What’s A Gaming Mouse – And How To Choose THE BEST ONE?

What’s A Gaming Mouse – And How To Choose THE BEST ONE?
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what is a gaming mouse

What’s a gaming mouse? I bet you may have asked this question yourself a few times before. And probably that’s why you’re reading this article right now. To find some answers to your question: “What’s a Gaming Mouse?”   Don’t worry, all your answers are in this page and you will never ever wonder a second time what’s a gaming mouse or how you can get to choose one for yourself.

Now, I won’t just tell you what’s a gaming mouse. In Gaming Mice Planet you will get more than that!! I will provide way more information than only telling what’s a gaming mouse. I WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO GET THE BEST OPTIMIZED ONE FOR YOUR NEEDS!! I’m going to provide you this extra service because I was in the same place as you are right now. I didn’t have any guide or manual to lead me through the depths of gaming peripherals.

Now I will tell you shortly what are we going to do:

  • We will get to know what’s a gaming mouse
  • We will learn their types
  • We will learn how to evaluate and choose the best one
  • Learn the main considerations while choosing one
  • The Step by Step formula to choose your gaming mouse


What’s A Gaming Mouse???


What’s A Gaming Mouse?

So lets start with the basics. I can easily guess that all you people are already aware of what a computer mouse is. But just in case that there are some friends of ours who are new to this concept I’ll make an introduction with an entry level information:


Q: What is a computer mouse??

A: Computer mouse is an electronic device which acts as an interface between a human (in that case it’s you) and a personal computer. By using the gift of high technology you can navigate on your computer screen interface and access to cool stuff by clicking around.


There’s a high chance that you’re using one if you’re operating on a desktop. You’ve arrived to this website probably by using one of them.

There are many types of computer mice that range from low to high quality and budget prices to luxury prices. Usually you would see typical 3 button computer mice in a formal office environment or ona desk of a person who doesn’t game.


But now, let’s get back to our main question. What’s a gaming mouse??


A gaming mouse is also a computer mouse but they’re a little bit different than a usual $5 mouse. Actually they’re A LOT DIFFERENT.


If you have seen a gaming mice before, you probably know well how they differ. They look BADASS and EXTRA COOL and EXTRA SMOOTH. Actually their looks were probably one of the main reasons that I’ve become a mice fethisist. To show you what I mean I would like to present you with a gaming mice which holds probably every feature mentioned. Here comes the famous MADCATZ gaming mouse.



But these looks aren’t there only for eye-candy sellout. There are many more things under their surface. Quality gaming mice are usually ergonomically tailored to provide their users the best ergonomics and comfort during their long gaming hours. That’s why you’ll see many mice around which looks like sports cars!!


But I must admit that their looks are AWESOME!!! I WANNA BUY EACH ONE OF THEM!!


But looks are just a part in the whole big picture. There are many more elements that make a gaming mouse A GAMING MOUSE.


The main touch behind gaming mice are that they’re suited and modified with additional features for computer gaming. These features are usually programmable buttons, high sensitivity, weight and sensitivity adjustment, modifiable ergonomics and etc..

So, let’s answer the main question of our article:


Q: What’s a gaming mouse?

A: A gaming mouse is a computer mouse which is customised specially for gaming with tailored ergonomics, customized high sensitivy sensors, additional programmable buttons and many more.



There is this widespread funny mistake among many gamers that they spend great amounts of cash to gaming rigs and leave the mouse and keyboard to second plan. Especially for a gamer, and not only for a gamer, this behaviour is not pretty wise. Because your mouse and keyboard is the whole connection with your pc or gear. Your overall control and accuracy are depended on them.

Think your mouse and keyboard as your weapons on a battlefield. You may be a good soldier, but without proper weapons you’re nothing on the battlefield. And if you’re thinking that throwing money blindly to some equipment will solve your problems, i suggest you to think again.



