Woman Won A LAWSUIT Due to Unwanted Windows 10 Installation

Woman Won A LAWSUIT Due to Unwanted Windows 10 Installation
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Hey fellas!


You know that a while ago many Windows users were kinda forced (ok, offered) to update to Windows 10. These news weren’t welcomed friendly by many users (including me to be honest). Some users who took a quick look at the new Windows 10 said “What the hell is this shit?!?!” while some others were like “Meeh, whatever…”.


Don’t know about you, but I was a Windows 7 user before I had to buy a new laptop, all the new ones which come with usually Windows 10 without exception. In my opinion, Windows 7 was the ULTIMATE OS SYSTEM, it was easy, user friendly, simplistic and every stuff I tried on it had worked.


That’s why I’ve been upset and angry about Microsoft’s imposing sales policy of their new system and I can easily guess that I’m not the only one. Actually, now it’s official that I’m not the only one.


A woman from California, USA has been awarded $10,000 after winning a lawsuit against Microsoft, theme of which was an unwanted Windows 10 installation. She didn’t want and didn’t authorize it but seems like stuff happened somehow.


Microsoft’s customer service couldn’t solve the problem, o she sued Microsoft for lost wages and the cost of a new PC. Guess what, she was the winner!!!


Teri Goldstein said “I had never heard of Windows 10” “Nobody ever asked me if I wanted to update.”


Microsoft denied any wrongdoing, said it dropped its appeal and accepted the judgement. They didn’t want to take the expense risk of fighting the case further. Seems to me like this kind of a lawsuit can inspire many similar ones unless there was a pretty specific reason.
But it was a fact that Windows 10 was… a little “too pushy” since the beginning of all this update to Windows 10 stuff. What are your thoughts about it?? Mention them in your comments below!!

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