What Is A 60 Keyboard?? – 60% Of A Keyboard Is Enough For Everything??

What Is A 60 Keyboard?? – 60% Of A Keyboard Is Enough For Everything??
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Have you ever asked this question: What is a 60 keyboard? I remember my first time when I heard the definition “60 keyboard”. I was like “What the hell is a %60 percent keyboard?!?!”. Don’t worry my gamer brothers and sisters, because you’re going to learn what’s a 60% keyboard all about in this article.


What Does The 60% Mean??

Just to make things plain simple, let’s start with the terminology. What is a 60% keyboard??

60% keyboard is (as you can guess) also a keyboard which fulfills all the functions that other keyboards can either. We can usually find 4 types of keyboard percentages(%) around which are 40%, 60%, 87% and 100 %. And 60% can be understood as a keyboard, key quantity on which roughly equals to 60% of the key quantity on a 100% keyboard.


Let’s be simple and think of a 100% keyboard. A 100% keyboard is a keyboard which we come across a lot on desktop PCs. They consist of a usual keypad, numeric keyboard and function keys at top of the keypad. It’s your full size friendly gaming PC keyboard. For the ones who are better with  visual presentations, here’s what a 100% keyboard looks like:


what is a 60 keyboard


what is a 60 keyboard



Do you see the difference between 100% and 60% keyboard?? At first image above there is illustrated a comparison of a tenkeyless keyboard and 60% keyboard. The faded bigger one at the back is a tenkeyless, and smaller with more contrast colors is a 60% keyboard. Tenkeyless is also called 87% percent so you can take it as a 87-60% comparison.

And at below of the first comparison image you can see a typical 100% keyboard with all the function keys and numerical navigation pad.

I’ve seen 60 keyboards usually used by my hacker-minded friends because of the rapid typing advantage it provides.


So, now we can comfortably tell the difference between a 100% (a typical full size desktop) keyboard and a 60% keyboard. 100% keyboard contains every key that we know. Else of the conventional type pad, a %100 keyboard has all the function buttons and the numeric keyboard. And a 60% keyboard lacks the numeric keys at side and the function buttons.


what is a 60 keyboard



But How The Hell Do They Navigate??


Now it may be the time to ask this question: How the hell do they navigate?? There are no navigation buttons.

Manufacturers ofcourse tought about it before you. That’s why they invented additional swapable function keys. You may have not encountered with something like this before, so let’s explain it with an example.


It’s actually simple but it can be a little bit confusing. So I will explain to you with an example from a very fine 60% keyboard. The Ducky Mini.

what is a 60 keyboard

Ducky Mini is one of the finest 60% keyboards on the market. It really shows itself with the extremely durable aluminum chasis, portability and mesmerizing lighting system. If you don’t know about it or haven’t read a detailed revşew, you can check out our article for all the information you need:

>>Check Out Ducky Mini Review<<


Navigation and other commands are accessed by special function keys. By pressing the Fn key we switch the keyboard to Fn layer and that’s the layer where keycommands we don’t see are.  Fn commands are written at the side of keycaps, that’s how we understand the outcome. Here is an example Fn key layout from Ducky Mini:

what is a 60 keyboard



Don’t forget that for every 60% keyboard their Fn layout and modes can be different. Ducky Mini layout is given only as an example.


60% keyboard usually have a setup system for specific buttons like Q, Esc, Backspace, Capslock and etc.. Some 60 keyboards even come with additional keycaps to change with in different setup modes Knowing these setups and different uses of buttons can give you a decent advantage in keyboard use and provide you great comfort. The only thing that you should focus on is getting used to it.


I know, all of this Fn and key setup mambo-jambo can get you a bit confused, but don’t worry, it’s actually so simple. It only takes a little time to addapt yourself to your keyboard and learn the functionalities. Some friends of mine were using 60% keyboards and some of them are really happy with their keyboards that they don’t even think about switching to any other keyboard ever.


SO, if you’re planning to get a 60 keyboard, keep in mind this little addaptation process. And after that you will be feeling like a typing monster.


What Are The Benefits??


It’s true that 60% keyboards have some great benefits for people who know how to handle them. And handling them aren’t that hard when you get used to.

Like I mentioned before, some of my hacker-minded friends are using 60 keyboards and they’re really happy with them.

