TOP 6 BEST Of All – What is The BEST Mouse Bungee? ANSWERED

what is the best mouse bungee

If you are using a corded mouse you probably have asked yourself this question: What is the best mouse bungee?? I know you did because I have asked that question to myself a couple of times while seeking for a decent mouse bungee.. That's why I decided to prepare a list consisting from THE BEST mouse bungees that any gamer can get..

I realized that there was a little problem among gamers when it came to finding the best mouse bungee. There were many bungees around by different brands and many people are not much acquainted with gaming mouse bungees. That's why I conducted a research, found out the best ones (both in price and quality) and tested them out. This list is the ULTIMATE guide to the best gaming mouse bungees you can get out there. You won't need another one else of these. The list is prepared considering overall ratings and other real user comments too.


The list may be updated with time but be sure that these are selected with great attention and you won't go wrong if you listen to our proper advices about them. Ready to get started?? I am...


What is The BEST Mouse Bungee????

There are several ones that I've picked as the BEST and I will present you ALL of them. You can click the images - buttons down below to check the seperate detailed reviews for each of them. You will eventually find the best one that suits you 🙂

Else of that I will also give some general information for each mouse bungee so that you can have an idea about what they can offer you. There will be personal tips included 😉

So, let's get started!! You can come back to this section of this article to check out each mouse bungee seperately. You can click the buttons down below to chec them out in detail.



1 - Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee - THE BEST YOU CAN HAVE

what is the best mouse bungee

When I said "THE BEST YOU CAN HAVE" I actually meant it.. This is the BEST MOUSE BUNGEE that a gammer can ever have and it's not only my opinion. Many gamers have been using this baby and it's one of the highest (and probably the highest) rated mouse bungees EVER. It's the BESTSELLER of its category in Amazon for a reason.

Before gettng into detail about it I can 100% GUARANTEE YOU a satisfaction. So, if you have any doubt about a gaming mouse bungee you can ALWAYS get a Cougar Bunker Mouse Bungee!! I have personally used it before and man, it was like HEAVEN. You can imagine the comfort of a cable-managed gaming desk without all the mouse cable floating around and bugging you with missed shots due to cable drag and etc..

what is the best mouse bungee

Yes, the main purpose of a mouse bungee is to manage your mouse cable and make things easiser for you without all the cables rising from the depths of  hell. BUT Cougar Bunker has something UNIQUE, a feature that makes it differ from other conventional mouse bungees.

This UNIQUE feature is the "Vacuum Base Technology"!! That's right, Cougar Bunker has a vacuum sticker right under the base which makes it STICK to the surface. This unique feature allows you to game or work with ZERO DRAG!! And it's so powerful that once you install it on the surface it doesn't move at all, no matter how far or how strong you drag the mouse cable.

It can be removed from the surface by opening the "locking cap". It's the cap with the Cougar logo on it. It's tied to the vacuum sticker under it and makes the vacuum sticker suck or release the surface.

what is the best mouse bungee

Else of this unique feature Cougar Bunker is probably the most DURABLE mouse bungee that I've ever seen. It doesn't only look like a military foot locker, but it's ACTUALLY so durable just like the footlocker. Once you buy the Cougar Bunker mouse bungee you will be using it for a LONG LONG TIME without any damage. 

Also the tail of Cougar Bunker is so flexible that it doesn't prevent your mouse movement at all. I was so satisfied with Cougar Bunker that I wouldn't prefer any other mouse bungee if I hadn't switched to a wireless mouse.

Let's check out the other real user thoughts. One of the best ways to evaluate the quality of a product is to check out the real user ratngs. Here is an example:

what is the best mouse bungee

4.8 STARS OUT OF 5!!!! THIS IS HUGE!! I have never seen this kind of a rating. As I said before, if you want a GREAT and not only a great but the BEST mouse bungee, go and BUY COUGAR BUNKER!! You won't get a better one and you can use it ANYWHERE. and it goes for such a cheap price as $19.90!!

You have all the reasons to get a Cougar Bunker if you really want a good mouse bungee. You can check out the full review of Couar Bunker by clicking the image at the beginning of this post. Or if you want to directly get one for yourself I will provide you the magical button which will lead you to the Amazon page where you can buy it.




what is the best mouse bungee

2 - ENHANCE USB Mouse Bungee - Efficiency MAXED OUT

what is the best mouse bungee

ENHANCE USB Mouse Bungee takes the mouse bungee concept a step further with it's unique feature. This mouse bungee actually comes with 4 additional USB ports that you can connect ANY gaming peripheral you want. I must admit that this is a great design idea to apply on a mouse bungee.