Well, as gamers we all know that there is a very wide range of gaming gear in the market. As years pass and technology keeps developing, it’s not so hard to also notice  a parallel growth of the gaming equipment industry. You can imagine that this abundance and high speed development can be overwhelming sometimes. Especially if you’re a fetishist of gaming mice and gaming equipment like me, you may end up wanting them all desperately like a little perky child. But stay cool, because here you will find all the general information you need about choosing a gaming mouse.

So, what’re the best gaming mice? the answer is: There isn’t any single best-for-all mouse. Of course there are some extremely good mice out there, which you can use for multipal purposes, but it’s way better and economically logical to choose the one that fits your play style and needs. And you will be so surprised how much a proper gaming gear can make your day and provide you a smooth experience.

So now that we know what is a gaming mouse, let’s learn their types.


What’s A Gaming Mouse – Main Types Of Gaming Mice


There are many types of gaming mice, but how are they classed? Here is how they’re usually grouped:

By Gaming Type

What's a Gaming Mouse


Some mice are more suitable for specific types of gaming. Actually there isn’t a written rule out there like that, you can play any type of game with any type of mouse, but some mice are more suitable for specific type of gaming thanks to their custom designs. Here are mice categorised for their specific gaming purposes:


FPS/RPG Mice: These kind of mice are usuually the types of mice you see around very often. Actually I find it odd to categorize any mouse as FPS/RPG mice because you can play FPS/RPG probably with any type of mouse. But some mice are specially designed for FPS/RPG gaming and they have some out of the league features. Some of these mice are even specially tailored for E-Sports and pro gaming. You may spot extraordinary optical sensors, specially designed extra programmable button placements, on-the-fly DPI adjustment button and etc.. I’ve even seen additional sniping buttons!!!


MMO/MOBA Mice: Now these mice are a new breed of gaming mice. They are pretty easy to spot. Just by looking at the thumb grid buttons you’ll easily understand that it’s a MMO/MOBA mouse. MMO mice usually come with their 12 additional thumb grid buttons while MOBA mice come with a set of 6,7 or 8 round aligned thumb grid buttons.


The fashion of MMO mice has started with the legendary MMO mouse Razer Naga. When it first came out it was a blast and it has completely changed the concept of MMO gaming. Since than probably all other MMO mice followed the Razer Naga concept. Some of other MMO mice manufactured by other companies have taken it to the next level with their badass improvements. Corsair Scimitar is a great example.

Check Out The Corsair Scimitar Review


But why MMO mice come with 12 thumb grid buttons? Why do we see MOBA mice with round placed thumb buttons?? Answer is easy: They are tailored for MMO and MOBA.


While MMO gaming you will need a lot of shortcuts and you will definetely understand if you’re hardcore MMO player. WOW addicts anywhere?? All those potions, spells, attacks and etc… They all need shortcuts in order to achieve maximum efficiency against other players. You can’t go around only clicking with a mouse your spell or potion buttons on the screen. There are MANY of the and you definetely need shortcuts. That’s where the ultimate design of MMO mice come into the picture.


The 12 thumb grid button is there for you to progam those buttons specifically. Every potion, every spell, every attack you need is now right under your thumb. Also it would be a sin not to mention that MMO mice are built to provide you extreme comfort during your gameplay which lasts long long hours. MMO players will understand what I mean by that. MMO mice are relatively bigger and heavier than other mice and usually fit to palm grip. They are quite comfortable and give you that fullfilling feeling when you take one into your hand. You wonder what is a palm grip?? We’ll get to that so keep reading!!


MOBA mice have less button because you won’t be needing enormous amount of buttons while playing DOTA or League Of Legends. That’s why they usually have 6 or 8 buttons under your thumb. Just about enough and they’re right under your thumb.

By Ergonomic Shape
What's a Gaming Mouse

Gaming mice are clasified under 3 ergonomic shapes: “Palm Grip”, “Claw Grip” and “Fingertip Grip”.


