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Hello fellow gamers!! Thermaltake Mouse Bungee may be a product that some of you may have heard about but mice bungee are not the first peripherals that come in mind when you say "gaming peripherals" but you must know that they're an AMAZING comfort for the ones who are using corded mice. And Thermeltake is a personal faourite brand of mine, that's why I also had the urge to make a review about the less spoken product of Thermeltake: The Thermaltake Mouse Bungee TT eSports Galeru Magnetic!!

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Or are you tired of wired mice and don't want to search out for mice bungees anymore?? Then I suggest you to check out our Benefits of A Wireless Mouse Article!!

Now, let's take a ook at Thermeltake Mouse Bungee TT eSports Galeru Magnetic!!

Who Is It For??

Are you tired of your wires and mouse cord getting into your way and ruining your gaming experience or just giing you a hard time to work on subjects that matter to you??

Do you want a clean working / gaming surface??

You value an organized desk setup and want to achieve "Fengshui" on your workspace??

Then you proably must get a mouse bungee and TT eSports is hell of a brand to choose from. Actually, I will also guide you to another mouse bungee, which is my personal favourite and probably the best mouse bungee for performance gamers.  It's the epic COUGAR BUNKER Mouse Bungee which stands out especially with the "vacuum surface" feature.  You can click the picture button down below to check out our Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee Review:

Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee

Else of that, if you sound like the descriptions that were mentioned above, then you should definetely get a mouse bungee and TT eSports Galeru Magnetic is one of the best that you can get!! I will give you more info about this badboy so that you can decide easily whether you should get one for yourself or not. Also I will tell you the place where you can get one for yourself 🙂


Actually, the desıgn of a mouse bungee can't be much different from each other, I mean they can look different but at the end of the day they all perform the same task. Maybe some of them have unique features, Couger Bunker mouse bungee as an example, but in general they all serve the same purpose. But as a person who had the chance to demontrate the TT eSports aleru Magnetic mouse bungee I will write down everything I have experienced. At he end I wll just tell you toGO AND BUY ONE for yourself because it DEFINETELY IS one of the best mice bungee and it's also a bestseller in Amazon with one of the highest ratings that I've ever seen 🙂 


I would like to broaden up the review and share a video content with you guys because it just makes things simple and more eye-candy. 🙂 Here it is from Thermaltake itself:


Thermaltake eSports Galeru comes with a nique feature and that's the magnetic head which is detachable. It's actually a great soluton for portability and will definetely benefit gamers who travel a lot. Mouse bungee isn't an actually big peripheral but it occupies some space not only horizontally but vertically too and when you want to transport your mouse bungee it's a great option which gives you another reason to buy it. Just pull out the magnetic head (the scorpion tail or what you want to call it) and put the bungee in your bag.


Also the rubber tail of Galeru Magnetic is pretty easy to pull around so you won't feel any difficulty moving your mouse around. As in the video you have seen how this baby makes things easier for you with  all the cable management it provides.

The rubber feet is just a charm and it definetely stabilizes the place of your mouse bungee and I've never even seen a single dragging or place displacment of the mouse bungee and it won't probably ever appen unless you pull the cord far more away than the distance you're supposed to stay in.

As I said before, cord is made out of plastic and it's pretty easy to bend around which provides you a great experience of comfort with no cables gettting in your way.

And there 's not much else to talk about, but 'f we have to summarize it all, I would say? It looks great, it feels great, it performs GREAT and the best thing to do is to BUY ONE for yourself  if you need a quality mouse bungee because it's one of the best and one of its kind 🙂

Where To Buy It From??

The best place to buy Thermaltake Mouse Bungee is due to its low prices, great retail service and good customer care. I've bought all my gaming peripherals from Amazon and I'm always satisfied!! The last time I checked the price for TT eSports Galeru Magnetic was $21.06 and there's a great chance that you may come across great discounts in Amazon.

So, if you want to buy one for yourself, don't hesitate and CLICK THE BUTTON down below to get navigated to the Amazon page!! Then you know what to do 🙂

Thermaltake Mouse Bungee

What Do Others Think????

Thermaltake TT eSports mouse bungee has one of the highest scores among mouse bungees in Amazon. 4.3 out of 5 and %85 of real users rated it 4+ stars!! THIS IS HUGE!!




And I will also include some real user comments to give you a more brief idea about how other real users think. Here are some of them:

Thermaltake Mouse Bungee

Thermaltake Mouse Bungee

Thermaltake Mouse Bungee



Thermaltake Mouse Bungee - Conclusion

Now you know everything about Thermaltake Mouse Bungee Galeru Magnet and you're pretty cofortable to decide whether it's for you or not. But I suggest you to check out Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee and aBell Mouse Bungee Review before coming into a decision. They will definetely mesmerize you 😉


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Thermaltake Mouse Bungee


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Tyler,Founder of GMP.

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2 Responses to Thermaltake Mouse Bungee – The TT eSports Galeru

  1. JD says:

    I honestly didn’t even know a mouse bungee was a thing. I have been a causal pc gamer and have always used a wireless mouse. I guess I would prefer that option due to its lack of cable. The only downside is having to change the battery after extended use. That can be annoying, and of course this kind of wireless hardware can be expensive as well.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey JD. Thank you for your interest 🙂

      A wireless mouse can be a great otion due to many benefts that it provides to its users. Those benefits are explained in detail in our “Benefits of a Wireless Mouse” article!! But if you are using a wired mouse then I definetely recommend you getting a mouse bungee!! And Thermaltake Mouse Bungee is one of the best of its kind..

      Check out our other content to find your ulimate gaming peripheral!!

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