SENTEY REVOLUTION PRO REVIEW – The Revolution of Budget Mice!!!

SENTEY REVOLUTION PRO REVIEW – The Revolution of Budget Mice!!!
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Hey there guys and ladies!! In our Sentey Revolution Pro review we will be looking at all the details of this budget friendly, yet awesome mouse masterpiece. It definetely is a piece of art which brings the customisation to a next level while looking epicly awesome and performing like a badass.


It can be said that it literally is a REVOLUTION in the gaming peripherals industry, Sentey Revolution Pro adresses anyone who seeks aquality gaming mouse.. We will get to know what makes this badboy so special. We’ll check out it’s technical specifications, design details, tracking specifications, other user reviews, place to buy and etc.. I hear your impatience, so let’s go..

Sentey Revolution Pro Review

Sentey Revolution Pro

Our rank: 9/10

Price: $24.99

Where To Buy:


Who Is This For?? What Does It Do??


I like to be clear from the beginning at all my articles, let’s discuss who this mouse is for..

Actually, this baby is for ANYBODY. Literally, it is for ANYBODY!! This is(in my opinion) a generalist mouse which can aid ANY of your gaming needs. Be it a pro gamer or comfortable gamer, anybody can find it’s sweet spot on Sentey Revolution Pro.


If you don’t want to spend your hard earned Money on a high-tech pro mouse of a world wide known brand Like Logitech,Razer, Corsair or MadCatz and etc.., or if you just want to use a legendary mouse to satisfy all your gaming needs while still keeping your pockets full and wallet heavy, then don’t think more and get one of these!!!


Sentey Revolution Pro Review

Isn’t there any better gaming mice?? Of course there are.. But if you have been around this website long enough, you already must know that there isn’t such a thing as “best gaming mouse” in my book.


Let’s be honest, it’s not the highest grade gaming mouse on the planet which can provide you the highest capability of features that some other high tech gaming mice like Logitech G502 has. But it doesn’t keep Sentey Revolution Pro down from being a high quality mouse which can amaze you pretty much.



Technical Specifications

  • Sentey Revolution Pro Review8200 DPI
  • 4 Levels of  On-The-Fly DPI Switch
  • Incredible Ergonomics
  • Avago  Chipset ADNS 9800 Mouse Sensor
  • 9 Buttons+1 DPI Switch
  • 7 Macro Buttons
  • 4 Way Scrolling Wheel
  • Independent  and Programmable X & Y Axis
  • Adjustable Weights
  • 1000 Hz Polling Rate
  • 26 Different Led Colors
  • 30 G Mouse Acceleration
  • 5 Profiles
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1




Sentey Revolution Pro comes with many gamer swag that will surprise you. It comes in an attractive box     at the back of which you can find some short and good information about Sentey Revolution Pro.

When you open the box you will find a good looking and protective black carrying case, a poster, a door hanger and a black manual.



Sentey Revolution Pro Review


Two sided door hanger and the poster are definetely adding extra swag to the whole concept. By hanging the door handle you won’t be distrurbed anymore at the most crucial moments of gaming.

In the black folder you will find more swag. The black folder consists of VIP card, stickers, stickers, Sentey catalog and software CD.


Sentey Revolution Pro carrying case gives you the abiity to carry your mouse anywhere. When you open the case you will notice the mouse itself put into styrofoam bed. Top of the case has two mesh pockets to hold the additional side grip and weight kit. You can also use it to put extra stuff into it.


Sentey Revolution Pro Review



For such a cheap price the detailed and plentiful packaging is a definite plus. Sentey has done a great job at leaving a great first impression. Even some of the high end gaming mice of big companies don’t come with this kind of fancy packaging.


Let’s Talk About Design

Sentey Revolution Pro is sure a revolution in peripherals design with perfectly designed ergonomics. Look at those curves maaan.. Looks better than my ex-gf..(ok don’t take this seriously).

Sentey Revolution Pro Review

Maybe the most significant feature of Sentey Revolution Pro is  the grip. Feels so natural and comfortable. Just even by looking at it you can easily understand that you will get too comfy with this baby, like your hand is just flowing. You’re right, it feels great.


Sentey Revolution Pro has 2 types of side grips which are interchangable. Both of them come in the package. You can choose whichever you want depending on your comfort choices. One of them has a smoother wave while the other side grip has a slight additional curve which may be referred as a pinky rest. They’re both awesome.

Sentey Revolution Pro Review


Surface materials are made from partly glossy and partly matte soft black plastic, which is a high quality Premium finish. The interaction of material with your skin doesn’t feel strange, also the gloss-shifting material selection gives the mouse a great look.


Now let’s talk a little about the adjustable weights. You can add up to 6 additional weight cylinders, each one being 4.9 grams. Means that you can add 29,4 grams of extra weight.

I don’t know what you prefer, but I like my mouse with weights added. This gives me the feeling of better control which relatively effects my performance. If you like your mouse lighter, then just don’t add the weights, or at least some of them, and you’re good to go.


Sentey Revolution Pro Review

The thing that Sentey Revolution Pro differs from other classic gaming mice is the way that you add your weights. The weight plate is just at the middle inside of our mouse. To add the weights you must remove the side grip-finger rest and pull out the weight plate.

I don’t relate this design as a negative, because I actually like the way it surprises me. People who know me can assure you that I’m a design freak and this unorthodox method of weight  adjustment just made me love Sentey Revolution Pro more!!