What do these grip types tell you?? You may easily guess already but ergonomics and grip types will be explained in detail later in this article so keep patient :))


Ergonomics are one of the first things that you shuld consider when buying a gaming mouse because your mouse will stick with you all the time and it’s essential that you’re getting the best feeling and comfort out of it.  First of all find out which grip type suits you the best. Which one gives you the best feeling? Which one makes you feel like you’re totally controlling your mouse? These are the first questions that you shuld be answering while choosing your mouse. First answer these questions and find your grip type, this is your starting point.


We’ll get to know grip types deeply in this article, so keep reading, we’ll get there))


By Sensor
What's a Gaming Mouse


Sensors are the eyes of our gaming mice. By using sensors our gaming mice detect where our gaming mice are moving towards the surface. They process the signals from surface in their brains, convert them into commands and send these commands to our computer. That’s how our mouse cursor moves on the screen. This all happens thanks to our mouse sensor.


At past mice were equipped with track balls instead of new age sensors. They did the same job but in a mechanical way. Now thanks to the developments in technology we have optical and lazer sensors. But how they differ? Which one is the best??


Actually both optical and lazer sensors do the same job but the way they do the job is different. Lazer sensors work on a principle which is called doppler effect while optical sensors operate by taking photos of the surface and evaluate the change of the patterns.


You wantto find more about sensors?? We have an article about them and it’s better for you to read it in order to get a more decent understanding of them. Click the button below to read our article ” Optical Mice VS LAzer Mice”:

Optical Mice VS Lazer Mice


Optical Sensor

I won’t talk too much about sensors because you can learn more by reading our article mentioned above. But I will simply explain their significant plusses and minuses.


Optical sensors are prefered in pro gaming more often than lazer mice because optical sensors are known with their precision. There is a value in gaming sensors which is known as “Mouse Acceleration” and optical sensors usually come without mouse acceleration. Some of them are specially designed to provide you maximum precision which come with almost Zero Acceleration. I will talk more in detail about optical and laser sensors in this article at “Main Considerations When Choosing One” part.


By Wire
What's a Gaming Mouse


You may have seen both wired and wireless mice around. Some gamers, especially pro gamers, usually prefer wired mice while some gamers prefer wireless mice. But wat are the advantages and disadvantages of tese choices??


Wired mice are prefered more by hardcore and pro gamers (or any other gamer type, no rules at all) because gamers sometimes don’t trust the data transmission of wireless mice. They think it may be interrupted or it may receive the mice data a little delayed when compared to wired mice. I actually give credit to the because it sounds logical. But also there’s a fact that there are wireless mice which have proven themselves MORE THAN WORTY. Test results show that high end wireless gaming gaming don’t differ from wired ones when it comes to signal transmission speed. And the best part s that there are no wires floating around. I can’t even describe the comfort of wireless mice.


But pro gamers keep using wired mice just in case that there’s an interruption between mice and their computer that it may lead to a mouse that doesn’t function which will cost you maybe a minute of your gaming time and that’s not acceptable when it comes to Pro Gaming because you’re playing for thousands of dollars there.


I’ve used some wireless mice at past and I was very happy with it. I will tell about my experience in this article at the section down below.


By Price
What's a Gaming Mouse

There is a wide range of gaming mice and a wide variety of their price tags. I prefer categorizing them under titles “Mice Under $100”, “Mice Under $50”, “Mice Under $25”



Now we will get to know the main considerations while choosing one and after that I’ll teach you how to choose the best suitable gaming mouse for your needs. And don’t forget: THE BEST GAMING MOUSE ISN’T THE ONE THAT HAS THE BIGGEST PRICE TAG ON, UNLESS YOU’RE WILLING TO SPEND THE BUCKS. If you’re willing to spend your money, then you can get one of the best gaming mice on this planet. But some people are on a budget and not everyone can spend big bucks on gaming gear. That’s why we’re looking from both sides.



Main considerations when choosing one.


