UTechSmart Venus Review – The BEST BUDGET MMO Mouse

Hello!! UTechSmart Venus Review was something that I wanted to do for a long time and I feel like the time has come 🙂 The most mesmerizing thing about UTechSmart Venus MMO gaming mouse is the quality and features that it offers for SUCH A LOW PRICE TAG of $29.99!! And UTechSmart Venus is one of my personal favourites of budget gaming mice and you will get to know why in this review. Probably a dream came true for MMO gamers with a budget.

UTechSmart Venus Review

I had the chance to give it a test drive myself a few days ago and I will tell you EVERYTHING about it. Should I get one for myself? What are its specific features? Will it improve my MMO gaming? All these questions are going to be answered in our review. So, let's get started!!!!

This is the general outline of our post. Now we get to know UTech Smart Venus inside out 🙂

  • Technical Specifications
  • Who Is It For
  • Design and User Interaction
  • Software Reviewed
  • Pros and Cons
  • What Others Think
  • Where To Get One??
  • Conclusion



Getting Started

First of all, let’s get to know the technical fundamenals of UTechSmart Venus. Here is what UTechSmart Venus gaming mouse is made of:

UTechSmart Venus 16400 DPI High Precision Laser MMO Gaming Mouse

  • 16400 DPI High Precision Laser Sensor
  • 19 MMO optimized programmable buttons
  • Rubber Painting Surface for improved Grip
  • 8-Piece Adjustable Weight Tuning (2.4 g each)
  • Multi LanguageMouse Programming Sofware compatible with Windows 7, 8, 10 ,Vista and XP
  • 5 Savable Memory Profiles
  • Breathing Illumination System with 5 Color Selection
  • Wired Mouse Connection with 6ft (183 cm) braided fiber mouse cable
  • 150 grams (5.3 ounce) product weight

Who Is It For??

This part of our review is the most explanatory and helpful one because “Who Is It For?” section will actually help you making up your mind on whether buying this mouse or not. You can always come back to this section to make your final decision.

This mouse is for these people:

  • You are a MMO/MOBA player and you want a budget gaming mouse to raise up your game and competency against others.
  • You want great quality from a MMO gaming mouse but you don’t want to spend big money.
  • You want to achieve the power of greater but more pricey gaming mice such as Logitech G600 or Corsair Scimitar.
  • You want high technical quality from a MMO mouse such as Ultra High DPI and Precision
  • You’re a designer or you work with design software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, AutoCad, SketchUp etc.. and you want to create shortcuts to various tools by programming buttons.

If these statements sound like you, then you can get a UTechSmart Venus for yourself without hesitation. I’ll provide you a link in “Where To Get One?” section down below. If you want to purchase a UtechSmart Venus gaming mouse, just skip to “Where To Get One?” section below and click the buy button 🙂

And I will give you a little spoiler before beginning, but it’s a good one (not actually spoiling anything) 🙂 UTechSmart Venus is the best alternative for a MMO mouse with the price tag $29.99. So if you're on a budget and you don't want to spend big bucks on a gaming mouse, just go on and buy it. It's probably the best variant for this price 🙂

But if you don't have a minimized budget and want to check out other MMO gaming mice which are EPIC I suggest you to check out Corsair Scimitar, Logitech G600 and Razer Naga or Razer Naga Hex V2.


UTechSmart Venus has a simplistic but smartly crafted MMO design which obviously provides us everything we need when it comes to MMO.  A proper and nice ergonomic shape. Especially the ring and pinky finger rest are well designed.


The thumb resting edge is a little short at the side but it’s a good design detail because most of the MMO mice I’ve used till now didn’t have a thumb rest and I as an habbit tend to keep my thumb on the fingers in that kind of a situation. The absence of side thumb rest protrusion made me accidently press thumb buttons from tme to time(not oftenly) so the thumb rest was one of the details that got my attention and I actually liked it.

