TreeTech Introduces Po!Nt Controller To Improve Mouse and Keyboard Accuracy for VR

TreeTech Introduces Po!Nt Controller To Improve Mouse and Keyboard Accuracy for VR
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As you all know, gaming has been transferring from gaming deks to TV screens and couches with the evolving in VR technology, which has been integrated to our lives more than ever, and some services such as streaming, Steam Box and etc… This is no doubt a great thing and the comfort of a couch probably overcomes a chair and playing your favorite games on wide HD screen is definitely a totally different experience. But it comes with its cons too for PC gamers.

Gaming on the couch with a keyboard on your lap and a mouse on your couch is probably not the most suitable and comfortable position for gaming. I have experience with this setup and I can verify that it’s not the same as gaming on your desk. Especially with a VR headset, it gets even harder on your couch with this kind of a setup. That’s why a company named TreeTech has developed a new controller “Po!Nt” which unifies a keyboard and a mouse with a console controller!! It’s probably the thing that all hybrid gamer PC – Console players were craving for!!

Po!Nt Controller is a modular console which can be customized with different modules for different types of games. Be it action adventure, be it FPS / RPG, be it racing and you can list the examples. Po!nt Controller has a touch-sensitive mouse pad module, a console gaming setup with the joysticks that we’re familiar with from PS and XBox, a keypad, and even a racing setup with all the bells and whistles…

This is great for people who are seeking an adaptable setup for VR gaming but also don’t want to give up the PC gaming reflexes which they have obtained over a long time. It’s a fact that getting used to the Po!Nt Controller will take a little learning curve to overcome, which is probably no more than 15 minutes 🙂 After changing the modules it may require a little getting used to period which is also no more than 15 minutes.

Po!Nt controller hasn’t been manufactured in large amounts yet and it’s still in the development process, but I believe it will be out in no time. It’s designed for VR for now, but it may evolve to a universal console later. But we’ll see what happens.

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Tyler, Founder of GMP.


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2 Responses to TreeTech Introduces Po!Nt Controller To Improve Mouse and Keyboard Accuracy for VR

  1. John says:

    Everything gaming is cool to me, but this technology is entirely new to me and it seems so cool. Gaming without conveniency is not cool, distractions here and there because of discomfort. This technology is A must have and I will be exploring soon. Also is I’ll love to introduce my friends to it, I think they are going to love it too .Gaming made easier.

    • Tyler says:

      With time and technology evolvin we will keep seeing better and better setups that improve our gaming comfort and transform our experience to more user friendly levels. I hope that they’ll be able to develop this technology further…

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