Resident Evil Umbrella Corps – CAPCOM is launching the latest Resident Evil Multiplayer Horror Shooter

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps – CAPCOM is launching the latest Resident Evil Multiplayer Horror Shooter
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Resident Evil Umbrella Corps may be the latest news for the ones who have heard about it. Resident Evil Umbrella Corps is the latest game (well, side game) of the Resident Evil franchise. Capcom was pretty effecitive in their past T-virus experiments, especially in the main Resident Evil (1-2-3-4-5-6), but as we see they resist to stop. Resident Evil Umbrella Corps

It is a competitive Multiplayer Horror Shooter which has been revealed to us by Capcom at Sony PlayStation Conference. The new style, which isn’t existing at most of Resident Evil games, is presented to us and it is open for comments. Well, i myself being a resident evil fan for life have judged the new concept. The only thing that ties it to resident evil for me is the name of Resident Evil and Zombies. Else of that it seemed to me like just a horror shooter. But i must also admit that they have some cool new stuff in it, so everyone can have their own opinion.

Capcom is launching Biohazard Umbrella Corps as a 20th year anniversary thing but it’s not the only thing they’re coming with. Also the reamakes of some previous games are expected. Here is the official trailer of the upcoming Resident Evil Umbrella Corps:


Game Timeline

Events in Biohazard Umbrella Corps take place in a timeframe after the last game Resident Evil 6, where Umbrella Corporation is dead. We don’t have a clear clue about the full story behind it but we can just guess about it. Suppose we have to wait till the release to find it out.

New Features and Gameplay

The thing which differs from bone structure Resident Evil series is the dynamic shooting, cover and stealth action. In this new competitive horror shooter there are many cover spots, crawl ways and sneak peak openings. We can get cover, sneak behind and climb some areas using the brand new melee weapon called “The Brainer”.

There is also this new thing called zombie jammer. Zombies actually are not attacking to us, well, for a decent time at least. We’re equipped with this new device called Zombie Jammer which blocks our scent or aura, or anything that makes us look like a delicious meal to our un-dead friends. We can walk among the undead without being noticed or attacked by them, unless our jammer is damaged. Our jammer can get damaged during battle with others, then you will have to deal with the z-problem also. But it can also be leveraged as a tactical approach by damaging our opponent’s jammer and making zombies horde over them.

Here you can check out the gameplay footage:

The Brainer

Also one of the brand new item in BiohazardThe brainer Umbrella Corps is “The Brainer”. Brand new melee weapon with extended brutality limits which gives us the ability to kill in one shot. By using the brainer you can also climb to some walls, hang yourself from sneaky spots and etc.

Release date

Resident Evil Umbrella Corps will be out for PS4 at 2016 with an estimated $30 price. I think we will be hearing more about it during following months. So, keep in touch and see you next time!

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6 Responses to Resident Evil Umbrella Corps – CAPCOM is launching the latest Resident Evil Multiplayer Horror Shooter

  1. David says:

    I’m not a real hardcore player but I must admit that this game looks like a blast! The trailer is very promising… The gameplay looks astonishing too and the new weapons “The Brainer” and the “Zombie Jammer” look very fun! Did you play the game yourself, and if yes, what is your personal experience?

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your interest David) There are some fun new features in the new game. I didn’t play because it will be out in 2016. Actually i’m a fan of the bone structure resident evil series and this is just like a side game next to it so i think i won’t get the same joy anyway, but i may give it a try

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    This is awesome Duru!
    I love Resident Evil and that trailer really blew me away. especially the clashing of that half moon dagger thing. Is this going to be online only, or can can we play with another player on the same screen?

    I have question by the way but its completely out of the topic if you don’t mind. I’m planning to buy a PS4 for when my relatives will be staying over at my house for a whole week.

    The last PS I have was actually PS2 where we can play up to 4 players on one screen. Is there any games like that now in PS4 or is everything online?

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Riaz))

      I’m also in love with Resident Evil. I even have a ps3 collection of it. For now i don’t know if it’s going to be same screen optional but i think it will be a vise choice if they add that option.

      Of course i dob’t mind) I have a PS3 and i’m proud of it. I have friends who own PS4 and i remember them plyaing with multiple players on same screen. No matter what, PS4 is the future, now the games for PS4 are getting more recognition and there are many more to come. So i think you may consider having one if you are a PS person))

  3. Boss Body UK says:

    Well that was interesting to read through,

    I do not think I’ll be playing that game any time soon. I believe that Resident Evil 4 was the best game in the series due to my age at the time and how it was produced. The story line was gripping and scary whilst having plot twists along the way. I still vividly remember the first time I saw one of the grey zombies walking down an alley with the heavy wheezing/breathing. The fact that I did not know how to kill it scared me.

    I just wish they can either do a reboot or perhaps a sequel to number 4 available on PS4.

    Watching the Multiplayer on that, the graphics looked pretty tacky, probally because they are in beta testing ATM. However the actual content of the game just doesn’t seem very new or innovative when compared to other online zombie shooter games.

    • admin says:

      Resident Evil 4 was indeed EPIC!!! It was a lifechanger of my childhood. I actually met with Resident Evil franchise by first playing Resident Evil 3: Nemesis, it was a whole different experience to me. Resident Evil 4 was the game which changed the whole zombie horror concept with it’s new gameplay and freedom of movement.

      Older Resident Evil games were more like Silent Hill in gameplay concept. But there’s one thing I want and it’s, as you mentioned, to have a remake of Resident Evil 4. Won’t get bored playing that until I die.

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