UTechSmart Venus Review

Side buttons are designed reverse edged to make you otice the difference between each of them and after getting used to them a litttle bit you will be using them as your limbs in no time. The firest two rows are exactly where they should have to be and reached amazingly easy! I loved them!


In order to reach the rear rows you may have to change your gripping a little bit and compromise a little from your comfort but it’s all about getting used to the mouse. But it can a plus for some of us, especially if you have smaller than average hands.

UTechSmart Venus Review

If you want an EPIC MMO MOUSE where you can adjust the side buttons placement (I know it sounds Sci-Fi but it actully exists) you better check out our Corsair Scimitar Review. It’s my personal favourite within MMO mice 🙂


My fingers are actually long and my hand is actually bigger than average so that’s why I don’t use every gaming mouse at same ease, but UTechSmart has a great ergonomic shape and makes your hand really comfortable. And if you have an average or smaller hand you will be more than pleased with UTechSmart Venus.


The right and left click buttons are soft to click and they feel good. To be honest, there’s nothing so special about buttons. They’re simple and working great, feeling good. Right—Left click buttons are a little short to me and that wasn’t a problem. Shape, ergonomics and button placements get a big plus from me.

UTechSmart Venus Review

And also an extra button at the left edge of left click is a great game changer. It’s so easy to reach and will become probably one of your most used weopans in artillery of UTechSmart Venus. I assign shortcuts and gaming commands that I use the most so it makes my job very easy and gains me advantage agains other gamers in competition.


Isn’t there any better MMO mouse?? Yes there definetely IS. If you are willing to spend some extra Money you can place your blood sweat and tears to a Corsair Scimitar or Logitech G600. Scimitar has amazing extra features an done of the best mouse design on earth while Logitech provides extra ring finger button, amazing durable build, better and kick ass software.


But FOR A PRICE OF $29.99 UTECHSMART VENUS is the best variant you can get!!

UTechSmart Venus Review

Surface of the mouse (else of the glossy part) is rubber coating and provides quite a good grip and feels EXCELLENT. Rubber coating tends to wear off after an extended time and a lot of gaming of course, but this is the nature of the material and all the matter in the world 🙂 Everything tends to wear off after long usage until it’s specially designed with specific materials for purpose (aviation/space grade technology hellooo).


We’re talking about a $29.90 mouse here and FOR THIS PRICE its surface, feeling, design and features are EXCELLENT. This sentence of mine can summ up all my thoughts about UTechSmart Venus gaming mouse!!


Now, one of the most significant features of UTechSmart Venus is the additional weights. They are a good friend of mine in every mouse with adjustable weights that I use. A good few of new generation gaming mice come with additional weights to balance your handling of the mouse and give you the ability to tailor your mouse weight to the most comfortable handling feel.

UTechSmart Venus comes with 8 additional weights 2.4 g each. This gives you a range of extra 19.2 grams which can actually make a difference during gameplay. They come with a container for you not to lose them by accidently dropping around.


With all MMO and strategy  mice  I used, if they had weight adjustment option I’ve always maxed it out because I actually like my mouse heavy and during a MMO gaming session I like to feel a certain weight under my hand. This gives me the sensation of control over the mouse.


So, these additional weights are a certain plus in MMO gaming and UTechSmart has done a good job by including them in their design. Other mice with adjustable weights that you can find reviews of in GMP are Logitech G502, Redragon Perdition. I suggest to check them out, you may find interesting stuff 😉

UTechSmart Venus Review
UTechSmart Venus Review

Scroll Wheel was a little loose and scroll markers weren’t crafted that much identifying, so that’s probably the one negative thing that I can state abut UTechSmart Venus. Actually many things on gaming mice depend on people. Some people like some features of a gaming mice while some others don’t like the same features. So, it’s all personal and it’s not a big thing to mention.


The feet of UTechSmart Venus are made from teflon material to reduce friction and provide a smooth glide to your mouse. It comes with 2 additional teflon feet in the box so you will always have the backup. Thanks you for thinking about us gamers UTechSmart!


