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Admin of GMP is at the moment fulfilling his national duty in the army, that's why Tyler will not be around much till July. But this doesn't mean that you won't be able to benefit from GMP. Our site is up and shining just like always and you can dive into our pool of articles, guides and cool stuff. You can find out the best peripheral suitable for your needs and buy them via our guiding buy buttons.

But THE BIG BANG will start from July. We will be back in full power and serve you with diamond information and extra quality content more than before. We're thinking big and will take our baby steps to form a more professional interface, leak deep into social media and provide more and more information about gaming peripherals, probably about all of them.



Read our articles to gain fundamental technical knowledge about gaming mice:

What is a Gaming Mouse

I bet you had times in your life (and probably still have) that you were in a desperate search of the gaming peripheral/gaming mouse that is the most suitable for your needs AND your budget.


You always had a deep interest in gaming gear. You are amazed by their looks, design, functuonality and diversity. You have heard amazing things about them, you wanted to get probably all of them, but there wasn't any actual decent guide to lead you to the best-optimized-for-you gaming mouse. So, there was this problem. You were in love with gaming mice/peripherals but you didn't actually have a deep knowledge about them in order to decide yourself which one is the best for you. Even if you had some knowledge about them, you didn't have any guidance to lead you.




I definetely understand you, because I was that guy too. There are a lot of reviews around the internet which tell you a little of this, a little of that, but don't actually direct you anyhow. This is the purpose behind the creation of this website.


Gaming Mice Planet was created to become a step by step guide for people who are seeking the best gaming peripheral to suit their needs.

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