchasing.

    I like the style, but wonder if there is the option to get a cordless one to save wire interference when quick movements are needed.

    Thanks, JS

  11. Benedetto says:

    Wow this mouse was crazy awesome. I was looking for something like this. Also great review you definitely got that topic covered. I sometimes play leauge of legends and it’s so important to have a pro mouse to play with. I am checking definitely this mouse out and I will crush the competition. LOL

    • admin says:

      For LOL you may prefer Razer Naga Hex, it’s one of the most suitable mice for MOBA. But Redragon M601 is of course suitable for every game till a level.

  12. bioelectrobot says:

    That is definitely the most aesthetically pleasing electronic mouse that I have ever seen.
    The article mentions that this mouse may not be a good option in an MMO environment. Why? Not enough functionality? What would you recommend as a better mouse option for an MMO environment?
    The weight adjustment feature is quite nice. I’ve never seen adjustable weight options for an electronic mouse. This is definitely a useful feature.
    There is a lot of technology that goes into manufacturing a quality electronic optical mouse. Great job with the detailed review. This mouse might be nice just for the basic computer use that I’m involved with. Might as well look stylish while I’m working. Also, the price is excellent.
    Thanks for this very interesting review.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your nice words)) MMOO mice usually have additional thumb grid buttons to store all the spells, moves and etc. Best examples to give as MMO mice are Razer Nag and Corsair Scimitar.

      I totally agree with you about the adjustable weights.

      I think it will fullfill many of your needs, so i can do nothing but advise)

  13. kelechukwu22 says:

    Hey DRattlesnake,

    I knew there were gaming mouses, but I didn’t know that they were one of the most important factors of competitive gaming. I have always used a regular Logitech mouse to play any competitive game. Now I know I have been at a high disadvantage for the longest time. Now I know the difference between owning a competitive gaming mouse and a optical mouse. What is the average price for a good gaming mouse?

    • admin says:

      I also used a regular Logitech back a few years which had the Dark Fields technologyi it wasn’t a mouse meant for gaming but it was pretty good.

      But not using a gaming mouse definetely can leave you behind the competition especially if you’re doing it on a profesional level.

      It is hard to tell a stable price but good gaming mice usually vary between 50-80 USD and the max number that i’ve witnessed till now was Logitech g500 for 120 USD.

  14. Nancy Boey says:

    I don’t know much abou the subject but I find your website working well with the theme you have chose. You are off to a good start here; Where did the gaming mice planet come from ? it is a good one; Keep at it ! Never even hesitate to ask us questions; it is an excellent start.

    • admin says:

      Hey Nancy! Actually i have been a gamer my whole life, and i have a deep interest for design. I have always been amazed while inspectin the design of gaming mice, how they vary, how they are viually appealing to the eye. Then i decided to start up a website about gaming mice. That’s how Gaming Mice Planet was born))

      Thanks for your support! I will know that you’re always there. And you also don’t hesitate asking me anything you want about technology.

  15. Helen says:


    Your post is very informative. The banner caught my eye immediately. And I really liked your allegory of the company spreading its wings and flying like a dragon.

    Your technical information just flows and makes me think you are a technocrat in real life. Your visitors should get a really good feeling about the items you review.

    I will visit your website to have a good look at what else you are promoting and your ideas on the benefits, or not, of them.



  16. Daniel says:

    This is fantastic. There is so much to read and it’s all relevant and knowledgeable which is great to see. You have laid everything out in such an appealing way and it makes the reader want to carry on. The use of pictures is brilliant as well and the site as a whole is very professional. You should be very proud. Well done

    • admin says:

      Thank you Daniel) Your kind words are really boosting.

      I’m trying my best to provide people a quality experience, and it’s good to hear that hard work pays off)

  17. Michel says:

    Wow, I never even knew that you got such fancy mice especially for gaming.

    I don’t play games much on computers, but my brother is an addict. I wonder if he has a Red Dragon Mouse.

    I am sure having this mouse makes things much easier for the player with all the features and extra buttons that a normal mouse doesn’t have, and should give you an extra advantage if gaming competitively.

    • admin says:

      Hey Michel,

      Yes it definetely is a mouse to consider if you are on a budget and looking for a good gaming session. You can ask your brother what kind of mouse he’s using.

      It can give you advantage if you’r using it right!

  18. Peter says:

    Thanks for this very detailed review of the Redragon M601 mouse. Although I’m not a gamer I have a couple of sons who play a bit and I find it surprising they have never asked for a gaming mouse. Now I know what to get them as a little present.
    I really learnt a lot reading your post and a couple of the other articles you mention. Before today, I didn’t know anything about DPI and mouse sensitivity.
    I’m very surprised about how cheap this mouse is, I recently brought an ordinary optical mouse and it was more expensive than this.
    Thanks again for the excellent info.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your kind words Peter! I’m glad that people are getting useful information out of these contents.

      It would have been better for you if you have read thisw article before buying other mouse, you could have got a Redragon M601!

  19. Jurgen says:

    Now that’s what I call a flashy mouse! It seems that this gaming mouse has a lot going for it. Great dpi, adjustable weight, a nice cord (not unimportant!) and cool flashy lights. And last of all I can’t believe they offer that for such a low price! I currently have a Razer Deathadder which cost me more than twice of what this mouse costs.