UtechSmart Venus has 4 zone illumination and breathing light effect. These are the 4 zones of illumination:

  • Rear Logo
  • Thumb Buttons
  • Scroll Wheel
  • Front Lightings under mouse buttons

 All illumination zones are adjustable from software and you can increase or decrease the light brightness. It’s great because many people game at night in a dark environment and I personally don’t prefer little bright lights in such environments which catch my eye and distract me. This is not an issue with UTechSmart Venus.


The only thing I can think which will make RGB fans unhappy is that UTechSmart Venus has around 5 tones of adjustable color options. Means that there are certain colors that you can program the mouse to illuminate with but 16.8 million RGB colors selection is something you won’t find in UTechSmart Venus gaming mouse.

UTechSmart Venus Review

Also you can’t apply different colors to each illumination zone, which means that all illumination zones light up with same color.

That’s not a problem for me because I can live without RGB color spectrum on my mouse and I prefer same colors on different illumination zones. I like my mouse less “rave-party ligths” and more “cool but organized”. Just like the way a marine prefers his weapon.

But if you’re lookng for RGB illumination on your gaming mouse there are other alternatives you can check out. Corsair Scimitar does a great job when it comes to EVERYTHING and this includes illumination too. Actually Corsair Scimitar is probably the coolest MMO gaming mouse that I’ve used. Click here to check it out.


UTechSmart Venus has a 16400 DPI lazer sensor which was quite accurate and responsive to me. There wasn’t any bad empression during my demonstration of UTechSmart Venus, so I don’t have much to say or criticise about the sensor.


The oly thing you should know about sensors is that higher DPI doesn’t mean better gaming unless you’re gaming/gaming on giant high resolution screens combined together. There is a different sweet spot of DPI for every individual and it’s for your own good to find your “Sweet Spot” of DPI to use your gaming mouse comfortably on a standard gaming session.


You don’t want your mouse to fly right across your screen by moving the mouse just a bit. That’s why high DPI isn’ always better and by knowing your sweet spot you can achieve comfort with almost any mid-quality mouse with enough DPI and technical features.

But having a high DPI range is aplus for any mouse. I suppose 16400 DPI  is one of the highest I’ve spotted on a gaming mouse. AND the good part is that you can regulate the DPI via mouse software of UTechSmart Venus from a pixel precise 50 DPI to extreme fast 16400 DPI in 5 different levels. There is no doubt that you will find the most suitable interval for yourself with UTechSmart Venus J


You want to learn more about DPI and the technical side of gaming mice?? Then click here to navigate to our Mice Fundamentals 101 page to learn more about DPI and other gaming mouse Fundamentals or directly click to our Get Started on our menu at the top to get to know all the hidden treaures of gamingmiceplanet.com 🙂


Software is not the best mouse software ever, but for the price tag it really does what it should do and gets the job done well.

Interface is pretty simplistic and clear that I have no doubt by looking around for a minute you will find your way and the methodics which UTechSmart Venus software works on will become crystal clear.

UTechSmart Venus Review

Sections of software interface are so simplistic that you don’t have to look around to get acquinted with them. There are 4 main menus of software:

  • General
  • DPI
  • Light
  • Info

In “General” section you can assign macros to buttons and profiles while you can also alter acceleration, pointer speed, scroll speed, double-click speed and polling rate. One of the details I liked is the “Burst Fire” button command. Pretty useful.

I don’t have to explain much about other sections of software because they’re pretty obvious.

  • From DPI Section you can modify DPI range with 5 different levels.
  • Light Section is there to choose your illumination settings.
  • Info for getting info about the software.

Software isn’t the best software in gaming mice industry, but it gets the job done pretty well and is so simple to use. It’s not Razer Synapse or Logtech Gaming Software of course, but for the price it serves really well. Simple and useful.

