When will Fallout 4 be released?? It’s sooo close!!!

When will Fallout 4 be released?? It’s sooo close!!!
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Well hello there my geek and gamer brothers and sisters! I’m here with some great news for you. This was sure to be expected, but with every single day our impatience keeps growing, i know that….

I have the answer to this million dollar question: When will fallout 4 be released? Man it’s sooo soon. November 10 2015 is the day of apocalypse. With the release at November 10 215, this game bomb will explode. Thanks to footage and information provided by Bethasda we have quite a good idea about the game. If you haven’t seen anything about Fallout 4, here’s some footage for you:

Like its ancestors, Fallout 4 will have an open world exploration concept in its gameplay. Graphics and performance are improved which will be soo enjoyable with the power of new-age consoles. But there is just one bad news for PS3 owners. Fallout 4 is going to be released to PS4, XBox One and PC. So, sorry PS3 and XBox 360 owners (including me), you will have to consider purchasing a new console or stick on to PC master race if you have one.

Fallout 4 Storyline

Fallout 4 will be taking place mainly in Boston, Massachusetts, but not only. Game will be starting just before the beginning of events. Just before the moment when things start to get messy – October 23 2077. We will be experiencing the chaotic panic rush just before the explosion of the nuclear bomb. And will be waking up 20
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later without any traces of aging. Seems like we will be seeking out how did things come to this. Fallout 4 will be full of surprises and i just can’t Fallout-4-Pip-Boywait for its release.

Also there is a great bonus for the hardcore fans. The special edition of the game comes with a wearable Pip Boy.

If anyone wants to check out Fallout 4 official site is   www.fallout4.com

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