    I’ll definitely consider this one when my mouse breaks down!

    • admin says:

      Yes, Redragon is actually a breath of fresh air. I’ve also used Razer Deathadder at past and i can say that it was awesome and i won’t ever regret using it, but Redragon is a great alternative for any kind of gamer.

  20. Norman Tay says:

    That is one sexy looking hot red babe that is just too hot to handle. I mean the mouse btw. The adjustable weight and on the fly DPI is like hot babe that can talk geek to me all day. If this mouse is a babe, erm nevermind. I just wish I have my hands on it everyday. I know weird that I am talking about a gaming mouse here.

    • admin says:

      Ahaha i see you got a little turned on by Redragonn) I know it’s hard to resist to Redragon, but you must treat it like a mouse, or you may end up.. mm cleaning stuff from it.. (ok i’m also a quite nasty) Have you seen the mousepads with wrist support in boob shapes?? I think you really may like them.

  21. Angelique D. says:

    Hi Duru,

    As a gamer, I know how important the choice of a mouse is!

    The first thing that catches the eye with the Redragon M601mouse is its looks. It looks quite amazing and the red back lightening is really cool. It’s true that it has more of a shark than a dragon but still pretty eye catching for such a cheap mouse.

    What’s more important is the feel, which has to be soft and smooth at the same time. And the DPI adjustment is certainly a plus!

    I didn’t know that you could adjust the weight, though?This is pretty awesome too and I have never this before.

    For that price, it seems to be a great choice and your review definitely made up my mind on which gamer mouse I will go for!

    Thanks a lot!

    • admin says:

      Hi Angelique,

      Redragon is definetely a good mix of many features. Not only appealing to the eye, but it’s like a fully customizable weapon!

      I’m glad that you liked the Redragon M601 review) Keep in touch for more to come!

  22. Hannah says:

    This gaming mouse looks so advanced and even futuristic! I love the dragon logo on the top. All the red/orange glowing bits look freaking awesome. Actually the whole thing looks badass!

    Looks like it is the perfect shape for comfortable grip too. I would love to get this for my gaming!

    Great review. You’ve done a really good job here.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the nice words Hannah))

      Despite it’s price it really is a game changer on some level. For $14 it is kind of a deal you can’t get anywhere. And almost every feedback about it states that it’s awesome.

  23. Pingback: Logitech G300S Review – Smooth And Simple - Gaming Mice Planet -World Of Gaming Peripherals

  24. Destin says:

    This Red Dragon M601 seems to be pretty good for the price. Ive never seen weights inside of a mouse before. . The on the fly DPI adjustment is a really interesting feature as well. For 13.99 I would definitely consider this mouse based off of your review to be worth the money for a really good gaming experience.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Destin, I’m glad that you liked my review)) As you said, Redragon M601 Centrophorus has many reasons to be considered as a good buy.

  25. Maya says:

    I could really see the effort you put into this review! Great job!

    However, I strongly dislike this gaming mouse since I find it very uncomfortable. In fact, after using it, I now have chronic wrist pain. I believe it is because my hand is too small for the mouse. I have to stretch my fingers apart to use the buttons.

    I presume the mouse was designed for men as they have larger hands and would want this kind of masculine styling. Do you have any recommendations for gaming mice that might suit a girl’s hand better and might help alleviate my wrist pain?

    • admin says:

      Hey Maya! Thanks for your kind words))

      Well, as I always say, there’s no perfect gaming mouse for everybody, they come in different features. Obviously in this situation you need a gaming gear that suits your needs more.

      I actually can recommend you this little cute and powerful gaming devil Logitech G300s. It’s a smaller gaming mouse with good periphera features which are usually Logitech standard. I have no doubt that it will fit well into a girl’s hand easily and you will probably be very satisfied with it. Check out the review of it!

  26. Daniel says:

    Great review! One of the reviews i read before buying my Centrophorous. I’ve been using it for the whole day and i’m loving it. Still haven’t played any game with it, but soon i’ll try. I’m using it with only 4 of the weight pins, seems to be the best setup until now. I got it for a bit more than 13 obamas, since i live in Brazil, it was around 18 here, converted to my currency. And i gotta agree with the previous comment, it’s kinda big for people with small hands. It took some hours for me to adjust to this size, bigger than my previous Logitech mouse. Good thing my hands are big, though.

    • Hey Daniel!! Thanks for your kind words)) I’m glad that this review has helped you choosing the best suitable gaming mouse for you. Great that you didn’t have any issues. Well, every person has their sweet spot around different weights, so it’s good news that you’ve found yours. You may change the weight any time you want to try out some new stuff.

      It’s not an expensive mouse, yet it provides you so freakin much!! This is one of my favourite all timer mice!!! Definetely a must have. It can also be your spare mouse if you’re using a high end one such as Logitech G502 or another uber-cool mouse, just in case if anything happens to it. I wish you extended happiness with your Redragon M601 Centrophorus and I’m glad that you’ve liked it!! Keep in touch and don’t forget to check out my other content!!!

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