UTechSmart Venus Review

The only minus I can think bout the software is that you can’t install profiles to mouse memory. This feature is called “On-The-Go Profiles” and UTechSmart Venus is absent of it.  This feature allows you to install pre-programmed gaming profiles to your mouse memory and let you carry them everywhere you go no matter the software is installed or not.

Usually high end gaming mice like Logitech G502, Logitech G700S and many others have the On The Go feature and it could be very useful if you carry your mouse around with yourself to use in LAN parties or ESports events or just for the sake of your gaming comfortbut it won’t be a problem if you’re going to use it at your PC or private laptop only.


And you can change your gaming profiles from the button under your mouse when necessary.

If you want to download the software you can click here to navigate to download page :))

Pros and Cons

Let’s summ up all the pros and cons of UTechSmart Venus to get a general idea and look back at all the information we obtain.


  • THE PRICE and ALL THE FEATURES it offers for it. This is probably the best MMO mouse you can get for this price $29,99 and it’s AWESOME.
  • 18 buttons that you can program as freaky as you want. That’s real power and you can use this mouse for many different tasks, such as design software usage or editing.
  • Ergonomics are great and after getting used to it you will use it like a part of your body.
  • Adjustable weights is a great feature that not every gaming mouse has
  • DPI range and other technical features it offers are so charming for a price which I can relate as “Almost Free”.
  • Tactile response of buttons are great
  • Teflon feet are definitely a plus


  • Your illumination choices are limited to certan colors.
  • On-the-go profiles isn’t a feature that it supports.

Where To Get One??

Best and easiest place to get it is Amazon.com. It’s probably the easiest way to get a product, retail service is great, customer care is awesome and you can come across some great discount.

I’m giving you the link to the buy page. Click the button if you want to purchase an UTechSmart Venus:

UTechSmart Venus Review




What Others Think????

Before buying a mouse I always check other customer reviews from Amazon to be certain about what other REAL PEOPLE THINK about it.

I must say, UTechSmart Venus is one of the TOP SELLERS IN AMAZON and people couldn’t be more satisfied with it. LET THE NUMBERS TALK

UTechSmart Venus Review

As you can see UTechSmart Venus has 4.5 out of 5 stars in ratings and %74 of 1649 users have voted 5 stars!!!!


Let’s accept that a customer who voted 3 or more stars are satisfied customers. This means that %94 of all verified customers (more than 1600 people) are happy with this mouse. I think this is more than enough to understand that UTechSmart Venus is a GREAT BUY.

Here are some real user comments from Amazon:

UTechSmart Venus Review

UTechSmart Venus Review

UTechSmart Venus Review

UTechSmart Venus Review

Yeah, UTechSmart Ventus is favourite of many gamers and it’s badass. Now I’ll show you where you can get one for yourself.

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Tyler, Founder of GMP

UTechSmart Venus Review - Conclusion

Now you know every bit and detail about UTechSmart Venus and you have determined whether it’s the mouse you should have or not. I hope you’ve enjoyed our UTechSmart Venus Review and hope you have benefitted from my site.

If you have anything to state or any question to ask about UTechSmart Venus Review, please leave a comment down in the comments section. And DON’T FORGET TO SHARE because SHARING IS CARING!!!!


UTechsmart Venus Review


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Tyler, Founder of GMP

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26 Responses to UTechSmart Venus Review – The BEST BUDGET MMO Mouse

  1. Michael says:

    Wow is all I can say about this gaming mouse!

    I use to play WOW a few years ago and sadly was only using a regular mouse — so I can imagine having one like this one would help tremendously.

    Have you personally bought this one, or do you have another one you enjoy better? From what I read this seems like a very high tech to have at the moment.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Michael!