There are some facts that we must take into consideration when we’re looking up for a gaming mouse. These are:


– Ergonomics
– Performance parameters
– Game type
– Wired vs. Wireless
– Optical, laser or infrared
– Price

 Now let’s get to know them in detail:



Ergonomics should be your number one priority when choosing a gaming mouse because ergonomics and the feel of your mouse will stick to it and they will always be with you all the time. You can’t run from it. That’s why you must first determine which kind of grip is your favourite. Which grip type makes you feel comfortable the most? Does it make you feel like you’re in full cotrol of your mouse?? Can you comfortably use all the features and buttons?? You must answer these questions first.


Feel and human factor are of course one of the most important factors when it comes to choosing a mouse. The size of your mouse is up to you if you prefer mobility or the exact opposite if you want it to show itself from where it sits. But there are 3 main types of grips.what is a gaming mouse


Palm grip: Your entire hand is laid on the mouse and you’re using your palm to move the mouse around. These mice usually have a bigger bump at the back end for your palm rest. This grip type is faster than other types but it’s less precise, so if you are a gamer, who deals with situations where high precision is required, then this shouldn’t be your first choice. But if you’re having RSI problems you will be more comfortable and healthy with a palm grip mouse.


Claw grip: This grip type is called the claw grip because it looks like a claw when you hold the mouse. Top fingers are arched like a claw, and you can use the thumb, ring and pinky fingers to control the mouse more precisely. It’s more precise than the palm grip, but can be more straining when compared to palm grip. This grip can be classified as a style between palm grip and fingertip grip, with which you can use many different mice with  it.


Fingertip grip: Your palm doesn’t rest on the end. You control your mouse only with your fingertips. It’s known to be one of the most precise grip types but it’s not promising a lot of comfort. Precision seekers may fulfill their needs with a fingertip grip mouse. And getting adapted to a fingertip grip mouse can take time because it’s not the natural grip type coded into human brain.

what is a gaming mouse



Performance parameters


There are several parameters that define our mouse performance. The ones that you will come across a lot are  DPI(or CPI) and polling rate.


DPI means Dots Per Inch (CPI=Counts Per Inch). This figure tells us how many pixels will our pointer move for every inch we move our mouse on our desktop surface. As an example, if we have a 1600 DPI gaming mouse, it means that our cursor on the screen will move 1600 pixels for every inch we move our mouse. And it is directly related with resolution.

what is a gaming mouse

But high DPI isn’t always a better choice. Every gamer has its own sweet spot related to their purpose in the game.

Example, in a FPS, close to mid quarter combat assaultants may prefer middle to high CPI rates for better accuracy in close distant battle while for snipers may be better to go with low CPI for better pin-point targeting as soon as you won’t want your cursor to move rapidly in every little mouse movement.


Polling rate is a major effecting parameter on our mouse performance. It’s the rate at which the computer is updated with the position of the mouse pointer. Polling rates usually vary in a range from 100 to 1000Hz. Default Windows polling rate is set at 125 Hz. 125 Hz means that your mouse tells your PC where the pointer is located 125 times a second, which means once every 8 miliseconds. But polling rate comes with its pros and cons. Higher polling rates can be useful but with increased polling rates comes more CPU consuming. Also difference between 500Hz and 1000Hz is not that easy to notice so keep this knowledge in mind.Polling Rate Adjustment


Game type


One of your main concerns should be your game type. And if you’re a hardore gamer, i assume that deep inside your heart you already know what you really want from a gaming mouse. There are many varieties of gaming mice out there, some of which can be more suitable for FPS and some others for MMORPG.


Mice for FPS should better have adjustable DPI, high-speed tracking, sniper scoping options and some adjustable buttons for various needs. Also it is better for the mouse to be wear resistant because FPS games are dynamic where the mouse is used rapidly. You’re crushing your cursor buttons maybe thousands of times and making speedy movements, strikes, lookarounds. So it must be able to support its master’s mistreats and caprices.


Mice for MMORPG or games like World of Warcraft should better have more adjustable buttons. You’re gonna need many shortcuts not to fall behind of your enemy’s timing.