The unique ceramic feet is made from low fiction material and provides a great glide and comfortable movement on many different surfaces.The feet material “Ceramic Steel” has high density and it’s extremely durable, we’re also talking about a melting point of 2715 Celcius degrees. Don’t wanna talk big, but some people claim that it’s indestructable.


Sentey Revolution Pro Review


DPI switch light indicator also looks awesome. You can understand which DPI you’re on just by looking at it so it’s great that it doesn’t give space to any misleading.

Sentey Revolution Pro Review


Sentey Revolution Pro has a braided 2.0 USB cable. It’s pretty neat and strong, also makes you assured that Sentey has tought about every possibility because the USB plate has a protecttion cover to keep the dirt out and protect your USB plate while you’re travelling. USB cord also has a strap to keep your cord together.



Sentey Revolution Pro has a very impressive DPI range up to 8200 DPI. DPI is also switchable between 4 levels: 400/1600/3200/8200. You can switch the DPI on-the-fly with a single click and this gives us the chance to find our sweet spot in game or to adapt ourselves to different situations whether we’re precision sniping or battling in a mid-quarter combat.

Sentey Revolution Pro also covers 1 ms polling rate and 12000 FPS frame rate.


This badboy uses Avago 9800 Chipset laser sensor, which is also used in some high end gaming mice. Avago is also a well known and widely used brand in the peripherals industry when it comes to sensors.


The only doubt I have about the mouse tracking is the acceleration. Laser sensors usually come with acceleration which can maybe make you miss some targets unintentionally sometimes.  Actually many gaming mice use laser sensors and usually it’s not an issue for many gamers, but some people prefer to guarantee their piece of mind by choosing an optical sensor like Logitech G502 has. Actually Logitech G502 has probably the best optical senbsor in the industry, at least that’s what everyone says.

My bet is that you will enjoy the good tracking of Avago 9800 and 4 levels of on-the-fly DPI switch.


On Board Memory and Software

Just like any other profesional gaming moue on the field out there,  Sentey Reolution Pro also works with it’s own mouse software. This mouse software enables you to gain access to the real powers of this badboy. After the installation you will be able to program your buttons with your specified macros, create memory profiles, use 4-way scroll and change X and Y axis sensitivity.


Sentey Revolution Pro Review


User interface of the software is good. It’s not the most appealing to the eye software interface like Razer’s or Logitech’s, but it’s good looking and user friendly. The great thing about macros is that you can create your own ones depending on what you want to do in certain games that you play. You can record your own macros, loop them and assign duration times. Everything is designed to fit your diversified gaming needs.


Sentey Revolution Pro Review


Sentey Revolution Pro offers 5 user profiles that you can customize personally. You can program 9 different button for each profile and set your chosen color for LED Lighting to indicate which profile you’re on. That’s right, for each profile you can decide which color your mouse is going to light. That’s a common way of some high end gaming mice to determine the profile location. You also can name your profiles from the software whatever you want as a profile name.

Sentey Revolution Pro Review

4-Way Scrolling Wheel

Yeah, this is a really unique feature that we can’t find in many gaming mice around. I’m glad that Sentey hasn’t ignored this cool feature on it’s top notch gaming mouse.

Sentey Revolution Pro Review

Else of vertical scrolling back and forth, you also can scroll to the sides with Sentey Revolution Pro. This can benefit you really well when you’re using some office programs like Microsoft Word, Excel, Project and etc..


You must know that this feature willl be active only by installing the mouse software. Without installing the mouse software for Sentey Revolution Pro you won’t be able to use 4-way scrolling feature.



OS of Operation?

This mouse is designed for Windows operating system, but Mac users who tried to use Sentey Revolution Pro on their Mac OS saw that this beauty also works on Mac. But it’s not a guarantee, it may also not work, so just keep in mind that this mouse and software is designed for Windows.


From the experience of Mac users who tried out Senety Revolution Pro we can say that you wouldn’t be able to use the software because it’s designed for Windows OS. Meas that you can’t use the mouse features to the fullest. But still be able to change the lights and DPI tough.

If you’re a Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 user then you don’t have to worry. This baby should work just fine…


What Others Think About It??

There is a MASSIVE amount of positive real user reviews out there who hail the epic Sentey Revolution Pro. Almost every user thinks that it’s awesome and they have all the right to think that way. This badboy screams quality.


One of the best ways to evaluate a peripheral whether it’s good or not is to look at real user comments, which I usually find tons of them from It’s probably the best source I know for this task. Sentey Revolution Pro has got 4.3 stars out of 5 at Amazon from 415 user reviews and a huge percent of them has been rated 5 stars. Here are some of them:

Sentey Revolution Pro Review

Sentey Revolution Pro Review


Where To Buy

The best and easiest place to buy this great baby is because of it’s great service and possible huge discounts that you can come across. Actually the price of Sentey Revolution Pro has dropped down from $89.99 to $24.99!! And this discount is Amazon exclusive.

$24.99 is just a steal for a mouse like this. It’s almost a giveaway. I’m giving you the link where you can get one for yourelf. You can buy Sentey Revolution Pro from here:

>>Click Here To Buy Sentey Revolution Pro<<


Now that you know about every bit of Sentey Revolution Pro, you may easily decide if it’s the right one for you. But you want my personal opinion?? BUY ONE FOR YOURSELF!!! You won’t regret it, I’m sure.

If you have any questions to ask or you want to say something, please don’t hesitate leaving a comment from the comments section down below. Your feedbck is EXTREMELY important to us! And if you liked what you read, PLEASE SHARE!! Because SHARING IS CARING!!! If you want to personally contact, you can mail to

See you soon, folks!! Keep in touch and don’t forget to check out other content of ours!!


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