      Yes it’s a great alternative for MMO players. I had the chance to test it out but haven’t bought myself one because I’m not a gamer specifically playing MMOs and I have a better mouse :3

      I use a Logitech G700s and that can be defined as a “Hybrid” mouse. It’s not a MMO specific mouse but it can be used for them as well and it’s KICKASS when it comes to many types of games. I’m also using design softwares and it has just about enough macros for me and I don’t even have to mention the software and overall Logitech quality.

      And no, UTechSmart Venus is not the highest tech to have when you look at other GOD TIER gaming mice in the industry, but it’s VERY GOOD and it’s probably one of the best alternatives to have when if you have a budget.

  2. Arie says:

    I really like the design of this mouse and it looks like it would be comfortable to use.

    I have always been more of a console gamer but I have been wanting to get into PC gaming for quite some time and this looks like it maybe the mouse to go for!

    And since I am usually on my PC at night, I think having a light would be good for helping me see what I am clicking better.

    My question is, what are the buttons on the side of the mouse primarily used for? Are they mainly for specific actions you do in games?

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Arie!

      I’m glad that I could be helpful to you. If you are getting into PC gaming this mouse can be a great start for you and the “almost free” price tag is a definite plus because you have nothing to lose and many MANY people are so happy with it. But if you’re going to play mainly FPS games I would offer you something different and also suitable to your budget like Redragon M602 Centrophorus.

      About the lights, I think you will be too busy looking and concentrating on the monitor so it won’t make a difference much but if you have a habbit of checking out your buttons then yes, it may be useful.

      Side buttons are mainly used to assign macros which you’re using frequently in-game. Be it spells, weapons, potions, explosives, items, grenades etc.. You can also assign different macros to use with various design software such as Adobe Creative Suit, 3D Design Softare like 3DS Max, Cinema 4D, ZBrush, Autodesk Inventor and any other thing you can imagine. I used it for design software and it REALLY eases the job if you have many shortcuts to assign.

  3. kenuetrecht says:

    Have one of these myself and have to say its great for may games and not just MMO’s. Anything where you can use macros or shortcuts these come in handy! Even using day to day aplications you can map shortcuts and keys to the buttons and make your process more efficient. definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a high end mouse.

    • Tyler says:

      Yeah, it’s definetely one of the most kickass mouse around the gaming industry. It’s a great buy and no matter what it can be a great alternative as a backup if you use a higher end mouse 🙂

  4. Abe Wine says:

    OK. This looks like an a mazing gaming mouse. I have friends who do MMO and MOBA and they have these $500 mice that look all fancy but this one looks just as good as those but, its like THIRTY DOLLARS.


    I’ve been looking for a mouse for a while as I currently use this annoying trackpad that takes 20 seconds for the cursor to go across the screen, and I’ll look into this.

    • Tyler says:

      Yeah, it’s a true fact that you don’t need to have the best equipment around to achieve a good gaming quality.  I definetely recommend getting one 🙂

  5. Isaya says:

    Is there anything this mouse DOESN’T do??
    I currently have a razor naga series, but the scroll wheel just recently stopped working unfortunately. Looking to buy a new one, but definitely don’t want to spend too much.

    I really like how this mouse has the 5 different colours (the naga only has one), and the added weights are a great addition. Customization is key!

    The only downside for me are the side buttons. I mainly play games like League of Legends where those buttons aren’t necessary and can sometimes get in the way. But they also have cool functions outside of gaming. Even for working on your computer, you can create some really handy macros for things.

    Have you personally tested the software for this mouse?
    I’ve found in the past that the software can be a bit faulty. Both Steel Series and Razor can both be a bit of a pain to use in my opinion.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Isaya!!

      If you’re a League of Legends player then I highly recommend you getting a Razer Naga Hex V2!! It’s definetely one of the best mice that a MOBA player can have in their arsenal and it’s completely designed for MOBA gaming!! CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT Razer Naga HEX V2 REVIEW!!

      Yeah UTech Smart Venus is a highly customizable gaming mouse and it reminds me of the Redragon Centrophorus M601 with the additional weights and overall style!!

