What are the Microsoft’s new goodies from E3 2016 Gaming Expo??

What are the Microsoft’s new goodies from E3 2016 Gaming Expo??
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Hey fellas!!! You all know that the World wide known annual gaming expo E3 2016 has taken place at past days, not a long time ago. These following few years have been literally “game changing” years of E3 expo because of all the serious developments in gaming technology and historical new games that has been revealed to public.


With each year E3 continues to amaze us more with the exponential grow of developments and eye-candy. And if you’re a human of 21st century and not living in a cave, you must be aware of Microsoft, right?


One of the fattest of the land, Microsoft, of course also has some new tricks in their hat. These are some serious news which seem like to carry the “Console Wars” to a new level. Let’s talk about these new projects of Microsoft.




Under the spotlight of Microsoft during E3 there were the new gaming consoles – Xbox One S and Project Scorpio. These two can be an indicating sign where Microsoft is going in the gaming and entertainment industry. Seems like Microsoft will be stepping even more into the video games industry.


I won’t be surprised to see Xbox games soon in not only consoles, but on PC’s and mobile platforms because Microsoft is imagining the Xbox brand as a multi-platform ecosystem.


But the only goods in Microsoft’’s stand was of course not only these consoles. Else of these new projects Microsoft  included in their agenda the announcement ofsome of it’s new games State of Decay 2 and Forza Horizon 3 while also providing a deeper glance to their previously announced games like Recore, Halo Wars 2,Gears of War 4.


Xbox One S and Project Scorpio: The new gaming consoles of Microsoft.

Looks like Microsoft is carrying the console wars to a whole new level. In an environment where Sony was expected to greet us with a more powerful and updated Playstation 4, Microsoft suggests a different plan.


Xbox One S is planned to be sold in following August month. When we look at the average life cycle of a console, this console presents the view of a typical mid-way update of a gear. Xbox One S prooves this argument with slimmer and more compact chasis design, bigger hard drive, a fancier painting for better eye-candy and some minor interior hardware updates.


project scorpio


At fall of 2017 we may see some different stuff from Microsoft. The new console’s Project, which’s work is carried out under the name “Scorpio”, will be running games at 4K resolution and provide new experiences with virtual reality. But not being a totally new console, Microsoft Scorpio will be taking place in process to extend the life cycle of a console or at least it’s games. In this theoretical future Microsoft will relese more oftenly newer and better hardware, but will allow older games to work with new hardware.

You will be able to play anywhere with “XBox Play Anywhere”

A big percentage of games which are developed by Microsoft will be enabled to play trough Xbox One and Microsoft 10. If you buy a downloadable gam efor Xbox One you will be able to play it from your PC too.

Recore,Forza Horizon 4, Halo Wars 2 are soome of the first games to benefit from this new feature.

Xbox chief Phil Spencer compared this wide existence to Netflix. The main goal is to make for users Microsoft games playable anywhere they want which includes PC, mobile phones, TV, VR headsets or any new technology device to be released in future.

Xbox Live Clubs

“Clubs” will be Xbox Live users’ permanent groups and it will be available on Xbox One and outside of it. Else of creating a new party for each game, now “Clubs” will come in handy. These are actually verbal and visual chat rooms in which you can participate and leave with your own will.

Written chat will not only be limited with Xbox Console, you can also reach to clubs via PC and Xbox Live mobile application.

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