 Wired vs. Wireless


There are several reasons behind the existence of wireless mouse. Some of you may know the times of supremacy of the wired mice. Technology is a great thing and presents us many great new oppurtunities like wireless mouse technology. But some habbits still don’t change. There are pluses and minuses of each type.


Wireless mouse – A short lesson on physics: Waves travel faster in solid materials. The waves generated from wireless mouse will travel in air to the receiver, received waves will be transformed to different data type and then will be processed and applied to the game. All of this is happening in miliseconds but it still counts. Especially when you’re in tight situations where timing is the thin red line between victory and defeat. Believe me, you won’t be happy if you lose the match of your life just by miliseconds because of a stupid lag.  And battery life is also an issue. But the good part is they’re more mobile and will save you from a wire-crowded desk.


Wired mouse –  Old but gold. The only minus I see about them are wire extensions.


I’ve used a wireless mouse at past and IT WAS GREAT. NO WIRES ON THE TABLE and it also had great quality. I didn’t have any issue about precision and it was operatable on almost any surface. It was a Logitech Darkfields Series mouse and it was one of the best all-purpose mice that I’ve used. I will admit that only sometimes (very rare) it had stopped functioning due to some connection problems but it was a very rare situation. I was more than hapy with it.


Optical, laser or infrared


The most popular among gamers is optical mouse. The reasons is it doesn’t have high lift-off distance. By lift-off distance i mean the distance when you hold and lift your mouse up from your pad or surface. When you reach the end of your mouse pad, you must lift your mouse up and replace it to the middle of your pad without moving your cross-hair. And during a game session movement of your cross-hair during lift-off isn’t acceptable.


Laser mouse is more suitable for casual gamers or graphics designers and etc.. Laser mouse offers high DPI and works on more surfaces. But after all practice shows that optic mice give better results in extensive gaming.


So these are the main facts that you should be aware of when choosing a gaming mouse.



Now that we know the main considerations while choosing a gaming mouse let’s learn the ultimate formula to choose the best gaming mouse for ourselves:



Step by Step Guide – How To Choose The Best One


Actually choosing a gaming mouse is pretty easy. Main rule is that you must know what you really want from a gaming mouse. Here are the main steps that you should follow when choosing a gaming mouse:


  • Know the grip type that you want or that you are most comfortable with.
  • If you have a budget set the price range from the beginning.
  • Decide which kind of gaming you will mostly commit with your mouse. Will you play mostly FPS/RPG?? Will you be playing MMO/MOBA?? Or are you a comfortable gamer and you want to have mouse which will generally aid all your needs of both gaming and general??
  • Do you want a wireless mouse or a wired??
  • Which kind of sensor would you like to use?? Do you want a high end optical sensor or a laser sensor??


Take a pen and paper, write down the answers to these questions and you’ll already know what kind of gaming mouse you want. After that you’ll choose a gaming mouse by judging it with their features. Take the paper in your hand that you’ve written down the answers and see if a mouse fits to your needs.


So, it wasn’t that hard after all, was it?? It’s a simple process when you have enough technical knowledge about the task.

What’s A Gaming Mouse – Conclusion

Now you know everything you need to know about the fundamentals of gaming mice. You know what they are, how they are categorized and how you can choose the best one for yourself. Don’t forget to click the buttons we’ve presented on this page in order to get more information about specific stuff such as DPI, polling rate, gaming mice specs and etc..


Now the only thing that you have to do is to COMMENT from the comments section down below and SHARE this article!!! Don’t forget, SHARING IS  CARING!!! Also you can contact directly via e-mail from admin@gamingmiceplanet.com . Don’t forget to check out our other articles!!!!


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30 Responses to What’s A Gaming Mouse – And How To Choose THE BEST ONE?

  1. Alan says:

    Its true that when playing competitive games , having comfortable controls that allow us faster reaction times and more accesible shortcuts plays a big role in those situations where you need to react fast and precisely. I play league of legends often with a regular mouse and keyboard and i agree sometimes i wish controls would be better. One question,do those mice allow to set keyboard keys into their buttons?