      Software is pretty simplistic actually. I haven’t faced with any problems with it and it works out pretty well. SteelSeries software is also a type of software that I had the chance to lay my hands on and it’s also pretty good. Razer is no doubt one of my personal favourites but Razer Synapse Software usually requires you to create a Razer account and have an internet connection. That may be the only con about Razer Synapse Software.

      Thanks for your interest!! Check out our other content and don’t forget to sign up to our Facebook page :))

  6. Kenneth says:

    Is there any reason you chose the uTechSmart Venus over the Razer Naga, seeing as they have a VERY similar design? Is it simply because of the price tag difference? If there’s a reason I’ll definitely be upgrading my MadCatz RAT3! Thanks so much for the very informative article, Tyler!

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Kenneth!!

      There are 2 answers I can give to you on this subject.

      1) The strongest feature of UTechSmart Venus is the “price vs performance” curve and definetely it is a great mouse but this doesn’t mean that it’s better than Razer Naga. Some people May prefer UTechSmart Venus over Razer Naga because of some additional features it offers or they just like the ergonomics of it while some prefer the signature Naga for their own personal reasons. 

      And it’s a fact that Razer Naga is a mouse which has dominated the industry for years and demonstrated itself over and over again. I love both, but for MMO my personal favourite is the epic Corsair Scimitar 😉

      Razer Naga is definetely an industry standard BADASS MMO gaming mouse. I won’t suggest you upgrading from MADCATZ RAT 3 because RAT 3 is a more like FPS/RPG inclined mouse while UTechSmart Venus is more of an MMO mouse and unless you don’t want many buttons to customize under your thumb I wouldn’t recommmend switching from RAT 3 directly to UTechSmart Venus because you won’t be used to it right after you lay your hands on it. BUT I still suggest you to buy an UTechSmart Venus and practice on it. It’s just 29.99 COME ON!!!! It can also be a good mouse to keep as a stock if something goes wrong with your primary mouse 🙂

  7. Brendon says:

    Great review of the UTechSmart Venus gaming mouse. This thing sounds amazing and yet remains budget friendly!

    I am new to computer gaming, having always used a gaming console in the past, Recently however i have moved into more and more computer games.

    I am currently still using my simple computer mouse, and think it is time to upgrade my experience.

    Does the UTechSmart Venus come with tutorials and how to’s for set up and usage?

    If not do you know of any YouTube videos that may help explain that?

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Brendon!!

      Yes it’s actually amazing!! I’m also a concole player and I’m still a hardcore one, but PC is also a platform that any gamer should be in. It’s the real deal. :))

      And yes, there is an instruction manual of UTechSmart Venus which you can check out from UTechs site. Click here to check out the download page for manuals and drivers and videos.

  8. alusineallieu says:

    Is there any reason you chose the uTechSmart Venus over the Razer Naga, seeing as they have a VERY similar design? Is it simply because of the price tag difference? If there’s a reason I’ll definitely be upgrading my MadCatz RAT3! Thanks so much for the very informative article,

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there!!

      Actually the price tag isthe main reason behind choosing UTech Smart Venus, but it appears that some people ACTUALLY like UTechSmart Venus more than Razer Naga. It’s a thing of personal preference but I personally like Razer Naga more because of the quality it has been established on. Also Razer Naga is more user friendly in softare and customisation. BUT my ALL TME FAVOURITE MMO mouse is Corsair Scimitar. But the end of the day it’s all about personal choice 🙂 Also here’s the link for our Corsair Scimitar Review:

      Click Here To Check Out Corsair Scimitar Review

  9. JohnB says:

    Great price for so many features! I’m not an MMO player but I enjoy FPS games and RPGs. It is rare to see such a cheap mouse packed with features. Should I buy this mouse although I’m not into MMO that much? I have one small complaint. The price on your website does not match up with Amazon’s price as it sells for 38$. You may want to adjust the pricing. Overall amazing mouse for that price point. I’m impressed!

