What Is Razer Synapse? – See What Cloud Can Do!

What Is Razer Synapse? – See What Cloud Can Do!
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You may be wondering what is Razer Synapse whether you own a Razer product or not. In this article you will find information about all the main features of the thing which is called Razer Synapse. So, enjoy the ride!


What is Razer Synapse


If you’re not a Razer peripherals user, it’s completely normal for you to ask the question: “What is Razer Synapse?”. If you were a Razer user you would know that it’s a useful piece of cloud software which allows you to easily configure your peripherals and adjust them to your own needs.


We’ll discuss what is Razer Synapse all about, what are the comforts that it brings to us gamers, what are the features of it for different gaming peripherals and other cool things that it provides us. So, what is Razer Synapse??



Razer Synapse is a software to manage your Razer gaming peripherals. You can configure your Razer hardware with it, adjust macros to your mouse/keyboard, create profiles for different combinations and many other cool things like changing the lighting color of your hardware.


As a previous Razer user I must state that Razer Synapse is pretty damn cool. I’m not mentioning only the visuals of interface, the overall user experience was great. There are many features of Razer Synapse to talk about, many of which have become a standard for every high end gaming mouse nowadays, but one at a time.


These are the main features of Razer Synapse:

  • Hardware Configurator
  • Interdevice communication
  • Infinite Settings
  • Profile Creations
  • Surface calibration
  • Gameplay Tracking
  • Heatmaps
  • Sharing in social media


Let’s have an intro with the overall layout and sytem of Razer Synapse. But first, it’s time for the classic “visuals are always better” thing:




As we mentioned before, Razer Synapse is a cloud based software to customize your Razer peripheral to your own needs and to provide you storage solutions for user settings. And based on many previous user experiences, we can say that it does a great job.


Now that you read the word “cloud” you can easily guess, it is a software which uses internet connection and store your user settings on cloud. And I can hear you asking, “Do I need an internet connection for Razer Synapse to function??  Answer: NO


Razer Synapse has optional online and offline modes. In online mode Razer Synapse saves and syncs your settings to the cloud in real time if you have an internet connection at that time. In offline mode user settings are stored on computer. If you switch from offline to online mode, user settings will automatically be saved and synced to the cloud.


what is Razer Synapse


But some of you may ask, “Do I need Razer Synapse to be able to play with my Razer peripheral?” The answer is NO.

Razer products are all plug and play ready. But the whole point of Razer Synapse is to customize your peripheral personally to fit your style. You know that every gamer is not the same and humans aren’t serial manufactured in a factory. All humans are different and we have different settings/preferances of our own. That’s why there is Razer Synapse – to customize your peripheral.

You are able to play without Razer Synapse but without it you are missing A LOT of fun. Don’t underestimate the power of your Razer product.. (Star Wars pun intended). And it’s completely free!



The Account Thing

what is Razer SynapseTo use Razer Synapse you must have a Razer account. It is completely free and so easy to create. Once you created your Razer ID, you will receive a verification e-mail from Razer. Once you verify, you’re good to go. Razer Synapse opens a new world of oppurtunities  for yourgaming gear. And if you have multiple Razer accounts, you can transfer profiles one to other.






Hardware Configurator

With Razer Synapse Hardware Configurator you can adjust macros to your mouse buttons, customize lighting modes, create user profiles and change your mouse performance settings. You can adjust Sensitivity (both x and y axis) mouse acceleration and polling rate.

what is Razer Synapse

For every gaming peripheral Razer Synapse has it’s smart recognition function. Means that Razer Synapse understands which product you’ve connected to your PC and recognizes it. Be it a mouse or keyboard or other Razer item, everything is ready for you from the beginning.

You can also create an infinite amount of user profiles of your own. A user profile is a set of commands and peformance settings that you’ve customized for your spesific item.


At each user profile you can program every button of your mouse, assign different performance settings and change the looks of your peripheral if it’s possible. This gives you the oppurtunity to use different button sets in each game or at any task you would like, “design” field as an example.


I was using Razer Naga for Photoshop alongside of  MMO gaming. All those buttons gave me the ability to use frequent software shortcuts with just a single click. This was a huge comfort because I didn’t have to memorize anymore all the shortcuts I use often. I increased my speed this way for particular tasks and the same goes for gaming.

Especially if you’re a pro-gamer who is participating in e-sports this is kind of a must to be able to compete at a step further.


what is razer synapse


Razer Synapse has the ability to switch profiles automatically when you’re not gaming. You must link profile to Windows shell via Razer Synapse. It’s pretty easy to do. This way you won’t have to think all the time if you’re on your gaming profile or your default profile.

By using Razer Synapse you can Access to all your Razer devices and configure all settings with just one application. Also you don’t have to download and update new drivers for each Razer product because Razer Synapse combines everything just in one cloud software.


what is Razer Synapse


Razer Synapse is able to configure one device at a time. As an example, you can have two different Razer Mice(Razer Naga and Razer Deathadder) and configure them, but you can’t  do it with two same Razer Mice pulgged in(Two Razer Naga Epic at same time).


Inter Device Function

what is Razer Synapsecan configure your Razer device to control other Razer device with Razer Synapse. Razer Synapse enables inter device communication function . By selecting a key or button to configure and selecting “Inter-Device” option in the key assignment menu you can inter-device two Razer products. List of all inter connected devices and possible functions are on this page.



Stats and Heatmaps

Other great features of Razer Synapse is the stats and heatmaps. You may guess that it is a stats counter and basically records all your activity within your mouse.


This allows you to precisely know the details of how you have been using your gear.  You can learn about your gaming time, key press count , distance moved etc..

Heatmaps tracks your mouse movement and presents you a heatmap which shows where you click the most and how far you move. You can overlay your tracked mouse movements over in game screenshots to analyze yourself.


Social Sharing Ability

You can instantly share your stats and heatmaps on social mediums like Facebook and Twitter. You can keep up with the progress of your friends and compare your stats.


Is It For Free??


Yes, it’s completely free and you can download it easily from Razer’s website. I’m giving the link for Razer Synapse download here:


Click here for Razer Synapse Download Page


Scroll down just a little bit and you will see the Dowload button. There are 2 download options for Windows and Mac.


What Is Razer Synapse – Conclusion

We’ve discussed many things about Razer Synapse software and now you know all the benefits you can receive from it if you have a Razer product. Hope that this article was helpful for you and gave you what you were looking for.


If you have any questions or any comments, please state them below at the comments section below. Or if you’d like to contact directly you can also mail to admin@gamingmiceplanet.com. And if you liked what you found here, please SHARE. Because SHARING IS CARING!!! See you around and keep in touch!!!

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