Here are the major benefits of 60 keyboards:

Compactness: 60% keyboards are relatively small when compared with a typical 100% desktop keyboard. 60% keyboards are really compact that you can easily fit one into your back pack and carry it anywhere you go. And they’re really great to use on lap.

Typing comfort: Tight keyset of 60% keyboard allows you to type comfortably and rapidly without stretching your fingers. This comes in really handy especially if you’re writing code.

All-in-one: We can think of a 60% keyboard as an all-in one keyboard package. You can even use it as a mouse control! There are Fn buttons which act like mouse cursor. So you can do pretty much everything with a 60% keyboard without any problem.

Any minuses??

Actually the answer to this question is quite relative. It completely depends on you. If you haven’t used a 60 keyboard till now, you know that you will spend a little time to get used to it. And it won’t take long to adapt yourself, it’s all about spending a little time on it. It may even become your favourite keyboard after getting used to.


For some people it may be hard to exchange their 100% keyboard with a 60%. And they have all the right. I also love my keyboard 100% when I’m using it at my desktop PC, but it doesn’t mean that I deny 60% keyboards. I used one at past and I was really satisified with it. It was really easy to carry it around and sometimes when i sat in a coffee shop i just pulled out my laptop and attached my 60 keyboard to it. Can’t even describe the level of comfort.


What Is A 60 Keyboard  – Conclusion

So if you’re going to get a 60% keyboard, now you know what is all about. You know all the features and plusses it provides you. You also know what to bear in mind before getting one. If you’re ooking for a good 60 keyboard, Ducky Mini is a great one and you can start by checking out our review of it.


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10 Responses to What Is A 60 Keyboard?? – 60% Of A Keyboard Is Enough For Everything??

  1. Emile says:

    This is really interesting, I’ve never heard of a 60% keyboard but I can see from the design of it, it must be good to type fast.
    I really like the look of the Ducky Mini, with all the colors I could see myself using this with my laptop since my keyboard is not that great for typing, also it would probably fit in my laptop bag so that awesome too for traveling!
    Thanks for the post,

  2. DianaEvensen says:

    I’ve never heard of 60% keyboards before. I actually use a 100% keyboard with numeric keypad. My preference is a split keyboard so it’s ergonomically safer. However, I can see why the 60 keyboard could be preferred by gamers. My son is a big gamer, and I’m a little surprised he hasn’t mentioned this option before. Have there been any ergonomic studies done on the 60 keyboards? I’m wondering if a gamer using the smaller keyboard for hours at a time is more susceptible to carpel tunnel syndrome. On the other hand, using the touch screen on my iPad is slow. Do any 60 keyboards work with an iPad?

    • admin says:

      I’ve heard about split keyboards,not using one myself but I know that they’re so comfortable. 60 keyboards may be prefered by coders and people who want some side fashion with customized keyboards or who likes compactness and travels a lot.

      Yes there are some 60 keyboards that work with iPad like Filco Minila Air and Leopold FC660C.

  3. Hayden says:

    wow this is a cool keyboard. this is totally true that you sometimes don’t even use some keys on your keyboard and you would like to have a smaller keyboard. but I think I will definitely get used to it first in order to use it properly because most people are used to the normal keyboards lol thanks for the info!

    • admin says:

      Yeah definetely, sometimes my 100% takes more place than it should. It limits your reach or occupies too much place. It is great to have a 60% keyboard at hand for comfort issues.

  4. Steve says:

    I honestly had no idea that there was a different kind of keyboard as opposed to the ones we use everyday on a desktop. Very informative information, and they look really cool! I am a PC gamer and I use a normal keyboard…I guess I’m not as extreme as I thought I was lol

    • admin says:

      Yeah, there are different keyboard types and some people are more comfortable with different types. They all have their pluses and minuses.

  5. Evie says:

    nice to read a good intro to 60 keyboards. I use one at home – mainly because I used to be a coder and now I am an ethical hacker. Yes I agree with your assessment that they are faster to type on – especially as i have very small hands to with full size keyboards i used to have trouble reaching the keys quickly. I though now find it tricky when i visit clients as they use large keyboards (maybe i should get a 60% travel keyboard)

    • admin says:

      Glad that you liked the content. Getting a travel 60 keyboard can be a good choice, especially if you’re using the computer a lot on the go.

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