The EpicGear PC Gaming Cafe Concept Gives You a Taste of Sci-fi

The EpicGear PC Gaming Cafe Concept Gives You a Taste of Sci-fi
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epic gear gaming cafe

Hey there!! I was checking out some news about the Computex Expo and I’ve come across some pretty cool new concepts, but one of them which has interested me the most was the turnkey gaming cafe concept of EpicGear.

I don’t know about you, but if you were born in 90’s you’ve probably witnessed the era of “Gaming Cafes” or “Internet Cafes”. Those were the places where you would pay a price to rent a gaming computer or internet service for an hour or a couple of hours. Back at those days, everyone didn’t have a high-end PC and the internet wasn’t as widespread as today, so they were quite popular in the past.

epic gear gaming cafe

Actually, the tradition still continues, maybe not as many gaming cafes you may find around today, but they still exist and some of them are specially designed and decorated for gamers of all kinds. You may witness ongoing LAN parties or dungeon raids in those cafes. And some of them used to sell monthly subscription services to games such as World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Knight Online and etc… You could also buy some gold coins or trade stuff with other gamers such as skins, weapons, armors and many others.

Ahhhh, good old days… I took a little trip to my childhood just by talking a bit about those times. And now, the “Gaming Cafe” concept is transformed to a whole new level thanks to EpicGear!! They’ve designed a turnkey solution for Gaming Cafes who want to deliver an unmatched and unforgettable experience to their customers.

epic gear gaming cafe

Of course there are many ways or setups that you can build a Gaming Cafe around, but when EpicGear is asked “But why??” they answered: It’s about building a turnkey solution for people who want to build a Cyber Cafe that can be deployed in a matter of days/weeks rather than months. The concept s there, all the necessary PC parts and setup is there, the only thing you have to do is to bring all the pieces of the puzzle together.

The concept reminds a Star Trek-ish or Guardians of The Galaxy inspired futuristic looks. Just like ripped out from a cutting-edge sci-fi movie. The spaces are designed to provide gamers with a wide area and there are also spaces to act like a bar or to serve food.

I would like to spend a few hours if this type of cafe was around me. Maybe one day…

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2 Responses to The EpicGear PC Gaming Cafe Concept Gives You a Taste of Sci-fi

  1. Scott Hinkle says:

    Very cool. I grew up on the 90’s that you speak of. I was the guy with dual channel ISDN at my house. The 128k speed was unheard of! We used to have LAN parties at my home and sometimes at the office. It’s funny looking back and remembering the rigs we’d lug around for it.

    I thought these things had died but I’m really happy to see they’re still around and providing the top-notch gear that gamers need to be competitive in today’s online games.

    Do you happen to have a list of locations that you can post here? I’d love to check one out if they aren’t too far from me.

    Oh, on more thing. Do you have any information on purchasing or franchising from EpicGear? I wonder what the costs involved are.

    Thank you!

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Scott!

      I totally understand you!! Those were the days… Those rigs just sound funny now when considered the modern ones which stand like mecha-weapons next to the older ones.

      I sorrily must admt that I haven’t been involved with Epic Gear until now, that’s why I can’t give any price information. But you may check out their own prices through EpicGear’s own website.

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