The NVidia RTX GPU Brings Ray Tracing To PC Gaming

The NVidia RTX GPU Brings Ray Tracing To PC Gaming
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NVidia GeForce RTX 2080 Graphics Card

If you’re familiar with the latest developments in the gaming industry, then you probably are aware of the release of the new NVidia graphics card lineup “RTX” which brings in a new graphics rendering concept to the commercial individual-grade gaming world. This new lineup will feature the “Ray Tracing” technology integrated into the architecture of these new GPUs.

Here’s a short cool introductory video about the new graphics card:

Don’t be scared by these fancy words “Ray Tracing” or “GPU Architecture”. In technical terms, it all comes down to zeros and ones and the Ray Tracing technology is just a method to render graphics in a different way to achieve life-like graphics. It’s the method in which the ray of light is traced from the eye of the observer to the object in the game and rendered depending on the state, materials, and light of that specific object.

CLICK HERE To Read A Simple Explanation Of The Ray Tracing Technology

Three new graphics cards were announced in Cologne during a pre-Gamescom briefing: the GeForce RTX 2070, 2080 and 2080Ti. These are the first PC GPUs which will be supporting the Ray-Tracing technology and this lineup is estimated to change many balances in gaming and VFX.

Here’s a demonstration of Ray Tracing technology and its impact on in-game and VFX graphics:

The VFX industry also uses a lot of ray tracing to meet observers with real-life like graphics and this new graphics card lineup will definitely have an impact on the VFX industry.

NVidia RTX on and off models comparison

The availability of ray tracing in GPU is not enough to implement the technology. The games should also be supporting ray tracing to bring the awesome eye-catching graphics to life. I assume the new-gen games will be developed with ray tracing technology integrated into them. NVidia announced that Battlefield V, Shadow Of The Tomb Raider and Metro Exodus for PC will be supporting it, which is some awesome news.

Jensen Huang, the CEO of NVidia, stated that GeForce RTX 2070 packs more power than GTX Titan XP, the most powerful graphics card of NVidia until now. But the downside of these awesome cards is that they’re budget-breakingly expensive…RTX 2070 in the US starts with a price tag of $599 while the RTX 2080Ti draws the line at the heights of $1,199.

NVidia CEO Jensen Huang Revealing The New RTX Graphics Card

Ray tracing was considered as the holy grail of gaming and 3D graphics in general. This new lineup will definitely come in handy to 3D modelers too. The Nvidia Quadro Series are the graphics card lineup meant for 3D and CGI professionals, but this new RTX lineup can change the whole concept upside down in the future. I’m not sure about the plans of NVidia, but I suppose we will wait and see.

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