Thermaltake Revealed It’s New Tt eSports Ventus Z Gaming Mouse

Thermaltake Revealed It’s New Tt eSports Ventus Z Gaming Mouse
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Some of you guys may know one of the big players in gaming peripheral industry which goes by the name Thermaltake “Tt”. I admit that they have some legendary gaming mice and other peripherals some of which are used in eSports by professionals. I don’t even have to mention the killer looks they have!


TT Ventus Z


Tt eSports continues to amaze us with their gears, and there’s a new kid in the family! Yeah, Tt eSports announced the new member of its Ventus family “Ventus Z”. Ventus Z gaming mouse has some serious muscle in it’s inner parts and deign.


Ventus Z comes with an Avago ADNS 9500 laser sensor which serves you with 11000 max DPI range. Design of its coating feels between plastic and rubber which gives you a balance between rigidity and soft touch. It’s also designed to keep gamers’ hand cool while gaming for long hours.


The ventilated look just as always looks awesome and Ventus Z comes with many customization functions which fully gives the strings to your hands.


What are the key features?


this baby is armed with ARM 32 Bit microcontroller for extensive performance in order to meet the customization needs of the most hardcore ones of us. Also they didn’t forgt to install OMRON switches (this stuff is good) which have an estimated lifespan of 20 million clicks. Think these switches last longer than you??

11,000 DPI Laser Sensor

Ventus Z comes with an 11000 DPI laser sensr with customization control. By dfault DPI can be shifted on-the-fly (400/800/1600/3200) or you can customize it on your own from its mouse software up to 11000 DPI max. Also one other cool thing is that it has a Sniper Button on the left side of the mouse. By activating the Sniping Mode you enter to a high accuracy mode without moving your mouse. Pretty cool huh??

This baby also has 10 programmable buttons you can choose from. Memory of the mouse can hold 5 profiles  and 50 programmable macro keys. The powerful laser sensor offers pretty damn good tracking on a variety of surfaces.


TT Ventus Z


Aerodynamics and Ventiliation

Ventus Z is designed similarly to Tt 10M models with the honeycomb ventilation system in order to keep your hands cool by allowing your palm to breathe through the honeycomb opening. This ventilation design can be seen on som other Tt eSports models which are also used by pro gamers. No wonder why they prefer the comfort and performance it brings within. Who likes sweaty palms?? Not me..


16.8 Million RGB Colors

RGB color illumination has become a feature that many mouse manufacturers prefer to add to their products. It’s understandable because it’s FREAKIN’ COOL!!! And it also serves purpose when it comes to differ profiles.

Ventus Z also has this cool feature on it’s mouse wheel and dragon logo. Lighting of these regions can be independently st on and off, also scroll wheel lighting will flash to denote which DPI level you’re on when you change DPI.




I think you get it, this is one hell of a mouse which has high-ranked features usually high-end gaming mce has, Logitech G502 as an example. Review of this moue can be found on our site soon, so keep in touch!!! And don’t forget to check out our other articles!!!


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