Welcome Fellow Gamers!!


Welcome fellow gamers!!!! My name is Duru Kizilarslan aka “Tyler Redlev” but my friends just call me “Duru” so be free to call me anything you want. I’m the guy who’s behind this website and all the content you see here. I’ve launched gamingmiceplant.com at November 2015 to provide people with quality content about gaming peripherals and especially about gaming mice (not gamer rats, the “electronics” computer mice).


You may ask “Why the hell someone launches a site about gaming peripherals??” The thing is that I was obsessed with gaming peripherals and especially gaming mice was one of my favourite fields. Because I ADORE design, and if you look carefully you can see a great touch of high end design on any gaming peripheral. The aesthetics, use of materials,  different functionalities, lighting.. The CURVES..  I think you get the point.


I had the chance to personally use or try out many gaming peripherals till now and I wanted to share all this live source of information with the world, and that’s how Gaming Mice Planet is born. Why Gaming Mice Planet?? Because most people think about mice and keyboards when they hear the word “gaming peripheral”, and THEY ARE COOL.


At past I had trouble selecting my gaming peripherals because usually the sources of knowledge was limited and it was quite risky for me to just go get the item and see if it’s good or not. So why shouldn’t there be a website where people can check out all the real info about their desired gaming peripheral before buying it?? That was my problem and I tought I wasn’t the only one.  So I wanted to come up with a solution by launching Gaming Mice Planet.


I created this site to help folks like you to comfortably choose primarily gaming mouses and also other gaming equipment. I’m going to share with you my personal experiences and researches. Content you see in this website are prepared based on personal experience and contributions of other people who used different gaming equipment and gave feedback about them. I will be trying to improve your gaming experience meanwhile updating our minds with the latest gaming technology developments.


Now let’s talk about me.


About MeAbout

My gaming life started from childhood and I know myself as a gamer since 3 years old. At that time my weapon of choice was Sony Playstation One. As a baby gamer of course my gaming addiction wasn’t limited only with Sony Playstation. I also am a fan of PC master race but I love all gaming machines equally, be it a console or a desktop. Gamers united!


Those were also the days of supremacy of DOS games like DOOM, Prince of Persia, Wolfenstein etc… At that time of course the graphics were much more pixelated and not as sharp as we see in new generation eye candy but the art, philosophy and interaction behind the games still exist, no matter how rapidly technology develops itself.



Let me describe myself a little bit. I’m a guy who’s in love with arts (especially digital), technology and design. Whole my life I was traveling the world. I love to do crazy things, brake some rules, hangout with friends and generate new ideas together. I lived in Malaysia for 3 years and in Russia for 5 years. My dad was a diplomat and mom is a translator of Hungarian language.

I hold a Bachelor of Technics and Technology (BTech) from one of the prestigious universities of Russia. Currently I’m working as an engineer but I’m thinking of getting back to school and obtain a degree in fine arts just because I love it and want it.Vader About


I’ve been a fellow geek for a long time and will be so happy if I will be able to help you and share any experience. If you have any questions or want to contact with me, please mail to admin@gamingmiceplanet.com. If you like the content, please SHARE and commenSo, enjoy the ride!!!

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