    • Tyler says:

      Hey John!! You can use ‘t for FPS/RPG too but you may not be able to achieve full performace for them with it. But it’s a KICKASS mouse!!

      Thanks for the info update!! I will check it out!!

  10. Salvatore V Jenkins Jr. says:

    I did a review on a couple of gaming mice a while back but none were a MMO mouse and my every day mouse is the Combaterwing which I found to be a really good budget basic gaming mouse.

    I think the first thing that draws me to a gaming mouse is the overall ergonomic design and a lot of gaming mice have striking designs.

    Now I’m not a big MMO gamer but I do love a good 3rd person shooter, think the number buttons would work well with weapon swap?

    • Tyler says:

      Combaterwing is also a good budget gaming mouse. Not the typical one among gaming mice but many people are satisfied with it 🙂

      Those are the same reasons for me to become obsessed with gaming mice. We’re not so different than each other 🙂

      Number buttons can provide you ease but in my opinion a MMO specific mouse may not suit well for 3rd person RPG. I woud advise you checking out Razer Naga Hex V2 for that 😉 Also it’s a great MOBA moue and a GREAT ALTERNATIVE for League of Legends, DOTA and etc..

  11. Doug says:

    Thanks for the review and the information. My son has been wanting something like this but I always assumed they were 50 dollars or more. This seems like a very good quality mouse

    I would like something that is durable and will last a long time.

    Are these available in store or just on line?

    I think I will have my son read this review also so he can decide if it is right for him

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Doug!! I think you found just the right mouse for your son 🙂

      It’s definetely going to assist your son’s gaming for quite a long time. And the best part is that it’s CHEAP AS HELL!! And you can easily get it online by clicking the button that has been provided in the article at the “Where To Buy One??” section. It’s REALLY easy to buy it online and not even mentioning the relieve from the rush to the store and etc.

      You may not find it everywhere, I haven’t come across with one of these in any store around my region, tht’s why I recommend buying by clickig the button in the article. Also the delivery service of Amazon works great and you won’t have to think about anything.

      I’m glad that you liked it!! I have no doubt that your son will appreciate it too 🙂 Tell me if he likes it 😉

  12. Aaron says:

    Hey Tyler, I was looking for a new gaming mouse for my brother. He uses those mouses with hundreds of buttons on them. All the other mouses that have this kind of customization on them are pretty expensive. Plus the exchangeable weights which are really a high-end feature. Thanks, Tyler really cool mouse gonna buy it.

    • Tyler says:

      Hey there Aaron!!

      I’m glad that you’ve found what you’re after 🙂 I hope your brother will like it and don’t forget to check out our other content to find out some cool information about other gaming peripherals. Perhaps you can find one which suits you well 🙂

  13. Jackie says:

    Hi Tyler I am an MMO player and let me tell you, your mouse is your best friend after your graphics card. This mouse is sleek and looks great. I love having the buttons to be be able to asign functions to. The lumination isnt that big of a deal to me as long as the mouse is comfortable to the hand and gives me the extra edge when playing my game. I like the idea that it has the extra weights so you can adjust the sensitivity. I use a naga at the moment but this looks like it could be an option in the futur. Great review thanks for sharing

    • Tyler says:

      Hey Jackie!

      Your mouse is DEFINETELY your best friend after your main compting hardware, that’s true 🙂 And I value a good mouse more than I value a gaming keyboard. I think our tastes of gaming peripherals are quite the same 🙂

      Illumnation is not a neccessity for me but it looks good, I can’t deny it. And if you’re an RGB lover or have a gaming rig with RGB installation you would love a mouse with illumination. Naga is great bt I prefer using the Razer Naga Hex V2 for MMO / MOBA . Considering the fact that I don’t play much MMO but FPS/RPG and I also do design stuff. It really helps me accomplish a lot of things while providing me great comfort in gaming. I definetely advise you to check out Razer Naga Hex V2 Review.

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