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your comment Alan, i appreciate it) Some mice allow customizable buttons, especially ones which are designed for MOBA and MMORPG type of games just like LOL. These kind of mice usually come with their own software where you can adjust sensitivity dpi and setting of buttons. One of the best example in the market is Razer Naga and Razer Naga Hex. I will also be reviewing them in following days. So will be more than glad if you can keep in tyouch))

  2. Riaz Shah says:

    Cool article Durukan,
    I never knew that there are 3 forms of grips! I guess I’m a palm-grip kind of guy, no wonder I’m having a hard time trying to shoot bows and snipers! Fingertip style is pretty cool too, I feel more in control, definitely trying that out on Nosgoth, thanks for sharing! 😀

    • admin says:

      I thank YOU sir for shoving me your interest) Thanks for the commenty, i appreciate it. And i hope that i could be helpful))

  3. skumps says:

    I had no idea the parameters for a good gaming mouse were so vast and detailed. Some of my close friends are big PC gamers and I’ve seen some of their setups and honestly thought gaming mouses (mice?) just had a few extra buttons on the sides, extra lights, cool designs, and a braided/cloth cord around the wire. Thanks for opening my eyes to the true complexity of this part of the gaming world.


    • admin says:

      Thanks for your interest Brandon) Yes, actually there are many things that make a gaming mouse. It’s really not that hard to choose when you know what are you looking for and that’s my goal to make people understand

  4. Gin says:

    Wow. Never thought so much consideration had to go into getting a mouse for gaming. No wonder my cousin took so long choosing a new mouse to play his DOTA! I think a cool and well-functioning gaming mouse would make an awesome birthday present!

  5. Paul says:

    Thanks for the information on gaming mice and their benefits. I have a gaming mouse myself (a Logitech Proteus G502 Core) and I’m really happy with the performance of it; although, I haven’t really taken advantage of (don’t really use) many of the buttons. Still, I appreciate the precision and comfort for my gaming needs. As someone with hands on the smaller side, I’ve always been more of a fingertip gripper.

    • admin says:

      Hey Paul i know logitech proteus g502 and it’s maybe one of the finest that you can get. I’m happy if the article could help

  6. John says:

    Very detailed article on how to choose a gaming mouse. I have not played computer games in a while, mostly Xbox and WII. In the beginning we only used the keyboard buttons and this was difficult. You have given me very good details on what to look for and what should be on my shopping list when I go to market. I do like playing games, mostly driving or flying. What would be the best mouse for these types of games, they do not move quite so quickly.

    • admin says:

      Hey John! Thankyou for your interest) A gaming mouse for driving and flying may be Logitech G500. It’s one of my personal favourites which has many features combined. It also has a very wide adjustable dpi diapozone from 200 to 5700 dpi which effects your sensitivity in-game a lot. I will be reviewing it also, so keep in touch)

  7. tonyletsdrawcartoons says:

    I bought a Naga gaming mouse a while back and let me tell you, it is awesome. The scrolling mechanism runs so smooth and when you left click the mouse, it feels fast. Do some of these higher class gaming mice come without the cord? Mine came with a long cord and it’s wearing down very fast.

    • admin says:

      Hey Tony, yes there is a model named Razer Naga Epic which is the wireless version, which i’m going to review in a several days

  8. Jagulba says:

    wow I mean that was an awesome review. To be honest if that’s how you should choose you mouse then I think I cannot call myself a gamer anymore. I didn’t know you should consider that many parameters. So do you have like several mouse for different games? If not, which mouse are you using?

    • admin says:

      Well actually for myself i prefer one good mouse for all. There are sime high end mice which you can use for various purposes. I myself have used logitech g500, g502 proteus core, logitech dark fields etc they were really good. I’m also considering to buy a MadCatz RAT mouse they are like cyborg badboyz.