Your gaming/ working station is usually a wide desk with many peripherals such as mouse, keyboard, headphones and etc.. lined up on it. By getting an ENHANCE USB mouse bungee you can take your cable management practices to the next level. It doesn't only eliminate the mouse cable problem, but it also provides 4 additional USB ports for you. You can use them to dial up your peripherals to free some USB ports on your computer or you can just use it for any other docking station purpose, it's up to you.

what is the best mouse bungee

The USB ports are of course significant plusses. But USB port aren't the only good thing about this gaming mouse bungee. The non-slip bungee feet stict pretty well to the operating surface and the bungee tail does a great job at holding the mouse cable in place. PLUS it comes in 3 colors and the breathing light effect looks pretty cool on it. Matches a gaming rig great, especially if the rig is illuminated with RGB lights.

If you're interested in this baby then I advise you to check out the full review by clicking the link below. Or you can directly buy it by clicking the button below!!



what is the best mouse bungee

3 - Razer Mouse Bungee

what is the best mouse bungee

Razer is known best for their gaming mice which have established their place in the gaming peripherals market. Razer is one of the dominators of the gaming peripherals market and it has every right to be a major player. They're the creators of awesome gaming peripherals such as Razer Naga Hex V2 and many others. But there is also one more peripheral that some people don't know about. It's the RAZER Mouse Bungee!!!

It's one of the best mice bungees to be listed here and I can't deny that it looks pretty badass too. It can be a great choice for people who go "RAZER ONLY". There is a known Razer fan crowd which gear up only with Razer products and they have all the right to do so. I also LOVE RAZER products and I see no problem going full Razer.

what is the best mouse bungee

It actually works great and designed to provide equal spread of weight and forces to the mouse bungee overall. It doesn't look only cool but it also leaves a small footprint which means that it doesn't take much space on your desk. There's a weight installed at the bottom of this baby which prevents it from dragging away and there is actually a sticky surface under the mouse bungee.

When you pull off the cover under the bungee when  you first buy it you will see that the surface is manufactured from a sticky material. Not "sticky" sticky, but sticky in a good way. A way that doesn't get you uncomfortable. Also, did I mention that it looks BADASS??

If you want to check out the full review of Razer Mouse bungee and see where you can buy this baby, then click the image right under the header or the link right below this pharagraph!! Or you can click the button down below if you want to buy it just right now for a price around $29.95!!



what is the best mouse bungee

4 - TT eSPORTS Mouse Bungee

what is the best mouse bungee

TT eSports is one of the best known brand in the gaming industry and one of their signature acts is to produce "designer" gaming equipment. Be it mice or gaming rigs, TT eSports are known for their badass looking and functioning gaming gear. They even have won a Red Dot Design Award!!

Thermltake TT eSports Mouse Bungee differs from other mouse bungees with a pecific feature: IT'S PORTABLE! Yeah, this isn't a feature that every mouse bungee can serve you and it definetely benefits gamers who travel a lot or want to carry the comfort of cable management practices to anywhere they go.

what is the best mouse bungee

By portable I mean it's detachable. This mouse bungee consists of two parts which are the base of the mouse bungee and the detachable magnetic tail. That's right, the tail actually gets hold in place by magnetism! This is not the type of a mouse bungee that you see everyday..

This great feature allows you to disassembly your mouse bungee and put it in a travelling bag under less than a minute. If you are travelling a lot you can definetely consider getting one for yourself.

Else of that TT eSports Galeru gaming mouse works just fine. It's supported with the anti slip feet and heavy base which hold it in place quite nicely.It goes for a price around $20.06 and has a GREAT rating from If you want to check out the full review you can click on the image button at the beginning of this review or the "Click Here" phrase right under this paragraph. If you want to buy it just click the button  down below:



what is the best mouse bungee

5 - ABell Mouse Bungee

what is the best mouse bungee

ABell mouse bungee is a great choice for any gamer who wants a decent mouse bungee. It's actually a replica of the well known Zowie mouse bungee and it works really well. I must admit that it's not a "special" mouse bungee and doesn't have any exclusive feature. But it works great and the spring which holds the mouse cable is pretty flexible.


My personal advice is to get a Cougar Bunker because they're around the same price range and Cougar Bunker has much more to offer to you. It's listed in this article just to provide you more information about mouse bungee and it has EXTREMELY GOD RANKINGS by other users. Its feet can slip a little if you pull too hard on the cord but in general it just works more than fine.


So, if you want to check out the full review of ABell Mouse Bungee click the image or the button down below:



what is the best mouse bungee


what is the best mouse bungee

IOGEAR ELEVATR is the kind of  mouse bungee which looks like a spaceship out of a Star Wars movie. IOGEAR is a well known brand for their docking station products, especially the Thunderbolt docking boards. But they decided to produce a  mouse bungee and it turned out really well. It doesn't actually has much to offer than the standard purpose of a mouse bungee, but the wide cable inlet allows probably all the mouse cables and even the thickest ones with braided cables to fit in.

