Redragon Perdition Review – Check The MMO Monster On A Budget!

Redragon Perdition Review – Check The MMO Monster On A Budget!
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Hey gamer folks!! I’m glad to see you here at our Redragon Perdition review. Another day and we have another badass over here. Redragon Perdition was a gear that I was unpatient to talk about because these days I started to give Redragon some really good credit. I think Redragon Perdition will attract attention of mostly MMO players because of the MMO customized features it has.


Redragon Perdition can be considered as one of the best gaming mouse for World of Warcraft or other MMORPG games. The best thing about it is that you can get amazing high-end  gaming mouse features from Redragon Perdition with a price tag under $40. It almost sounds like a give away! And you can be assured that you won’t regret choosing this MMO monster over other high priced gaming mice. That’s why it enters to our “Best Bang For A Buck” category.


redragon perdition review


So let’s make it clear from the beginning. For who Redragon Perdition is?? Redragon Perdition is for MMO gamers who seek high-end gaming mouse features while not wanting to pay some big bucks. It’s the ultimate budget gaming mouse  for MMO.

Actually many MMO mice have adopted their concept from the famous Razer Naga and it won’t be wrong to say that Redragon Perdition is also one of those mice who followed the path of Razer Naga. It’s true that Razer Naga is a high quality MMO gaming mouse and I would definetely advise you to get it before Redragon Perdition because of the more customizable build and tracking. You can click here to check out our Razer Naga review from here.


I’m not telling that it’s the only MMO gaming mouse that you should use or it’s the best MMO gaming mouse ever, but it really shows it’s colors. This baby has 16400 DPI, 18 programmable buttons, additional weight placement to fit to any comfort zone. And all these settings come with a price under $40! These combinations are what make it a great buy.


Let’s dig deeper to our review.


Redragon M901 Perdition 16400 DPI MMO Gaming Mouse


Manufacturer: Redragon

Price: $35.99

Rating: 9/10

Best Place To Get:


Redragon Perdition comes with the mouse, user manual, driver cd for software installation and a storage box for your additional weights. You can feel like a Red Dragon flying out of the box while you’re unboxing. Red colors really show themselves and fits the concept of the mouse really well. At first, let’s check out all the technical specifications to understand what this bad boy is all about.

Technical Specifications

redragon perdition review18 programmable buttons

16400 DPI

5 levels of adjustable DPI

8 pieces of adjustable weight (2,4 g x 8)

1000 Hz polling rate high response rate

5 On-board memory profiles

Customizable LED Lighting for profiles

2 year warranty

Comes with two color choices



Built for MMO players, by MMO players


redragon perdition reviewRedragon Perdition is amouse built specifically for MMO gaming to fulfill all your needs during games like WoW. Some of you may be familiar to several well known MMO gaming mice like Razer Naga or Corsair Scimitar which are the fat of the land when it comes to MMO.


As you can imagine, the factor with which we come across the most during MMO gaming is the amount of all those spells, attacks, potions etc.. You have to press something in order to activate them right?? But sometimes it may feel that there are too much of them and it can be overwhelming..


That’s why MMO mice exist. To optimize your strategy and bring you ultimate comfort. This is usually done with the additional buttons to which you can assign commands. And Redragon Perdition definetely carries on the tradition.


Let’s talk about it’s design


About The Looks and Feels


Redragon perdition carries the signature characteristics of a MMO gaming mouse with 12 programmable side butons and comfy ergonomics. It’s also a little bigger than a FPS mouse (like all other MMO mice) but why usually MMO mice have bigger sizes??


Because during a FPS game there are oftenly times that you must move in a fast pace and do quick turn arounds. That’s why FPS mice are usually designed with a specific shape suitable for more rapid movements and less programmable buttons under your  fingertips while MMO mice usually come with a bigger egonomic shape and more programmable buttons.

Think it like a comparison of a sports car and an off-road jeep. Both are good vehicles but for different purposes.


redragon perdition review


Perdition has a different lighting technique called “breathing light”. The dragon symbol at the back of the mouse is constantly blinking in long periods. Light strenght is increasing and decreasing all the time making a wavy light effect. It is how it designed, so don’t think of it as a malfunction when you see it.


Also Redragon Perdition has a wide color range of 16 million colors you can choose from. You can choose your desired color from mouse software.

This bad boy has 5 on-board profile memory capacity. You can program it for different games or tasks and carry these profiles with you anywhere you go. There are also different color assignments per profile that you won’t confuse profiles to each other when you play with multiple profiles.


Tracking Performance

As mentioned before, Redragon Perdition has a very wide DPI range of 16400 max. I must admit that I’ve not seen a DPI rate this high even in many high-tech shiny gaming mice. For a gaming mice under $40 this kind of a high DPI is actually a blessing from elder gods of gaming peripherals!!!


Now some of you folks may be asking me “Dude what the hell is DPI??” Nice question.. But we have the answers.. It’s not a single parameter for evaluation of a gaming mouse and high or low DPI can be something either good or bad depending on your own preferance.

To know all the useful basic info about mouse DPI you can check out our article:


redragon perdition review


But I must be honest to you (because I’m the good guy) from the beginning. DPI doesn’t mean everything and a mouse shouldn’t be evaluated just by looking to it’s DPI. You probably won’t ever need to use 16400 DPI unless you have an uber-resolution screen. But it stil is good to know that the oppurtunity is there.