  9. Steve says:

    I always thought that there is not much different between a gaming mouse and a normal mouse. After reading this article, I guess gaming mouse do help a lot in to contributing to the user gaming experience. Great article on how to choose the best gaming mouse. I’m the fingertip grip guy.

  10. Tom says:

    Nice Article, I am a big fan of gaming mouses myself! I think its very interesting to think about all the factors that come into play when we begin to decide what kind of mouse we want. When I search for a mouse Its usually purely for control and comfort. What is your preferred mouse type?

    • admin says:

      Hey Tom,

      I’m a fan of claw grip type mouse and i like my mouse with many features. A decent DPI range and on-the fly dpi adjustment are usually features i seek in a gaming mouse. Logitech G502 Proteus Core is one of my personal favourites, but i also like Mad Catz mice.

      I usually play FPS/RPG so thats why i usually don’t need a lot of buttons for macros on thumb grid. Sometimes a simple but comfortable mouse Like Razer Deathadder is also fine for me.

  11. Win Back Your Ex Comments says:

    To be honest I have been looking at buying a gaming mouse for some time now.

    I will admit i am not a massive gamer but on occasion i like to dabble so why not have the best equipment I am right?

    I wanted to ask though, can you buy a gaming mouse and keyboard together? and if so what are the best deals out there?



    • admin says:

      Yeah Chris, there are some mice and keyboards which are sold together. I will inform you in short time about them, just keep in touch)

  12. Antonio says:

    wow, nice. I din’t know there was different types of grips on a mouse. I’m looking for a mouse that will last and. I would really really really like to vesit your page more opfthnern to see mouses and different mouses and diffeerent tyupes of them. keeÃ¥p up the godd work my maaan

  13. Richard says:

    Well, you certainly opened my eyes on how much knowledge I have to gain and consider while I am trying to figure out a gaming mouse for my son.

    He is very much into first person shooter games, and while his weapon of choice is the sniper rifle, he likes using it with extreme speed AND precise control. “Quick scopes or black scopes.” So while lower CPI may be better for snipers, with the way he uses the rifle, I think I should go for the faster CPI.

    He is only 11 so if the finger tip mouse is more precise, he may adjust to it a bit faster due to his age.

    Even though he hates the wired mouse, I have always believed in them so I planned to get him wired anyways. It sucks so bad to be in the middle of a game and the batteries start to run down.

    As for Hz, I doubt I will need more than 500Hz for him, as long as his CPU can handle it.

    And it definitely seems I need to go with optical.

    Heh, seems you showed me probably about all I need to know.

    Thank you very much,
    Richard A.

    • admin says:

      Everything you said is logical, so I assume that you got the essentials of gaming mice after reading the article))

      For an 11 year old fingertip grip would be ideal and probably the only variant.

      You might check out our Logitech G300S review, I think it’s the most suitable mouse in his condition.

  14. Kayla says:

    Wow. I never knew that so much went into choosing a gaming mouse. It’s so true though, your computer is only as good as the controls.

    I love this because it really walks you through exactly what you need to look for so that way you don’t waste money on one that wasn’t right for you.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Kayla) I’m really glad that you liked the site))

      Site is actually only at the beginning stage, there is much more to do. I’m trying to lead people to best variants. It’s all about the service and helping people. I’m glad that you (and hopefully many other people) like th stuff here. Keep in touch, there are many more things to come.)

  15. Andrew says:

    This is a really helpful article. I’ve always wanted to buy a good gaming mouse but never did because I could not make an informed decision. They don’t come cheap either. But I think I now have some ideas on how to choose a good gaming mouse that fits my needs.

    Thanks for article. Hope you could make more helpful articles like this one.

    • admin says:

      Hey Andrew))

      Thanks for the nice words. I hope that I could be helpfull. I’m glad that you liked the content, Yeah, pro gaming mice can cost some money but they’re definetely worth it. You get out of a mouse as much you invst in them.

      I will make more but everything needs time. So, keep in touch for more candy))

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