So, CHECK OUT the full review by CLICKING HERE


what is the best mouse bungee

What is The Best Mouse Bungee?? - Conclusion

Now you know what is the best mouse bungee or atleast the best one for yourself. You can decide between these mouse bungees and there is EVERY kind of them which come with different features and advantages to offer. I hope youlkied the rticle and found what you came for.

If you liked the article PLEASE SHARE IT to spread the word!! Also you can write down to the comments section below if you have anything to ask or any opinion to state.

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what is the best mouse bungee

what is the best mouse bungee

And don't forget to a check out our other content!!  See you around! 😉

Tyler, Founder of GMP.

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14 Responses to TOP 6 BEST Of All – What is The BEST Mouse Bungee? ANSWERED

  1. Jackie says:

    OMG I love your website being I can tell you a mouse bungee is a necessity. There is nothing worse than being in a dungeon and your mouse gets caught up. Yes I know im a geek but i love it.

    • Tyler says:

      Thnk you for your nice words Jackie 🙂 I’m glad that you liked my website and found something useful for yourself.

      Definetely a mouse bungee is one of the most useul items that gamers can own if they’re using a corded mouse.

  2. Ryan says:


    I did not realize there were so many different types of bungees for my mouse. I didn’t know what each was could and could not do, and if you made it very simple and easy for me to understand this article. I commemorate you for all your work and keep it up.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Ryan,

      My name is actually Tyler 🙂 Also they call me Duru officialy but I will think that you were a little bit tired when you were writing this comment and misconcepted some stuff 🙂

      Thank you! I’m glad that you found hat you were looking for and I’m glad that I could be helpful to you 🙂

  3. Devara says:

    Hi Duru,
    Thanks for the informative article and clearly stating the differences between these mouse bungees.
    I have been looking for one for my boyfriend and think I’ve decided on the Cougar Bunker. It is for a gift. Is there a money back guarantee? What is the return policy?

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there Devara!!

      I’m gad that I could be helpful to you 🙂 And Cougar Bunker is definitely the best choice for a mouse bungee.. I have no doubt that your byfrend will be more than satisfied 🙂

      I’m not sure about the return policy, but trust me, he won’t want to return it 🙂 But for any questions related with return policy you can contact with Amazon.

      Don’t forget to check out our other mice content from the Mice Section 🙂

  4. BisayangInvestor says:

    When I was a kid, I like playing computer games.
    I could even skip meals just to continue playing.

    Just now, I realized that playing computer games has gone highly sophisticated.

    I know for sure that this mouse bungee was created for gamers convenience.

    By the way, is there a difference if the gamer uses the wireless mouse instead? 🙂

    Is it also good to have in the corporate world? It’s sometimes annoying to use a mouse with very long chords. haha…

    • Tyler says:

      You’re right!! PC gaming has evolved to a whole new level and with each day there are new develpments:)

      You can also use a wireless mouse, but some people who especially take gaming seriously don2t prefer using wireless mice. You can find out the reason for using one by CHECKING OUT our “Benefits of a Wireless Mouse” Article 🙂

      I myself am thinking of buying one for office. As you mentioned, sometimes it gets too annoying to deal with the cables…

  5. John says:

    The Article was really helpful and informative. I never knew the bungee have different types and their different characteristics, I really do not which is for which and which is not. The article is so straightforward and easy to understand. We learn everyday and today is mine. Thanks for the article I loveee.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey John!! I’m glad for your appreciation 🙂

      Yes, they have different types and different features, but the tasks that they perform are similar in fundamentals. I suggest you chec out the Cougar Bunker Review, because it’s the best among them all in my opinion. And I thank you for the nice words 🙂 I’m so happy that I could be helpful to you 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our GET STARTED Page to jumpstart your experience in GMP!! Also, by visiting the Mice 101 Page you can find out many interesting stuff about gaming mice. Technical information about which you have never heard before 🙂

  6. Chris says:

    Hey Tyler,

    I’ve been looking around for a good mouse bungee for quite a while now and wasn’t really sure if it would be worth the money. After reading your review, I fell that it certainly is. Currently I use a Razer Diamondback on a Razer Vespula Pad and my “mouse bungee” literally is M3 taped to my desk. It works, but it’s as ugly as it gets 🙂

    Thanks for the insights and the elaborate review. Love it!!!


    • Tyler says:

      Hey Chris!

      I can understand you… The taped mouse cord was also my personal solution on the problem until I bought a Cougar Bunker, which is EPIC!!! I advise you to check out our Mouse Bungee Page to find out the best ones with many different features to offer!

      Thank you for your interest!! See you around!!

  7. moonmount says:

    Fairly good imagery showing the product types. May need more detailed information on what each product can offer in possible bullet point comparison charts. Needs more consolidated summary information to do a comparison. Needs improvement in grammatical sentence structure to appeal to a broader clientele and age group. Some sentences are nonsensical or missing wordage.

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