The New Building Game “Satisfactory” by The Creators of Goat Simulator Is Revealed

The New Building Game “Satisfactory” by The Creators of Goat Simulator Is Revealed
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Hey there!! Have you ever heard of the game “Goat Simulator”?? There is quite a great chance that you have. It was a phenomenal game which has brought some noise into the indie gaming sphere.

Now there is a new game being developed by the makers of Goat Simulator and it’s coming up with an interesting concept: IT’S A BUILDING GAME!!

Coffee Stain Studio has opened the PC Gaming Show with a new trailer for their upcoming building game “Satisfactory”.

Quite an ironic name… But just by watching the trailer, I came to a conclusion that it will no doubt be SATISFACTORY!!

You’re playing the role of an engineer who’s out there to explore the world, gather resources and build factories of great dimensions. But this time there’s a difference that separates Satisfactory from other conventional building games.

Most building games, such as SimCity or Tycoon genres are presented to you in top-down isometric view angle. In Satisfactory, you get to experience a builder’s life in first-person!! And that’s what makes Satisfactory unique!!

satisfactory workers

The map features various landscapes such as desert, jungle, and plenty of them. You start out with simple tasks and your products that are produced by your creations are relatively simpler, but as your buildings and products become more complex you must create expansion strategies and automation plans.

You will be allowed to design multi-floor constructions, which means that you can stack buildings and integrate navigational gadgets such as jumping pads and moving walkways and etc…

Coffee Stain Studio is best known for the Goat Simulator game and seems like they have stepped up their game with time!! I didn’t have much time to check it out in detail at the time it was released, but I know many friends and many gamers that have been enjoying it. Goat Simulator was about going around and destroying stuff, but Satisfactory is about building a new and developed world!! The polar opposite of the Goat Simulator.

satisfactory world building

For a long while, I haven’t been this much excited about releasing games. It’s not only the Satisfactory, but the E3 Expo has revealed to us this year a MASSIVE GAMING PARTY that’s coming up.

I have been absolutely shocked by the complete remake of Resident Evil 2 and I was in tears when I first saw the gameplay of it. It was the exact thing on my mind for a long long time. Seeing a game next to it with such an interesting approach to gaming experience such as Satisfactory was like the icing on the cake for me 🙂

The alpha for the game is planned in a few months. Until then, we will be waiting patiently. CLICK HERE to find out more about it!!

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Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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2 Responses to The New Building Game “Satisfactory” by The Creators of Goat Simulator Is Revealed

  1. David says:

    Hey there. This game sounds right up my street. Its the first time I have heard of it. I will be keeping a close eye on this me thinks. I have only recently got back into gaming as well after a few years away from it. Will this game be released for PC do you know

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there David!! It’s great to hear that you’re ack to the gaming scene!! I’m so happy for you. Welcome back!! And I don’t know much if it’s going to be released for PC or not. Time will show 🙂

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