It’s not only the high DPI, but it’s also the adjustablity which makes Redragon Perdition an awesome choice. You can change your DPI setting with just one click and you can choose from 5 different DPI levels. This gives gamers a wide range of comfort zone whether they prefer low DPI for smaller movements or high DPI for obtaining control even with moves of milimeters.


Perdition uses a laser sensor. I won’t lie, the sensor is not the best of the best, but it will do the work and you won’t be swearing curses to it. If you really want to see the mouse with the best ensor equipped check out our Logitech G502 review.

Redragon Perdition also has 1000 Hz of polling rate which has become quite the standard in the gaming peripherals industry. It’s the highest tracking response rate which high-tech gaming mice have.

The only minus about it’s tracking capacity I can find is that the DPI levels are pre-determined and stable. In some gaming mice like Razer Naga you can set your own desired DPI in a given range and set different DPI levels via it’s own software Razer Synapse.

You can click here to check out Razer Naga and Razer Synapse software.


For anyone who’s a fan of whether high DPI or low DPI, Razer Perdition provides both and everyone can find their sweet spot on it.


Additional Weights – Bodybuilding for Gaming Mice

redragon perdition reviewRedragon Perdition has 8 pieces of additional weight each one 2.4 g. This means that you can maximize your mouse weight up to +17,6 g max. This is great to optimize the feeling of control over your mouse.


As you know every one of us humans are different and we like different things, we have different preferances. It’s obvious that not everyone will feel the same with a gaming mouse, that’s why manufacturers build gaming gear customizable.

And as a person who likes his mice a little heavy, I’m so happy that Redragon Perdition has done a great job with adding weight adjustment to their MMO monster.


What do other users think??

We won’t be wrong by saying that Redragon Perdition has some really good street reputation. One of the best ways to evaluate whether a  gaming mouse is good or some cheap junk is to check out some REAL user reviews. And I  mean reviews from actual REAL PEOPLE. That’s why I dig deep and try to get the best information for you guys (you can thank me later :P).


Of course for every item there will be good reviews and bad reviews. There is no %100 in anything, but Redragon perdition has received 4.5 stars out of 5 from 1986 customer reviews!! That number is huge and screams that Redragon Perdition has definetely satisfied almost every user out there.

Let’s see some other user reviews from

redragon perdition review

redragon perdition review

redragon perdition review




Where can you get one??


The best place to get it (and many other things) is thanks to it’s great services and wide product range. You can actually come across with great discounts at Amazon. There are oftenly generous surprises like that. Last time I checked out, the price tag on Redragon Perdition was $35.99. You can check out the latest price and other user reviews for Redragon Perdition  by clicking the link below:


>>Click here to get your Redragon Perdition<<



Redragon Perdition Review – Conclusion


That was one of the most decent MMO gaming mice that we’ve reviewed. After our Redragon Perdition review now you folks know all the in and outs, all the features that Redragon Perdition has. If you’re a MMO and World of Warcraft addict and looking for a gaming mouse with an affordable price (it’s actually a steal for all these high-end features), I highly advise you to immediately get a Redragon Perdition and go crazy with it.


I would really like to hear your toughts. If you have any question to ask or something you would like to say, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment to the comments section down below. And please don’t forget tos hare if you liked what you saw here, because SHARING IS CARING!!! Don’t forget to check out our other articles, you will find some very useful and fun information.

See you soon and keep in touch!



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6 Responses to Redragon Perdition Review – Check The MMO Monster On A Budget!

  1. Hi Andrew says:

    Hi Duru,

    I never knew that a mouse could be so much. I have a nephew that plays World Of WarCraft constantly.

    The many feature of this mouse is impressive. I will have to ask my nephew if he would like to have it as I am on this site looking to buy him a gift.

    If this mouse is the best bang for the buck at $40. I guess he will like it.



    • admin says:

      If he likes MMO gaming and plays a lot, these bad boys can make him more than hapy))

      Maybe he’s already aware of the MMO mouse concept, so you may ask him to check the article himself and get an opinion))

  2. Melisa says:

    Do they make the redragon perdition for left handed people? I think that overall this website looks great. I do have one suggestion. The pic at the very top of your post is hard to read, the letters are somewhat blurry, and it is hard to tell what it says.

    • admin says:

      Like many right handed mice, Redragon Perdition has the same problem. It doesn’t have a left handed model.((

      And thank you so much)) I’m really happy that you liked my site. And I will definetely take your advice into consideration. I also am not happy with the pic and I will change it with something more eye candy in first chance.

  3. Lee says:

    I like to play MMO games and others, but I was wondering what this mouse would be like in real world applications.

    Is there a use for all the buttons?

    also I’m afraid I will just keep pressing them when I don’t need to use them as I do like to press buttons.

    Do you have any similar problems at all?

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Lee!

      There will be a use for every button if you customize it for that specific purpose 😀

      Your mouse is your weapon. You can do whateveryou want with it 🙂

      And accidently pressing the buttons, that’s an issue that even the best MMO players face sometimes. I think it’s all about getting used to your mouse. I also have used MMO mice and it was all about getting used to with me.

      But there are definetely some MMO mice that outperform others when it comes to performance, design and quality. Corsair Scimitar PRO is a great example, also Razer Naga. Or if you’re more of a MOBA player (LOL and DOTA ) Razer Naga Hex V2 is a great choice for you.

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